When it comes to men’s style trends, we often default to what is trendy among Hollywood A-listers. However, the style choices of today’s leading men can oftentimes be a source of inspiration for the rest of us. Take Robert Pattinson, for example. The English actor has graced our screens in several blockbusters, portraying iconic characters, but he is also a very humble man who enjoys a burger as much as the next guy. So it would be a great shame if we failed to pay homage to his discerning taste in fashion and culinary delights.

The Style Inspiration

Pattinson is best known for his role as the luscious vampire, Edward Cullen, in the 2012 blockbuster, Twilight, based on the exceptionally bestselling novel of the same name by Stephanie Meyer. He is certainly not the only notable male celebrity to enjoy a classic cheeseburger – as you’ll see in a moment – but his personal style has certainly carried over to his on-screen character, inspiring legions of fashion and food connoisseurs worldwide. Here, let’s take a closer look.

The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga is the biggest film series of all time. Admittedly, not a single one of the movies is particularly good, but they are all entertaining in their own way. Furthermore, the franchise has amassed a huge following, inspiring cosplayers and amateur fashion designers all over the world. If you have yet to see a Twilight movie, now is probably the best time to remedy that situation. There are several installments available on Netflix, including the wildly popular Twilight Saga: Equestria – The Princesses of Pern, which is set in medieval times and features several adorable, talking ponies as the main characters. If you have a specific favorite from the Saga, consider displaying it on your coffee table. It will make everyone at the coffee shop stop and stare in awe.

The Classic Burgers And More

While fans of the Twilight franchise may have been inspired by its aesthetic, they would be wise to seek out more classic Hollywood movies and television shows for their fashion and food interests – like the immensely popular Great Escape, which aired in 1965. One of the most memorable scenes from the show takes place at a burger restaurant as patrons are trying to decide what kind of toppings to order. A classic cheeseburger can be seen in the corner, and it’s the same one that Robert Pattinson would order today if he were dining in an old-fashioned diner.

If the Twilight Saga has inspired you to become a vegetarian or vegan, then you should definitely try out the 1969 comedy, The Great Gigolo, which features Yves Montand as an aging gigolo who trains a young woman (played by Catherine Deneuve) on how to be a proper lady. In one memorable scene, Deneuve’s character orders a vegetarian meal without incident. Although there is no specific reference to a vegetarian diet in the film, it’s an ode to pescatarianism – the practice of eating fish while avoiding meat. The same year that The Great Gigolo was released, Deneuve became a vegetarian and hasn’t looked back since. If you’re unfamiliar, Deneuve is one of France’s most famous and iconic actresses, having appeared in several beloved films, such as Repulsion, Belle de Jour and The Professional, among others. She is considered a sex symbol and is frequently referred to as “the French Marilyn Monroe.”

The Never-Ending Quest For The Perfect Hamburger

As we’ve established, movie fans have been inspired by the style choices of Robert Pattinson and have successfully translated many of his fashion trends into something that they can try out for themselves. One of the biggest ‘stresses’ for men today is finding the perfect burger that mimics the taste of a real, live, burger cooked by a professional. Not surprisingly, the internet is rife with advice on how to make the perfect burger at home. If you have a specific cut of beef in mind, simply follow the instructions listed here and your perfect burger will be within your reach.

Cut The Bread Thick

If the perfect burger is something that you strive for, then a high-quality, juicy burger should be within your reach. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the meat you buy is extremely fatty, and it doesn’t really match up with the taste that you’re going for. A good rule of thumb is to buy the thickest cut of meat possible. This will make all the difference. When you eat something that’s thinly sliced, it is typically cooked very dry and the flavor is completely annihilated. On the other hand, a steak that is thickly sliced is much more tender, and it allows for the juices to stay in. There are several high-quality meats to choose from, and you can decide which one you’d like based on their prices and availability. If you are planning on making a large amount of food, then you should opt for something cheap and easy to get. This is generally the case when you’re making burgers at home. For example, ground lamb is a great choice if you want to make a curry but don’t have the time to make something more complex. Don’t be afraid to experiment with spices and herbs when making your curries. It’s fun to cook with your own blends when making meals for your loved ones.

If you’d like to make a bold statement, you could try grilling a tomato as a face on a burger. The smoky, charred flavor will be a real showstopper. If you’d like to add a bit more polish to your burger, you could use some tartar sauce, ketchup or mayonnaise to give it that extra something special. The sky is the limit when it comes to the combinations you could create with fresh, organic ingredients!

Less Is More

Most importantly, keep things simple! The style choices of today’s leading men are usually very easy to emulate. For the sake of simplicity, use a plain burger bun, and make sure to add as little as possible to it. You want your burger to taste as good as it can without becoming too fancy. For a more luxurious flavor combination, try grilling some tomato as a face on a burger. It’s a very chic and trendy way to add a bit more flavor to your meal.

To make a perfect burger at home, simply follow these easy tips. Remember to cut the bread thick, and add only what is necessary to the patty. In addition, use high-quality meats, and make sure to cook them thoroughly before serving. Furthermore, grill the tomato as a face on the burger. The juices will make it melt in your mouth, creating the perfect “burger moment.” So go ahead and get cooking, fashionistas! You can’t make a mistake when following the recipe. All you need is faith, courage and a bit of culinary magic.