Zoe Kravitz is one of the most beautiful women in the world and it seems like she has her hands full, with Kristen McMenamy, Bill Murray, and now Robert Pattinson. She has been dating the ‘Rooney’ since August 2017 and they seem very happy together. The couple attend many events and have made several public appearances together. Is it just a publicity stunt or is there more to it?

Many Fans Believe It’s Real

It seems like many of Zoe Kravitz’s fans believe that she and Robert Pattinson are actually a couple, and not just friends who enjoy each other’s company. The actress opened up about their blossoming relationship during an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ and let the world know that “everyone in the paparazzi world knows that we’re together”. She then went on to say:

“There are a lot of people that want us to be together, that think that we’re a couple, and I love that. I want to be with someone that the entire world thinks is my soulmate. That’s pretty much the greatest compliment you can get. I want to be with someone that the entire world sees and wants to be with. I feel very lucky that my boyfriend happens to be one of the most interesting and talented men in the world as well.”

Why Do You Think They Appear So Happy Together?

Well, they both have a lot of love to give and they seem to be comfortable sharing their feelings with each other. She posted a selfie on Instagram, while vacationing with her family in Tulum, Mexico, with the caption: “I love you”. After the photo was posted, fans began to speculate about what the couple’s relationship status is. Some felt that it was a publicity stunt and that the pair were merely friends, while others felt that it was more than just a publicity stunt. Perhaps it’s because they both appreciate and enjoy being with their family, which includes children Payton, 6, and Roar, 4, with Bill Murray.

Whatever the status of their relationship, it’s clear that Zoe Kravitz is head over heels in love and would do anything for her partner. We can’t help but wonder what will happen when Bill Murray finally decides to call it quits, but until then, we get to enjoy watching these two enjoy each other’s company.