There is quite a debate going on about whether or not Robert Pattinson, the English actor/singer/songwriter, will release any new music in the foreseeable future. In the last year, he has released two EPs – a collection of reworked Christmas songs called Yuletide (2016) and a more personal collection of songs titled Don’t Forget About Me (2017) – and a handful of singles, including the U.S. number-one hit “Wake Up! (I Want to Wake Up With You)”. However, none of these songs can be categorized as complete albums, since they are either EPs or singles, and not full-length albums.

Pattinson has been quiet since the release of his self-titled debut album back in 2011. While he has rarely done interviews, he has been very active on social media, posting a steady stream of stories about his private life.

In the summer of 2018, the 35-year-old was spotted out on a town walk with his three children, laughing and looking relaxed as can be. The following month, he was seen at his alma mater, Oxford University, where he is rumoured to have performed a solo concert. Also in August, a picture of Pattinson on a park bench with his son, Astie, was shared by the latter on his Instagram account.

It isn’t known if and when Pattinson will return with new music, but with his busy acting and recording schedule, who knows? Maybe his next project will be a full-length album.