If you’ve been on the internet in the last couple of months, you may have noticed a trend. People are trying to pass off Robert Pattinson as gay. It all started with a hilarious photo shoot for GQ Australia in which he sported some extremely flamboyant outfits and did some very queer things. The next day, people in the UK rushed to buy up all of his singlets to have a joke at his expense. It was amazing how many people were in on the joke.

Now, I’m not saying that Robert Pattinson is gay (although, personally, I think he might be). What I am saying is that many people are trying to pass him off as gay, most likely to get a laugh at his expense.

The Outfit That Started It All

The first thing that you’ll notice about the GQ Australia shoot is that Robert Pattinson wore the most outrageous outfits. In addition to the funny outfits, you’ll see him in many other outfits that I’m sure he didn’t wear in real life. One of the more interesting outfits is what he wore on the set of the Harry Potter movie. It was a black leather coat, split on the front with a zipper. He wore this outfit not because it looks cool and comfortable, but because that’s how his co-star Emma Watson dresses in the movie. Apparently, the outfit is also considered ‘quirky’ and ‘original’ in the wizarding world. I wonder if Ron Weasley also has a thing for leather coats.

A Bit Too Much Posing?

Another thing that you’ll notice about the GQ Australia shoot is that Robert Pattinson posed quite a bit. He did this for two reasons. First, to show off the outrageous outfits that he wore. Second, he wanted to make it seem like he had a better time in Australia than in the UK. This was to make fun of his accent, which changes depending on which part of the UK you’re in. He does this for comedic effect and it makes it seem like he’s joking around with the interviewer. However, since the interview was serious, he didn’t smile much and seemed a bit stiff. If you compare this interview to his GQ UK interview, you’ll notice that there’s a significant difference. In addition to the joking around, he smiles a lot and seems more relaxed.

The Other Outfits

Besides the outfits that he wore on camera, Robert Pattinson wore many other outrageous outfits in the GQ Australia shoot. He even went a step further and wore some prosthetics to make himself appear even more alien. It makes you wonder what kind of fun he had during the filming of the Harry Potter movie. I don’t think that wearing these outfits made him a better actor (although, I’m sure it didn’t hurt), but it did make him look like a total badass. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these outfits are considered ‘classics’ among his fans.

Why Are People Trying To Pass Off Robert Pattinson As Gay?

At this point, you’re probably wondering why people would want to pass off Robert Pattinson as gay. After all, he’s not known for being particularly open about his personal life, so it’s not like he would appreciate the joke. The answer is twofold. First, people love to make fun of Hollywood actors because they’re often very arrogant and self-centered. Second, people want to have a laugh at the expense of famous people. Robert Pattinson is rich and famous, which means that he has many haters, who want to see him fail. Because he’s not very vocal about his personal life, people think that they can get away with saying and doing all kinds of funny things to humiliate him. The fact that so many people are doing this makes it seem like a really big joke. It’s like a modern day equivalent to putting a sign on someone’s front lawn that says, “We’re having a laugh at your expense.”

The Impact On His Personal Life

The negative impact that this has had on Robert Pattinson’s personal life is undeniable. First, he had to deal with the haters on social media. Then, he had to go on the record about it, which wasn’t easy for him. Second, it made him very uncomfortable when people would say weird things about his private life. This wasn’t about his career; this was just so many people trying to get a laugh at his expense. Third, the attention made him feel very insecure. He doesn’t like to show his insecurities, but he certainly did in this case. In particular, he’s angry that so many people have used his name to promote their Twitter accounts, which is exactly what they did. Essentially, they took advantage of someone else’s joke and turned it into a marketing tool.

What’s Next For Robert Pattinson?

On the bright side, Robert Pattinson is finally starting to comment on all of this. In the last couple of weeks, he’s started doing a lot more interviews and, most notably, he started engaging with fans on social media. So, it looks like he’s doing the right thing by responding to all of this, which is great because it makes him seem more human. This is something that many famous people avoid doing, but it’s important for them to be accessible. Even when you have millions of fans, it’s still not easy to talk to everyone. Doing a few interviews and responding to comments on social media is a simple way for him to stay in touch with his fans, which is what’s important.

Overall, Is It Still A Joke?

Ultimately, is this all just a joke to you? Or have you already started feeling bad about yourself because so many people are making fun of Robert Pattinson? I hope that this wasn’t too personal of a story for you and, if it was, I apologize. I tried to keep it somewhat light-hearted, but I can see how some of this could be upsetting. It’s probably not a good idea to read this kind of thing when you’re already feeling bad about yourself, so I’ll stop here.