‘Remember Me’ has captured the hearts of moviegoers and audiences worldwide. The passion-filled romance film stars Robert Pattinson and Tyler Hoechlin and was directed by Edward Zwick. The movie is set mostly in New York City and follows the intertwined stories of two damaged people who find connection and healing through love.

The film follows a very different path from the actor’s earlier work. Gone are the days of Pattinson playing debonair gentlemen and charming scoundrels. He shows a vulnerable side in the portrayal of an emotionally damaged man who is attempting to rebuild his life in the wake of a tragedy.

Here are 10 GIFs of Robert Pattinson and Tyler Hoechlin from ‘Remember Me’ that will make you fall in love with the film all over again:

1. When Tyler Hoechlin Comes Home

The very first scene of ‘Remember Me’ shows Tyler Hoechlin (Pattinson) returning home from a long day at school. As he steps out of the cab, his father Gene (Richard Jenkins) greets him with a hug. It’s clear from this opening scene that something is horribly wrong. As his father Gene (Richard Jenkins) puts it, Tyler has changed. The actor’s expressive eyes and fragile features portray an emotionally disturbed and troubled young man whose life is turned upside down by a series of unexpected tragedies.

After his father Gene (Richard Jenkins) drops him off, we see Tyler walk through the front door and into the foyer of the massive Colonial-style home. It’s clear that something is terribly wrong, as we see Tyler immediately drop to his knees in front of a picture on the piano that used to be his mother’s. He proceeds to pour his heart out to Jesus, asking for help. This touching scene brilliantly displays the character arc that Tyler undergoes throughout the film. It starts with his initial devastation and ends with his eventual redemption through love.

The rest of the film follows Tyler and his journey to find love and happiness. During the film’s opening credits, we see Tyler write several letters to a mysterious stranger named Christian, eventually landing a date with him through the auspices of a matchmaking service.

2. A Heartfelt Performance

It’s difficult to put into words the level of emotional turmoil that Tyler experiences in ‘Remember Me.’ The film is packed with intimate moments where he bares his soul to the Christian (Pattinson) he is slowly falling in love with. It is clear that this is a man who is struggling with his identity, his faith, and the meaning of life itself. Through these moments, we see Christian (Pattinson) slowly enter Tyler’s (Hoechlin) heart. It is a beautiful and heart-breaking performance that will leave you aching for this character.

3. Feeling Overcome by Emotion

As the film progresses, we see a more vulnerable and likable side to Tyler. We meet his parents Margaret (Teresa Banharnes) and Gene (Richard Jenkins) and his sister Alice (Madison Davenport). Their affection for the young man is apparent as they continuously try to help him through his struggles. In the memorable scene where Tyler first sees Christian and immediately feels an overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit, we see his feelings of love and devotion manifested as an overwhelming sense of peace and certainty. The audience witnesses the moment where Tyler surrenders his heart to Jesus and vows to live his life according to his beliefs. It is a beautiful and genuine moment that will stick with you long after the credits have rolled.

4. A Father’s Guilt

In an early scene in ‘Remember Me,’ we see Gene coercing his reluctant son into going to church with him. There, he forces Tyler to admit his wrongdoing and beg for forgiveness. When Tyler agrees to go back to church, his father feels a sense of relief but also an undercurrent of regret. It’s an uncomfortable feeling to watch father and son interact, but it is clear that something is not right.

5. The Evolution of a Man

As the film progresses, we see that Tyler has evolved into a more mature and responsible person. We see flashes of this earlier version of Tyler during the many awkward first dates he has with Christian’s companions. As the dates go on, we see him take ownership of his behavior, becoming more assured and at ease. This film is a coming of age story for men and shows how a man can transform himself through love and determination.

6. A Transformation

One of the film’s most spectacular scenes occurs near the end, when Tyler brings Christian (Pattinson) home to meet his family. The two spend the night and begin a loving and lasting relationship. As the family watches in wonder, Christian (Pattinson) undergoes a transformation. He sheds off his rough edges and reveals a more mature and loving side as he spends time with Tyler’s (Hoechlin) family. Seeing this transformation is both beautiful and heart-wrenching at the same time. You will find yourself overwhelmed with happiness and pride for Christian (Pattinson) as he proves to Tyler that he can be trusted, loved, and accepted for who he is.

7. An Act of Kindness

Finally, at what seems like the very end of the movie, we see a moving and touching scene where Christian (Pattinson) brings Tyler round to his house to meet his parents. After spending the day together, Christian drops Tyler off at his front door. As the two men say their goodbyes, Christian offers to walk Tyler to his door. They reach the threshold and Christian extends his hand, inviting Tyler in for one more hug. It is a tender moment that will bring a tear to your eye.

The next morning, we see Christian and Tyler standing on the doorstep, ready to say goodbye. As they hug, Christian whispers in the young man’s ear: “I’ll always be your father, but you’re becoming my son.” Christian then places a ring on Tyler’s finger and the pair part ways. As Christian turns to leave, we see a knowing look on his face as he raises his hand to wave goodbye. It is a sweet and touching moment where Christian shows Tyler that he cares and he will always be there for him as a father figure, but now they are also friends, brothers, and life partners. Christian has given Tyler the best gift he could have possibly given him: a family.

All these years later, the scene still makes me cry. I think it’s because I love these two men so much. They were both wonderful in the film, but it’s difficult to choose just one scene to highlight. They are both such magnificent and powerful performers that it’s difficult to single out one scene as the best. But if I had to choose one, it would be this scene where Christian gives Tyler a father’s affection and acceptance. It’s the perfect culmination of a beautiful relationship that began with a simple text message and Christian’s promise to be there for Tyler in whatever way he needed. It’s the scene that everyone will be talking about when they discuss ‘Remember Me’ in years to come. It will be the scene that I find myself thinking about when I miss my family the most. It’s the scene that brought me and so many others to tears.

This scene embodies all that is good and pure in this wonderful film. With the world at large perhaps seeing a bit of a darker side to love and romance, it is important to remember the power of these stories in which two damaged people find healing and love.