It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating the end of the Grammy Awards and the beginning of the Oscars. Now, the biggest movie event of the year has passed, and with it, all our heartsache. We can finally focus on other things.

One of the things we can focus on is the wonderful world of toys. Though the holiday season has mostly passed, there are still tonnes of toys available for purchase. From small action figures that can be posed in different ways to larger vehicles that can be driven, here are a few of our favorite plush toys from the past year.

1. Mr. Potato Puppet

This year, Mr. Potato Puppet won the Toy Despise award from the Toy Awards for best animated or living teddy bear. It’s hard to believe that something so cuddly could be a total nightmare in living color. But that’s what the Toy Despise award is for: to highlight the toys that adults find particularly disturbing or evil.

The award-winning Mr. Potato Puppet is the perfect representation of a nightmare come to life. Made of soft plush and covered in the most delicate materials, this grumpypant’s wiggly arms and legs, along with his pointed teeth, are actually made of hard plastic. It’s as if the makers of this toy forgot to give the grumpypant a smile, so they put one on the frontispiece instead. This is the kind of smile that could turn your whole day around. You’ll never feel the same again. Guaranteed!

2. My Melody

We can’t talk about toys without mentioning My Melody. This plush tiger, inspired by the Japanese anime series, is one of the most popular plush toys of this year. It was first revealed at New York Toy Fair, and soon after, the fandom was taking over. Lionsgate, the company that owns the My Melody trademark, decided to manufacture the tiger in five different sizes to fit all of our favorite characters from the anime. Though the popularity of this plush toy may be a testament to the sheer cuteness of the tiger, it was actually manufactured in response to fan demand. And it’s safe to say that, as the demand increased, so did the price. The 12-inch My Melody currently goes for up to $150 on Amazon.

3. Baby Bum

Who doesn’t love a plush doll that’s practically a walkin’ blanket? This is what everyone wants year-round, and luckily, we have Baby Bum to thank for it. This is one of the cutest and most versatile plush dolls ever created. When we first laid eyes on it, we immediately thought of the Flintstone cartoons. Basically, it’s like a big, soft teddy bear constructed in the shape of a baby’s bottom. The resemblance is uncanny. Even the folds in the fabric are like those of a real baby’s diaper. It’s amazing how much these plush dolls can do when you literally program them to do specific actions. One of the best things about Baby Bum is that, even though it’s a walking talking stuffed animal, it’s not actually real. This is why it can remain unspoiled by adults and can cause chaos in the home. The teddy bear himself is made of a variety of materials, including vinyl, canvas, and steel. It even comes with its own little blanket and a stuffed animal that acts as its walker. Though this may not be the ideal gift for your newborn child’s first Christmas, it’s one gift they’ll always remember. Especially since it walks, talks, and acts exactly like their beloved blanket. So cute!

4. G.I. Joe

Surprise, surprise! Another army green man in a sea of green. Yes, in 2018, the most popular plush toy was an action figure based on the classic 1980s toyline and cartoons, G.I. Joe. This figure, known as Micromaster Dartfish, is so lifelike, it’s almost scary. The fish-eating teddy bear, whose head is completely removable, stares at you with big eyes and a small mouth agape in a completely lifelike fashion. One thing’s for sure: this is one toy that won’t go out of style. Or out of value. We’re talking $60 for a 13-inch G.I. Joe that stands approximately 3.5 inches high.

5. My Vinyl Sombrero

The final plush toy on our list isn’t exactly a traditional Halloween or Christmas gift, but we’re including it since it’s so hilarious. If you’re a fan of the movie Black Panther, you’ll understand what we’re talking about when we say that this vinyl sombrero is the perfect present. The hat represents T’Challa’s (played by Chadwick Boseman) regal look in the movie. Though it is essentially a joke item, the desire to purchase this hat is so real that people are actually breaking the bank. It was first made available in August and is already one of the most popular Halloween costumes for men this year. The sombrero, which is designed after the Afro hairstyle worn by Boseman, costs $55 at specialty retailers.

There, now you can focus on other things. Like what you’ll spend Christmas vacation doing. Hanging out with your friends and family. And trying to forget about all the work you had to do this year. We know what you want for Christmas: a whole bunch of fun. So go out there and buy yourself a toy! You’re bound to find something that will make you smile.