Robert Pattinson is a 41-year-old British actor and singer-songwriter. He has been dating Chinese-Singaporean model Zhang Zieti for almost two years. They met on the set of the movie House of Gucci, where Zhang was promoting the brand’s clothing line. Since then, the pair have been inseparable, traveling the world together and jetting between London and Paris on private jets.

In August 2016, they made their social media debut as a declared “official couple” when they posted a sweet photo together on Zhang’s Instagram account. In the caption, they wrote, “We made it official…we are a couple!! Finally, this has been a long time coming…we could not be prouder to share this exciting news with our family and friends. We are truly blessed to have each other and are looking forward to the next chapter together.” After their romantic announcement, they flew to Venice and watched fireworks together from the Grand Canal. The romantic holiday was documented in a sweet Instagram story showing off their romance and the gorgeous city of Venice at night.

A self-confessed “movie star,” Rob has been in more than a few hit movies. He’s best known for his roles in the Divergent and The Twilight series. Most recently, he had a leading role in the horror movie Midsommar. In 2014, he starred in the Broadway show Breaking Broadway. He also had a small cameo in the 2016 movie House of Gucci.

The Sex Life Of Robert Pattinson

While dating, Rob has opened up about his sexuality, saying that he is comfortable with who he is and doesn’t mind if people know that he is straight. In 2013, he spoke publicly about his sex life, telling GQ, “There is no one-night stand to speak of. If there is something I’ve learned it’s that love and lust are so deeply intertwined and you can’t really separate the two. So if someone I find attractive wants to have sex with me, then I completely accept it.”

In 2016, while on the red carpet for the premiere of Midsommar, he spoke about his private life, revealing, “I’ve never had a one-night stand. I’ve never cheated on a girlfriend. I think what people don’t understand is that I genuinely enjoy being with a woman. I’m not just doing it for fame or notoriety. If there is a woman out there who’d like to have a one-night stand with me, then, please, come round! I’ll give you a bed for the night, and we will both have a fantastic time.”

The Parental Relationship With His Girlfriend

Despite being a busy actor, singer, and model, Rob has had the time to spend with his girlfriend and her family. On several occasions, he has been photographed with her parents. In one such instance in 2015, the actor was pictured with Zhang’s parents. The trio were sitting together at a table, eating dim sum. Rob’s arm was draped around Zhang’s shoulders, and her mother was looking proudly at the three of them.

Zhang’s father, Jiang Tianqin, said in a previous interview with GQ, “It’s an unusual circumstance for an actor to have an actual girlfriend. We are very happy that our daughter has found someone she can trust and look after. She is growing up and maturing very quickly, and we want her to have the best life possible.” According to the outlet, Jiang is a “successful businessman” who owns a winery in China and is looking to expand his business interests in Europe. He is also a published author who has written several books about winemaking, including How to Make the Perfect Red Wine and How to Age Gracefully.

The Changing Of The Guard

With Zhang Zieti having been dating Rob for almost two years, the pair decided to add another chapter to their relationship. In August 2016, they held a wedding that was attended by 250 of their closest friends and family. Amongst the guests were Naomi Campbell, Giorgio Armani, and David Beckham.

The celebrity guestlist represented a who’s who of the fashion industry, with everyone from Anna Wintour to Kate Moss and Lizzie Miller wearing a beautiful white dress and a glorious bouquet of flowers. The wedding cake was a three-tiered chocolate creation, and the bride’s bouquet was designed by her father, Jiang Tianqin. The wedding dress was designed by Mugler and made available in a special edition for the bride. Onlookers could have been in for a real treat as the couple made their grand exit, with Pattinson in a suit and black-and-white checked shirt, and Zhang in a stunning white wedding dress.

Just a few short months later, in December 2016, Rob proposed to Zhang on the beach in São Paulo, Brazil. The couple wed in a gorgeous sunset ceremony with family and friends looking on as the Brazilian coast turned into a magical kingdom of dancing lights.

While it was an amazing event to see Rob propose, it must have been bittersweet knowing that this was their last hurrah as a couple. The following month, the duo filed for divorce after just over two years of marriage. In a statement at the time, Rob said, “It’s been an incredible two years and I feel fortunate to have found someone I can share my future with. I feel very blessed to have had this experience and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Meanwhile, Zhang has opened up about the difficulties of being a celebrity spouse, saying that while she is proud to have met and married such an accomplished man, she finds it “hard to adjust to a new way of life.” The business magazine Forbes estimated that the couple’s collective net worth is $600 million. With their divorce being finalized in April 2017, it seems that they will go their separate ways, pursuing their individual paths in life.