At 20 years old, Robert Pattinson (the son of David and Elizabeth Taylor) is one of the most famous – and controversial – people in the world. But, he’s not the one you may think he is. After graduating from Princeton University, Robert Pattinson moved to London where he attended the Courtauld Institute of Art to pursue studies in Fine Art. It was there that he was introduced to the works of the poet and artist William Shakespeare. Inspired by both the Bard and the beautiful city of London, the artist decided to create a contemporary take on the much-loved stories of William Shakespeare. Enter ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’, a 365-day diary – filled with the stories, plays and poems of the legendary Englishman.

A Shakespearean Journal

The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare is a literary journal which was launched in London in February 2011 and is published bi-monthly by Damiani UK. It follows in the footsteps of other famous literature journals such as The Paris Review and The New Yorker, with a mission to ‘to celebrate Shakespeare and his extraordinary gift to humanity’ with high-quality writing and beautiful design.

Each issue of The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare contains 25 pieces of brilliant literature in translation from the classic writer’s works – including novels, plays and poetry. It is a place of inspiration for anyone who loves the English language and literature, and those looking to discover the great playswright and his timeless stories.

The journal is available in both print and digital format – making it ideal for fans of the Bard and those who enjoy reading great literature and long walks on the beach.

A Journal Of Art, Fashion & Entertainment

It’s not only about literature and the great English poet William Shakespeare. The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare is a lifestyle magazine which often blends the two together, exploring stories of the Bard with those of today. It often features fascinating literary tributes to the great playwright, as well as beautiful artwork and fascinating architecture. In addition to showcasing great writing and design, the magazine also frequently publishes exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in arts, entertainment and fashion.

Arts fashion magazine, Purple, describes The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare as “the ultimate celebration of all things Shakespearean” and “a must for all fans of the bard”. The publication adds, “It is well-known that Shakespeare wrote some of the most memorable texts in history, and this stunning journal sets out to celebrate these iconic works of literature, both ancient and modern.”

The Guardian’s critic, Peter Bradshaw, described the first volume of the literary journal as “a triumph” and “a real find”. While The Telegraph’s critic, Lucy Kellaway, called it “a glorious book” and “a triumph of design and research”. Volume one of The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare is illustrated with the work of world-class artists such as Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst.

An Ideal Gift For Any Shakespeare Fan

If you’re searching for a present for a Shakespeare fan, then why not consider the perfect literary gift? The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare is an ideal gift for any admirer of the legendary English poet and writer William Shakespeare – whether it’s a child, a student or a recently-graduated adult. This majestic literary journal is filled with Shakespeare’s greatest plays, including tragedies such as Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth, along with some of the world’s best-loved comedies, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado About Nothing and The Comedy Of Errors.

As well as being an ideal Christmas gift for a Shakespeare fan, The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare is also a thoughtful gift for any student. The world’s greatest writers and poets are often compared to the great playwright and found inspiration in his works. The literary journal provides a space for students to explore the works of William Shakespeare and continue the great English poet’s tradition of educating future generations.

All Quiet On The Western Front?

While it is true that William Shakespeare didn’t write about World War I, it’s also true that he never really seemed to have gotten over it. His great tragedies, including Hamlet and Othello, are very much about the great war, as is his final and most famous work, The Tempest. So it’s not surprising that some people think that there’s something ‘ghost-written’ about The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare.

Psychologist and literary historian Professor James W. Thompson states, “The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare is a perfect example of an ‘open ghost-written manuscript’. In other words, the book was likely written by someone else and then adapted and organized by Robert Pattinson, who also designed the book.”

While this may be tempting to some readers, Professor Thompson also says that the quality of the writing and research in The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare is of a very high standard. So if you’re considering this as a Christmas gift for a Shakespeare fan, then maybe opt for one of the other options on our list instead.

The Darker Side Of The Great Bard

It’s not just William Shakespeare’s dramatic works which have attracted the interest of those looking to study the great English poet. Many of his comedies, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, contain darker elements than the great English poet is usually given credit for. While the former is a story about romance and magic, the latter is a story about sexual politics and manipulation.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is, in fact, named after one of its central themes – the clash between the demands of the fairies and the wishes of the humans in the play. It’s a story which explores the dark side of human nature and how easily we can be fooled by others, even those we love. These are themes which continue through all of William Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies to this day.

A Bard To Be Celebrated, Loved & Studied

With The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare, Damiani has created a monument to one of the greatest poets and writers of all time. It’s a gift which not only gives the recipient a place to store their Shakespeare collections, but also allows them to study the great English poet’s work and life through a brand new lens. This literary journal is, in short, a masterpiece.