Just when you think that Rob, the most liked, most followed, most photographed, and most missed movie star of all time, can’t get any friendlier or any more popular, he goes and does something incredible like getting super-sized! The actor has always been a bit of a chameleon when it comes to his outfits and this time he took the Internet by storm with his new look.

Thick As Ever

Rob hasn’t been seen in public since the premiere of the last Twilight movie almost two years ago. Since then, he has mostly been seen hanging out with his kids or at home with his dogs. It was initially believed that Rob had taken a break from acting to focus on his family and to recover from the pressures of being one of the most photographed men in the world. Well, maybe taking a break was the wrong word. It would be more accurate to say that he had shifted gears and changed his priorities in life. Rob’s Instagram account is a good indicator as to what he’s been doing recently. The account currently has over 300 million followers and Rob often shares pictures of himself in different outfits. Many of the photos are of Rob in character as Edward Cullen from the Twilight films. In fact, the actor even does a good job with Edward’s trademark cravings for human blood.

While his Instagram account is filled with snapshots of himself in his favorite shirts, there are also dozens of images where he is fully clothed and we can see his considerable girth. Since the premiere of the Twilight series, Rob has gained about 30 pounds. Fans and friends of the actor have noticed the change and have been commenting on it for years. Now that he’s in a stable relationship with the American musician Chaz Bono, Rob has decided to put his health and well-being first and has decided to embrace his inner chocolatte. He has ditched the diet regime that helped him shed 80 pounds for the role of Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey and has started to eat as much chocolate as he wants. The actor’s love for his chocolate was confirmed when he and Chaz Bono started an initiative where they invite fans to come and enjoy free chocolate with the signatures of the cast members.

New Attire

When Rob first got back into shape after the Twilight film series, he dropped about 20 pounds and adopted a healthier lifestyle. However, he didn’t hide the fact that he had gained weight and used his Instagram account to show off his new figure. The pictures were a revelation to many and showed that Rob was finally comfortable in his own skin. Well, it would appear that the actor has decided to continue celebrating his new look and has been doing so with some seriously creative outfits. While some of his outfits are simply pictures of himself, others highlight the fabulous designer brands that he loves so much. It would appear that Rob is showing off his individuality and letting his creative side run wild.

In one of his most creative outfits so far, Rob teamed up with the luxury Italian brand Salvatori and showed off his refined taste in fashion as he donned a gorgeous yellow, black, and white striped t-shirt embellished with white polka dots. The shirt was complimented by a black suit with yellow piping and yellow cuffs. The entire look was completed with a black pocket square, yellow hat, and sunglasses.

Is This a Trend or Is This for Life?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a grown man wear a collared shirt and yellow hat and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the combination is as handsome as it is classic. However, this is not a trend that is going to be repeating itself any time soon. Rob knows how to work a fashion trend and, for now at least, he has decided to keep this handsome look for life. Maybe the reason behind Rob’s newfound love for fashion is that he now has someone to share his fashion obsession with. The actor is currently spending a lot of time with designer Olivier Bonas as he helps him to walk his dog and enjoys a romantic stroll through Paris. The designer also shows him new styles and helps him to choose the right attire for the occasion. Well, you know what they say, perfect fashion and perfect love are inseparable.