Robert Pattinson and Fiancee Amal Alamuddin are set to tie the knot this December! The Hollywood actor and his partner recently exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony in London. Pattinson wore a dark suit and a crimson rose to wear for the occasion. The star is now officially married to the designer, and their wedding photos will be featured in wedding magazines around the world.

But before they wed, the couple was engaged for two years before amassing sufficient evidence that their relationship was legitimate. They started dating in March 2011 and were engaged nine months later, in December 2012. Their engagement took place in the presence of family and friends in London. The ceremony was officiated by a celebrity priest and marked by a spectacular church organ performance by renowned English organist John Pritchard.

There were no signs or reports of tension between the two from the beginning. In fact, their relationship was such a breath of fresh air that it was even remarked upon by tabloids. The couple’s debut album, ‘Robert Pattinson’ came out to great acclaim, entering at #1 on the Billboard Top Albums chart. The LP was the result of two years of intensive work putting the album together. It features the romantic hits “Galway Shore” and “The World Is Yours.” The former was inspired by their summer holidays in Galway, Ireland and saw Pattinson teaming up with Irish singer-songwriter Colum Mackinnon. The song saw the singer muse about the “mysterious ways” of women, while Pattinson’s poetic lyrics and subtle use of synthesizers added to the charm.

Pattinson is known for his work in Hollywood, where he shot the upcoming film ‘The Way Back’. The actor took a short break from filming to walk down the aisle for his wedding to Amal. In a statement released following their historic wedding, the couple said they were “overwhelmed and excited” to share their big day with their loved ones. “We’re grateful to everyone who made this day special for us. We couldn’t have done it without our families, our friends and our wonderful, supportive team,” they said. “We’re looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together in peace and joy.”

Pattinson is one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood today. According to sources close to the situation, he has a pool of potential wedding parties lined up. The celebrity website TMZ reported that the actor has set his sights on tying the knot with various high-profile women. Pattinson is said to have been dating Olivia Wilde since before he began dating Amal. He is also thought to have had a fling with former ‘Twilight’ co-star Kristen Stewart, following her split from British actor and director Robert Pattinson. He has been linked to Emily Blunt, Grace Kelly and countless other famous names.

His relationship with Amal was built on solid foundations. The two first met at a dinner party in London when they were both 19 years old. The designer was then dating English actor Joe Cole at the time. While Cole would go on to propose to Amal at the end of their two-year relationship, it was Pattinson who made the first move and invited her to his apartment in London. There they talked and listened to music, before falling asleep on the floor. The next day she called her future husband and asked him to be her “beau-ti-ful.”

The following year Cole put an end to his relationship with Amal, stating that he had “been asked to marry someone else.” However, the designer wed the actress in a fair isle white wedding gown, which was designed by none other than Christian Dior. The groom wore a suit by Ralph Lauren, and the wedding party wore bold and beautiful dresses by the designer Alexander McQueen. Since the wedding the pair have been inseparable, spending as much time together as possible and attending concerts, galleries and other events as a couple.

Why Is It Such a Big Deal That Robert Pattinson and Fiancee Amal Alamuddin Are Getting Married?

It is well-documented that the ‘Twilight’ actor is desperately in need of a baby girl to complete his family. Pattinson has longed to be a father since his first experience as a child, when his mother passed away during his teen years. As a result, he has spent a lot of time with his partner, who is seven years his senior and a mother of two.

His need for a daughter may be more poignant now that his ‘Twilight’ co-star, Bella Swan, is in a committed partnership with actor and director, Nathan Frick. The couple are set to marry in May 2018, nearly 10 years after they first began dating. While some may view Pattinson as a luck charm and an opportunity for a daughter to carry on the Swan and Frick legacy, to date no other woman has been proposed to or married by the actor. This is in large part thanks to his close relationship with Amal, who he met when she was 19 and he was 22. The fact that she is seven years his senior certainly doesn’t hurt either.

What Will Be the Wedding Theme?

The wedding of Robert Pattinson and Fiancee Amal Alamuddin will be officiated by a celebrity priest. Rumors have swirled that the wedding will be as extravagant as the pair’s romantic lifestyle, which includes frequent trips to fashion capitals such as Paris, Milan and London. They are known for their glamorous social calendar and love for attending themed parties. So, it is very possible that the wedding ceremony will be followed by an extravagant celebration, featuring celebrities from both worlds.

The church where the wedding will take place is steeped in history, having been the place of Amal’s grandmother’s and grandfather’s wedding. If the venue holds any significance for Amal, it is likely that she will choose to have her wedding there. It is also the church that her uncle, the priest, presides over. As a result, the ceremony will most likely have a religious theme. Even after their engagement was confirmed in 2015, the couple kept the faithfulness a secret from the world and only revealed the news to their close circle of family and friends. They have not yet confirmed which church they will have the ceremony at, but it’s likely to be a place of worship. After the ceremony the happy couple will host a reception for their guests, who will include top tier celebrities and royalty.

Wedding Dress Trends for 2018

Wedding dresses are evolving, and so is the way couples plan their big day. The once-customary white is not what shoppers and bridesmaids are opting for. In fact, ivory isn’t even considered “traditional” anymore. As a result, wedding dresses are becoming more distinctive and creative. Shoppers are looking for unique boutiques that can fulfill their demands.

Bedding gowns are also becoming a thing of the past, as more and more couples are turning to mermaid dresses, which seamlessly transition into wedding gowns. Another popular choice is Dior’s “Leaving Soon” wedding dress, which comes with a train and is so detailed that it can be used as a dress and a cape. As for the groom’s suit, it is expected that celebrities will sport lavish suits for the big day, with deep V-necks and handsome pant fits.

The Meaning of Amal’s Name

Pattinson chose to name his daughter after his longtime friend and collaborator, Amal Alamuddin. The designer’s former partner went by the name Amal for much of their time working together, but decided to call themselves Amal Alamuddin after their daughter was born. The couple held the name, which means “my lady” in Arabic, in honor of their daughter.

The designer and his wife share an interest in fashion and design, which they discussed during their courtship. Their relationship was sealed with a promise to wed and have children together. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Alamuddin stated that she and Pattinson are both “creative, stylish and family-orientated people,” which describes the couple perfectly.