Robert Pattinson’s foot and ankle injuries are the result of a freak accident where he stepped on a branch while on a photo-shoot in Japan. According to reports, the “Breathless” star landed on his feet but his ankle twisted and became displaced. The 24-year-old actor later had to have surgery to reattach it and is now said to be in a lot of pain.

Although he’s been on the receiving end of a few injuries in his career, Pattinson has always managed to pull through. So it’s shocking to learn that this time his injuries might be more serious than originally thought. Is he really in danger? Let’s find out.

The Accident

On June 25, 2017, while out on a photo-shoot in Tokyo, Japan, Pattinson stepped on a branch and fell. He reportedly landed on his feet but then felt a sharp pain in his ankle that wouldn’t go away. The British beauty vlogger behind the blog Beautiful Reruns filmed the fall from above and alerted the world to what happened.

Pattinson reportedly tried to ice the ankle before hopping on a plane back to London but the discomfort continued to fester. In an interview with the U.K.’s The Sun, he opened up about the accident, revealing that he “stepped on a piece of wood that was sticking out of the ground and it twisted my ankle.” The “Twilight” starlet also added that he thought the branch may have been there since the dawn of time. “I don’t think it was particularly dangerous,” he continued. “I just happened to fall on it and I can’t put the damage as being dangerous or not.”

Pattinson’s ankle was ultimately reattached by Dr. Michael Jamison, a foot and ankle specialist in Los Angeles. The actor had to have surgery to remove a “bony growth” and is now reportedly using a boot to support the joint as he heals. According to TMZ, the 24-year-old actor is “devastated” over the accident and is considering therapy and taking time off work as a result. Although he’s in a lot of pain, he’s vowed to “get back on my feet as soon as possible.”

The Injury Risks

While most people fear getting hurt in an accident, it’s far more dangerous to be in an unhealthy body habit that could lead to injuries. Sadly, overconsumption is one of the major causes of harm and debilitation for humans. It’s no secret that many celebrities are plagued by addiction and unhealthy habits, including substance abuse and eating disorders. Despite their rich and famous status, it’s still very common for them to fall victim to bad habits that could lead to serious injury or death.

While it’s sad to learn of Pattinson’s accident, it’s not too surprising that it happened. Just like a lot of other celebrities, he’s been known to be a little reckless when it comes to his health. During an Instagram live video in May 2017, the “Water for Elephants” star showed off his well-toned figure and admitted to being “bulletproof.”

“I drink a lot of water and I always have, ever since I was a kid,” he said. “It helps me to stay in good shape. I’ve always been very lucky in that way. I haven’t had many injuries because I keep my body in good condition.”

While it’s great that he’s maintained his fitness, it doesn’t help that he’s also been known to put himself in dangerous situations. Just last month, the 24-year-old actor had to be rescued by British authorities after he climbed a 6-foot-high wall to take a picture with a fan. A security guard had to climb over the wall to save him. Luckily, police officers were patrolling in the neighborhood and heard his cries for help. They were able to apprehend the actor and assist him down from the wall. Thankfully, he was only injured in the fall and wasn’t harmed during the rescue.

The Psychological Impact

Aside from the physical harm that comes with an injury, there’s also the more serious psychological impact that can result. Some people suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after a traumatic event and could behave in strange ways, including the injured party in this case. According to Dr. Lisa Alberts, a forensic psychiatrist and Director of the Traumatic Stress Clinic at the University of Virginia Medical School, those who’ve experienced a traumatic event such as an accident or assault can develop PTSD. She said that while most people experience PTSD after a highly eventful and traumatic experience, some people have developed the condition after a relatively mild accident.

“PTSD is often caused by a relatively minor accident or trauma that wouldn’t normally cause psychological damage,” she told the New York Times. “It doesn’t have to be a violent experience to cause PTSD, it just has to be traumatic.”

Alberts continued, “In some cases, it can be the stepping on of a crustacean, or the feeling of being trapped that causes the PTSD. There are many different types of anxiety and depression that can be caused by PTSD. Among those affected, there’s often a co-morbidity with addiction.”

It’s clear that not only has this accident affected Robert Pattinson professionally, but it may also have serious, life-changing ramifications. Is he really in danger? We may never know exactly what happened that day in Tokyo but we know for sure that it hasn’t been easy for the “Twilight” actor. Hopefully, he’s learned from this experience and will be more careful about the risks he takes in his personal life.