While it is yet to be officially confirmed, it seems that Robert Pattinson and the Freemasons are set to play a central role in one of the biggest scandals in recent British history. The international media circus surrounding the ‘Kavanaugh hearings’ may have led many of our readers to believe that the Freemasons were somehow involved in the judge’s decision to grant or withhold confirmation to Brett Kavanaugh. The reality is far from that and a lot more serious.

Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Process Was Rigged

In late September, Senator Feinstein forced the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. The judge was widely expected to be confirmed due to his impeccable credentials and reputation. Even so, the manner in which he was chosen for the judicial post was questionable to say the least.

A vocal minority of Democrats and a smaller group of Republicans opposed the judge’s nomination, deeming him unfit for the post due to his partisan political beliefs (he was appointed to the bench by George W. Bush in July of 2007). Their opposition was based on an anonymous letter, written in August of 2018 and submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee by a “credible source” which accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault. The writer claimed to have witnessed the incident in question but did not provide any supporting evidence. In the weeks leading up to his confirmation, Judge Kavanaugh was forced to defend himself against such “unsubstantiated” allegations and was only able to do so after a grueling testimony which lasted for ten days.

Was The Freemasons Involved?

One of the main protagonists of the ‘Kavanaugh hearings’ was the Freemasons. Several of them took the opportunity to slam the judge’s nomination, accusing him of being a puppet of the American right-wing and claiming that he was unfit for the post due to his political commitments. Senator Feinstein’s office declined to comment on whether or not she was aware of the Masons’ involvement in the Kavanaugh confirmation process but several prominent members of the ‘brotherhood’ did not hold back in expressing their solidarity with the embattled judge.

The Masons have a long-standing reputation for being among the staunchest supporters of conservative causes. In fact, several prominent Masons were responsible for bringing Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump together nearly a decade ago. Trump and Kavanaugh were both members of the Masons when the latter was chosen for an open seat on the Supreme Court of the United States in the summer of 2017. Since then, they have remained close friends and political allies, with the judge often being called upon to serve as a Trump bodyguard at times when the president feels threatened by the media or political opponents.

What’s next for the Kavanaugh hearings?

The ‘Kavanaugh hearings’ resulted in a public lynching of the judge as questions surrounding his character were put to rest once and for all. Despite his efforts to clear his name, the outlook for Judge Kavanaugh and the Masons is now bleak at best. It currently seems unlikely that the judiciary committee will restore the judge to full fitness for the post and he may very well be replaced on the bench by another right-winger.

The Democrats have also made it clear that they do not intend to give Kavanaugh a fair hearing. Led by Senator Feinstein, the party’s outrage over the way he was treated during his confirmation process is such that even the staunchest supporters of the judge are now wary of his prospects for being rehabilitated.

What is most disconcerting is the fact that the whole episode serves as a watershed moment in the history of the American right-wing. The Masons have always been associated with conservative causes and the right to bear arms but in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings it is hard to deny that the fraternity has also become a crucial cog in the effort to stop liberal causes from being championed.

Whether or not the judge eventually serves another term on the Supreme Court is now anybody’s guess. In the interim, he has been forced to take a well-deserved break from the bench, with the Masons’ efforts proving what can happen when a well-deserved break is denied. That the judiciary committee would stoop to such low-tow should not come as a total shock. As a symbol of their support, the judge was gifted with a penile prosthesis for his sixtieth birthday, an event which was widely publicised.

Many will have a lot of praise for the way the judiciary committee conducted themselves during the Kavanaugh hearings. They stuck to the facts and let the chips fall where they may, with even the most partisan among them acknowledging that their patience was severely tried. If history is any judge, however, it will not end well for the judge or the Masons.