If you’re a vampire-loving teen or an admirer of the Twilight series, you’ll likely be familiar with the handsome and charming Rob Pattinson. The British actor graced the small screen with his portrayal of Edward Cullen in all four of the Twilight films, and is now set to appear in the highly anticipated fifth instalment of the popular series, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. What initially attracted you to this engaging performer? We chatted with Rob about his transition from a boyish charm to a leading man, working with some of the biggest names in film and his opinion on Twitter versus Instagram. The results are intriguing. 

The Making Of An Actor

At just twenty-three years old, British actor Rob Pattinson is already a seasoned vet when it comes to the trade. Having begun his studies at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Drama at the age of ten, he would eventually go on to complete a Bachelors in Theatre Arts in 2013. While this may not seem like a typical pathway to Hollywood fame, it certainly didn’t stop the former Eagle Scout from making the jump. What’s more, he credits much of his early success to his time spent on Twitter, where he regularly shares clips of himself from his acting classes or film sets. In fact, he has so closely linked the two platforms that he has even adopted the twitter handle @VPattinson

Transitioning From Boyish Charm To Leading Man

When it comes to acting, many people imagine ‘the moustache’ or ‘the tweed jacket’ – classic images that represent the quintessential English gentleman. Aside from portraying vampire Edward Cullen in “Twilight” and the iconic Sherlock Holmes in “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”, Rob has starred in a variety of stage productions including “Death of a Salesman” and “The Taming of the Shrew”. He also worked with award-winning director David Michôd on the highly-anticipated sci-fi spectacular “Gravity”, which showcased his considerable talent for depicting space characters. The English actor is now set to appear in the fifth installment of the renowned “Twilight” series, in which he will play the titular character’s uncle, William. The film is slated for release on October 16th of this year, further cementing his place among the Hollywood elite.

Opinions On Twitter Vs Instagram

If you follow Hollywood on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, you’ll often see the famous faces post regularly on their channels. While the former often focuses on their films’ trailers and upcoming projects, the latter has recently become a haven for the actor’s opinionated ramblings. It seems that everyone in Hollywood now has an opinion on everything, and so it’s no wonder that the platform has exploded in popularity. Does Rob tend to post more on Twitter, or Instagram? Why do you think that celebrities have begun to see the value in both platforms?

I think that Twitter and Instagram have become so popular because people can easily subscribe to a celebrity’s content, regardless of whether it’s a picture or a video. The content is often entertaining or informative but it’s not like watching television, where you know you’re going to get something that is of value. On the other hand, reading through a celebrity’s tweets can be quite the adventure, as it often includes retweets of other users’ content and sometimes even links to external websites. The more followers that a Twitter user has, the more often they’ll post, whether it’s a mundane status update or a rant about something that makes the world spin. What’s more, when someone retweets your content or mentions you by name in a tweet, it’s often because they found your content interesting or valuable.

Working With The Biggest Names In Film

Aside from acting, Rob has also proved himself to be quite the filmmaker. He has made several short films, as well as the official trailer for “Gravity”. The English actor also worked with acclaimed director Danny Boyle on the highly-acclaimed sci-fi thriller series “Trust”. While he may not have made it to the big screen yet, Boyle would eventually offer him a role in his upcoming sci-fi thriller, “Sunshine”. The film will star Emily Blunt, alongside Tom Hardy, Michelle Yeoh and John Hurt. In the years to come, this young performer would go on to star in films like “Exodus” and “The Way Back”, gaining further experience and honing his craft.

The Last Of The British Invasion

In case you’re wondering, yes, Rob is the son of the late comedian and actor Billie Pattinson and singer-songwriter Paula Kelly. The actor himself has stated that it was his great-grandmother, Isobel, who inspired his acting career. Isobel was the inspiration for the character of Alice in “Alice in Wonderland”, and so it seems that Rob’s passion for acting may have originated from a place that most people would consider far from prestigious.

Forbes magazine recently put him on their annual ‘30 Under 30′ list, recognizing his talent and popularity among young audiences. The popular social media platform TikTok also named him one of their top influencers, further enhancing his status among the Hollywood elite.