One of the highlights of the last-year’s 73rd Cannes Film Festival was Robert Pattinson’s surrealistic performance in Jim Jarmusch’s Dead on the Road. The 26-year-old actor – who was hand-picked by the German filmmaker to play the lead in his latest movie, Gucci Gucci – unleashed a comic whirlwind that was equal parts hilarious and tragic.

Though the actor – who recently split from his partner, novelist Vanessa Paradis – put in a tireless performance, the character’s comedic timing was off. He repeatedly missed his cues and had to be propped up by the camera operator, allowing the audience to savor his one-of-a-kind improvising.

For those who couldn’t make it to France for the premiere, we’ve put together a list of some of the best clips from the movie. Warning: these are likely to cause hysterics.]

Pattinson’s Glorious Hair Transformations

One of the movie’s most memorable scenes finds a hapless Pattinson trying to style his hair for the cameras. The actor and hairdresser Nick Alexandrowicz work their magic on his hair, turning it from naturally dirty brown hair to a perfectly coiffed ‘do in just a matter of minutes.

The result is one of the funniest depictions of a man trying to style his hair ever committed to film. It also highlights the absurdity of Hollywood’s obsession with hair – and the lengths actors will go to to perfect theirs.

The Most Iconic Jim Jarmusch Sneaker Scene

Another scene that will go down in history as one of the great cameos happens when Robert Pattinson appears as an office worker in a pair of bright purple and yellow striped Jim Jarmusch sneakers. The actor seems genuinely amused as he walks through the city streets, occasionally checking his smartphone’s GPS for the sake of the director. What makes this moment so hilarious is that the actor is clearly uncomfortable in the strange shoes – which he compares to “comically large roller skates” – and keeps asking the camera crew for help in putting them on correctly.

Robert Pattinson’s Incredible Acting Ambush

In what will probably go down as one of the greatest stealth acting scenes of all time, Robert Pattinson’s character stumbles across a nude photo of a woman that was taken without her knowledge, discovering it while searching for her lost contact lenses. Once he grasps the horrifying photo, the distraught man breaks down in tears, falling to his knees in front of an unsuspecting stranger.

Though the scene is packed with hilarious comic moments, it highlights how vulnerable and stripped-down Pattinson’s character is. It also shows the desperation he must feel as a result of being fired from his job as an English teacher and struggling to provide for his girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis, and their son, Dot.

The One Where He Runs Through The Snow

One of the funniest scenes from the movie finds Pattinson’s character, Chris, as he runs desperately through the snow, desperately trying to outrun a vicious dog. It’s an absurdist comedy in which the chaotic antics of a man running through the snow are a source of comedic relief for the audience. The scene, which shows the absurdity of animal-related phobias, ends with Chris, still running through the snow, asking the audience if they’re laughing yet. It’s a very meta moment, considering that it’s a film being made about a man running through the snow, and it shows that the actor genuinely believes he’s funny.

The Dinner Party

One of the most memorable scenes from Dead on the Road happens when Pattinson’s Chris decides to throw a dinner party for his friends. The dinner becomes a chaotic shambles as his guests arrive bearing gifts and flowers, resulting in a bizarre, colorful mess on the floor. The actor embraces his character’s inner child as he gleefully creates a carnival atmosphere.

It’s a fittingly childlike scene for a movie about a man who is both frustrated and powerless in his mid-twenties, as he searches for his place in the world. Though he craves stability and security, surrounded by friends and family at a dinner table is a far cry from that.

Chris’ Reaction To The Dog

Another of the movie’s funniest scenes finds Pattinson’s character in full meltdown mode as he reacts to the news that his wife, Nancy, has given birth to a child, Thomas. The new father’s uncontrollable crying and histrionics make for another surrealistic comic moment. He beats up a photo of his wife, throws a tantrum and demands to know the gender of his child.

The scene, which is equal parts heartbreaking and hilarious, is a touching portrayal of a man dealing with the unexpected life changes that come with having a child. The fact that this is the actor’s – and perhaps his only – portrayal of a father figure makes it even more endearing. It’s clear that he had a genuine connection with the role – and the fact that it was such a personal story made it even more natural. Though these are fictional characters, the truth is that every father is going to feel the love and pride in this scene, whether they admit it or not.

His ‘70s Cosmo Concert

One of the best scenes from the movie happens when Chris breaks down and cries in front of an intimate crowd at a jazz concert. The concert, which takes place in a London park during the late ‘70s, is a touching portrayal of a man coming to terms with his past and present. It’s a scene that will remind viewers of their own youth, when they were exposed to music that inspired them and helped define their personal style. It’s also a scene that will make anyone nostalgic for the simpler days, when life felt more communal and the family unit felt more complete.

The concert ends with a rousing chorus of “I Would Really Love to See You Again” sung by Shirley Bassey, whom the audience joins in clapping along with. It’s a moment that will undoubtedly bring a tear to the eye of anyone who sees it. It’s important to note that this is one of the few scenes in which Vanessa Paradis does not appear. The two are essentially confined to their hotel rooms, after being fired from their respective teaching positions. Their relationship has soured due to the stresses of the actor’s chaotic lifestyle. This is made clear in a heartbreaking monologue that he delivers on the roof of their hotel, as the movie’s finale arrives:

“In my experience, life tends to unfold in a series of natural and enjoyable events. You have your highs and your lows, but they’re not so dramatic that they distract from the simple pleasures of everyday existence… until one day you wake up and wonder where all the drama went. That’s when you realize it was all in your head. Just like that, you’re no longer living in the moment, you’re living in hindsight. And you hate it. You hate it! Everything you hate about yourself is right there in front of you, and you can’t run away from it – you have to face it. And that’s what I’ve been doing, and I don’t know if it’s going to get any better.”

His delivery is pitch-perfect and there’s no mistaking the anguish in his voice. The next shot is of him, staring sadly into space. It’s a deeply personal moment for Pattinson, who has always been open about his struggles with depression. Though it’s unclear exactly what led to his severe depression, it’s clear that it began after the birth of his son. This is a man who has been through so much and yet still somehow finds the strength to keep going. It’s an inspiring message for anyone who’s ever felt lost or alone, but especially for those who have also lost a loved one to suicide.

With each new movie, Robert Pattinson is becoming more comfortable in his own skin, showing an increasingly unshackled display of comedic ability. Though he may play the tragic hero in the coming years, for now he’s content to let his guard down and embrace the absurdity that is life.