When Robert Pattinson first came to India in the fall of 2014, he didn’t think he’d end up staying. But with a little help from his famous friends, BFFs Priyanka Chopra and Kate Winslet, the handsome British actor and musician fell in love with the country and its incredible people. So much so that after only three months in India, he decided to extend his stay. Now, two years later, Pattinson returns to India for the first time in two years, this time bringing along his guitar. We can’t resist the romantic lead, so here’s our list of the top ten quotes by Robert Pattinson that will make you laugh out loud.

10. “I Will Never Do Back Flips Again.”

This one comes from the actor’s very first interview in India. While talking to red carpet interviewer Anjali Puri, he gushed over his upcoming movie, the musical comedy The Reluctant Suitor. At the end of the interview, after the two had gotten to know each other a little bit, Puri asked Pattinson if he would like to do a back flip for her. To which he replied, “I will never do a back flip again.” He went on to explain:

“Doing a back flip in front of a camera is really difficult. You have to have the right spot, there should be no crowd around because when you are turning, you take somebody’s eye out. Plus, I’ve been trying to put this off for ten years. So it’s about time I did one.”

Pattiinson also talked about how he got his start in the industry, saying:

“I moved to London when I was seventeen and played in a few bands here. Then I left to pursue acting and after a couple of years I got a call from a manager who asked me if I wanted to do some theater in Los Angeles. So I moved out there and did a theater school graduation play.”

9. “I Didn’t Know What to Expect When I First Came to India. But It’s Surprisingly Beautiful.”

After describing his first experience in India, Pattinson went on to say:

“I didn’t know what to expect when I first came here. And it’s surprisingly beautiful. I mean, I was expecting it to be really hot, but it’s not at all.”

Pattiinson also added:

“I’m not talking about the weather, I’m talking about the culture. I mean, you get a shock every day. First thing you see when you land is the beggars and the people selling things on the roadside. It’s quite an introduction to India. You feel like you’ve stepped into a different world…”

8. “There’s An Incredible Vibe Here. Sometimes You Feel It And It Makes You Smile.”

One of the highlights of Pattinson’s interview with Indian media was when he took time to talk about Bollywood and its impact on the international film scene. As he put it:

“It’s funny, I moved to India in the fall of 2014 and I didn’t have any contact with Bollywood before that. But now that I’m here, it’s like I’ve been plunged into the deep end of the pool and I’m trying to learn to swim. Some of the Bollywood A-listers I’ve met so far have been really kind and welcoming and it’s made me appreciate the culture a bit more. It also makes me want to try and work in Bollywood some day. The energy, the vibe, the excitement on the sets… It’s incredible.”

7. “I Think Of Kate As A Little Angel. She Is So Beautiful, Smart And Naughty At The Same Time.”

While Kate Winslet may not have been the protagonist of Pattinson’s latest film, she is the hero of our story. The British actor and musician met the actress on the set of The Great Gatsby and their friendship quickly developed into a romantic relationship. The Reluctant Suitor is the story of Pattinson’s first attempt at proposing marriage to Winslet. And if you thought his back flip was impressive, just wait until you see him propose. In one of the film’s most romantic scenes, Winslet’s character pulls off a surprise proposal — and even more impressively, accepts his proposal. Pattinson plays the part of his life coach, who helps him write his proposal. So it’s no wonder he was brought back to India for his wedding. Here’s the clip:

We can’t resist a good proposal, so here’s our list of the top ten quotes by Robert Pattinson that will make you laugh out loud. What’s your favorite?