He’s got that sexy bishōne smile and cool, calm demeanor that makes even the most cynical of us swoon. But behind that cool smile beats the heart of a romantic. We may never know exactly what drove the “Twilight” star to propose to his girlfriend, FKA Twigs, on Christmas Day 2014, but we can celebrate the romance through GIFs.

For months, fans have been wondering if Pattinson would pop the question. Would he or would he not? In an interview with Vogue published in December 2014, he finally revealed that, yes, he would propose. As a romantic gesture, he planned to propose on Christmas Day, a tradition dating back generations in his family.

But first, he wanted to make sure that FKA Twigs was the one. For months, the two had been keeping their relationship a secret, but after several photo sessions and a fashion show in which they appeared together, he was certain that she was the one.

“She is my heart,” he told Vogue. “She makes me want to be a better person, and we are very much in love.”

If you’re still wondering whether or not Pattinson will ask FKA Twigs to marry him, well now you know. What are your thoughts on his proposal? Were you rooting for the proposal, or were you happy that it finally happened? Let us know in the comments below!

The Proposal

The couple started their relationship back in 2013. They previously worked together on the film “Water for Elephants,” and their chemistry on set was undeniable. But off set, their personalities truly mesh. They have similar taste in films and fashion, and they’ve shared many public displays of affection, including an incredible kiss that drew praise from fans and critics alike.

But perhaps their most memorable collaboration came a few months ago, during the European premiere of “The Theory of Everything.” A film about the romance between Stephen Hawking and his future wife Jane, the two actors starred in a touching scene in which Hawking proposes to Jane at the stroke of midnight as the guests watch in a snow-covered garden. In the scene, they act out their blossoming romance, with subtle references to their respective children (Eliza’s children, Tom, and Vivienne, play the part of Jane’s children). For his part, Pattinson has said that the scene was so emotional that he could not sleep for two nights after filming it. (The movie is set for release in theaters on May 20th; check out the trailer here.)

One of the most romantic scenes of 2014.

Wedding Bells

Now that they are engaged, fans can expect to see the couple tied the knot soon. While they have yet to set a date for the wedding, the engagement party will be a celebration to remember. Once again, fans will get a glimpse at this charming, romantic pair as they work their magic on the big day. As for details on the invitations, we’d love to get some insight from the couple themselves. We’re sure that they will keep us busy for months.