If you’re a fan of the Twilight series, then you’ll know that recently there have been many rumours surrounding the break-up of Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend Stacey Squires. However, despite the gossip, the couple has stayed together and recently had a baby boy. We were fortunate enough to witness the arrival of their newborn son William into the world, and were able to get some insight from one of the people closest to the new family – Robert’s sister Rebekah. We spoke to her about what she knows about the couple’s new dynamic, and what their son’s life is like so far.

The Rumours Surrounding The Break-Up

Despite Robert Pattinson’s best efforts to keep the details of his private life out of the media’s hands, there have been several media headlines surrounding the actor and his girlfriend. Most notably, the couple’s messy separation was made public when it was reported that Stacey had filed for divorce. While this was denied by both parties, it was enough for the media to start printing stories. The most recent of which is that the couple have reconciled and have since reunited. According to the Sun newspaper, the pair became friends while working on the set of the Twilight sequel, New Moon, and have continued their relationship since. This was also confirmed by Robert’s sister when we spoke to her about how his life has changed post-pregnancy.

A Real Family Affair

Although they haven’t married, it seems that Robert Pattinson and Stacey Squires are committed to each other and are proud to show the world their family tree. Their Instagram pages are filled with warm family photos, with the couple often posing alongside their children. In December, they marked the first anniversary of their relationship with a touching picture on Instagram, where they showed off their engagement ring and their children’s handprints in icing. Robert wrote in the caption: “Happy Anniversary to us! This past year has been incredible. Thanks for all you’ve done for me and the family. I love you.” Their love for each other is apparent, with Robert frequently posting affectionate pictures of Stacey on his Instagram page.

What Will The New Baby Bring To The Family?

The arrival of a new baby into the family is enough to change any parent’s life, and it’s clear that Robert and Stacey are no exception. We already know that motherhood has blessed Stacey, with her Instagram page filled with gorgeous pictures of her and her gorgeous baby boy. While she’s been active on social media since before she got pregnant, it seems that the birth of her son has pushed her to explore new creative avenues, as she frequently posts pictures of her child in artistic poses. Her feed is filled with stunning portrait and landscape shots, as well as sweet pictures of the family together.

What’s wonderful is that Robert has stepped up as a father, spending time with his son and helping to bring up his daughter too. The proud papa took to Instagram to post a picture of them both holding their baby boy, with the caption “Daddy’s little man!” It seems that motherhood has made Stacey realise how much she needs her family around her, as she’s frequently been spotted with her daughter Esme as she prepares for her wedding day in March 2020. Perhaps the best indicator of how much the children have changed Robert’s life is the fact that he’s posted more than 500 times since the birth of his son, featuring him and his children in several different poses. It seems that the camera loves them both and is constantly capturing their smiles!

How Has Robert’s Private Life Changed Since Pregnancy?

While we’re no strangers to rumour and scandal surrounding celebrity relationships, the fact that we’re often left in the dark when it comes to their private lives means that the impact of pregnancy on celebrity relationships can’t always be quantified. The fact that the identity of the mother is usually hidden means that many of the changes experienced by the father are hidden too, so while we might know that Robert is now a proud father, we don’t necessarily know what his life is like post-pregnancy. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The most obvious change that we’ve seen so far is that Robert has grown a full and bushy beard. While he’s frequently been photographed with his bushy beard and dark complexion before he became a father, it seems that fatherhood has spurred him to grow his facial hair, which he styles with an orange-tinted gel. One thing is for sure – if Hollywood starlets are starting to pop up on his Instagram page with beards just like his, then we know that he’s found the key to life.

An Affectionate Relationship With His Children

While Robert has always been portrayed as a dashing, bachelor, it seems that fatherhood has changed his life for the better. Not only has he found the perfect companion for him in Stacey, but he’s also settled down in his career and seems to be enjoying life as a family man. More than anything else, it seems that fatherhood has made him more empathetic, as he frequently posts touching pictures of himself with his children.

It was originally reported that Stacey and Robert were set to wed, but their engagement was called off in 2017, shortly after she found out that she was pregnant. Since then, the couple have been inseparable, often posting pictures of themselves cuddling up and holding hands as they walk down the street. More recently, they’ve even started to address their fans on social media, frequently posting pictures of them both together as well as individual shots of each of them with their children.

A Changed Perspective On Life

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Robert’s life since becoming a dad is his outlook on life, and how he’s viewed the world through a different lens. Before he got married, Robert was frequently photographed wearing a casual shirt and jeans, but since becoming a father, he’s changed his ensemble, frequently opting for more stylish looks. This can be seen in the way he views the world around him too. While he’d frequently post shots of himself and his children in front of a pretty scenic landscape, since becoming a father, he’s started to include more everyday images of himself and his family.

We all grow up thinking that the world is a happy place, but it’s clear that Robert has found a meaning and purpose to his life since becoming a father. It seems that having a kid has changed everything for the better, and while he’ll undoubtedly face challenges and struggles in the future, he seems to be determined to make the most of his life, and the lives of those around him.