One of the biggest romantic comebacks of the 21st century has been the story of Robert Pattinson and Corbin Fisher. The deeply romantic young British actor and his gorgeous American companion got lost in their love for one another and worked their way back to each other. The story of their improbable love is now the subject of a new movie: The Wedding Singer.

The Wedding Singer is the story of Robbie Frank (played by Robbie, the movie’s protagonist), a wedding singer whose heart was broken after his girlfriend left him for a man. Disheartened and down on his luck, he agrees to perform at the big day of Beverly (played by Lindsay Lohan, in a role originally earmarked for Hilary Duff). But there’s more to this wedding singer than meets the eye: He’s actually the nephew of the famous Vivienne Westwood, creator of the memorable “Bruno Leisure Suit” collection of boutique-quality suits for men. Before the wedding day arrives, Robbie discovers that his singing voice is the key to his romantic revival. Hoping to prove his worth, he enlists the help of his eccentric uncle to coach him on how to woo his way back to Beverly, and then uses his talent to save the day and the couple’s fairytale wedding.

A Brief History of an Elopement

It all started in 2010 when one of the most exciting celebrity weddings of the year took place. The wedding was that of Robert Pattinson and pop starlet Corbin Fisher. The couple made waves when they announced their engagement in Marbella, Spain, where Pattinson is currently based. The actress previously dated comedian Jimmy Prichard, while Fisher, a singer and guitarist, was previously married to skateboarder Andrew Reynolds and briefly dated actress Isla Fisher.

The actor-model-writer-director has been romantically linked to a host of beauties, including Vanessa Paradis, Lily Cole, Kate Winslet, and Sarah Jessica Parker. However, it was his infatuation with Corbin Fisher that truly captured the hearts of the public. The pair dated for two years before tying the knot in a low-key ceremony in 2013 in front of a few friends and family.

The Wedding Singer is a story about love, lust, and music and focuses on the courtship of Robbie and Beverly—a court jester and a royalist, if you will. The movie depicts the awkward journey that the pint-sized Romeo makes in his quest to win his girl’s heart. The film is co-written by Katie Mitchell and John Morris and directed by Mitchell. It also stars Jennifer Morrison as Robbie’s mother, Portia, and Paul Walter Hauser as Robbie’s uncle, Vivienne Westwood.

An Interview with Robbie

There’s something very special about this movie. Before the release of its premiere, we had a chance to speak with Mitchell about the inspiration for the film and its central role model, Robbie.

The A.V. Club: What was your drawing inspiration for this film?

Katie Mitchell: We were inspired by classic romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. We also looked to great music-driven romances like the Cars’ classic ‘80s ballads for ‘80s Tuesday and Jessie’s “Crying in the Rain.” On a more specific level, we were inspired by the story of Robert Pattinson and Corbin Fisher. We wanted to find a way to tell their incredible story from a different perspective and give it a filmic quality that wasn’t just based on their music or their lyrics.

AVC: Who is Robbie Frank?

KM: Robbie is a 25-year-old wedding singer who’s just lost his girl and is trying to figure out what went wrong. He’s a bit of a romantic himself, and he meets a woman named Beverly at a wedding and falls head over heels in love with her. He’s completely besotted and follows her around from wedding to wedding, singing his heart out for her. We wanted to explore the complicated nature of love and how powerful it can be.

AA: Is this a movie about love or is it more of a story about music?

KM: It’s about love! The very first scene is Robbie singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a baseball game. After that, it’s all about him trying to woo Beverly, who doesn’t seem to be especially interested in him. His main instrument is his voice, and like most great love stories, his voice is what gets him into trouble. His uncle Vivienne is pretty much the voice of reason in this movie. When Beverly starts dating a man named Lance, Vivienne encourages Robbie to fight for her love. She knows how much this woman means to him, and she’s concerned that Lance might not be the man for her. Thankfully, Lance and Beverly seem devoted to one another, so Vivienne’s worries don’t come to fruition. But it’s an emotionally complicated story that touches upon themes of love and lust. For example, even though the two never actually meet, Vivienne Westwood is a powerful presence in the film. She teaches Robbie how to dress and behave in a way that will make him more appealing to women. When Vivienne says to Robbie, “Your uncle would never approve of what you’re wearing,” it resonates throughout the entire film. She’s trying to save his masculine, Harley Davidson-wearing ass from being rejected by the ladies!

AA: What do you think your character, Robbie, will be doing five years from now?

KM: Hopefully, I’ll be doing what I love doing, which is writing, producing, and directing music-driven films. I also have a lot of ideas for solo albums, and I’d like to continue doing music videos. The world is my oyster. I’m not going anywhere, and I plan on staying put for the foreseeable future.