One couple’s wedding day is always another bridesmaid’s big day, and this year’s big day was no different. Aspiring fashion photographer Emily Stark was best man to model husband Robert Pattinson’s (her boss) big day.

Emily shared with Hello! magazine the unique story of her friend Elle’s special day and the luxurious floral arrangements that she designed to represent her colleague’s boss.

The Dress

Emily says that one of the most memorable aspects of Elle’s wedding was the dress. “I was very fortunate to be able to choose the dress that I felt represented her,” Emily told Hello! “It was simple, yet classy, and it got some flattering pictures taken.”

And what a dress it was. Emily tells us that the combination of ivory and gold makes it “pop!” against the colorful backdrop of the wedding ceremony and reception.

The Wedding Ring

Another memorable moment from Elle’s big day was when she sawed off the end of a piece of ivory to create a custom-made engagement ring. “It was a gorgeous moment. I loved that she went the extra mile with the design and made it truly personalized,” Emily says.

Once she had her ring, Elle looked at her husband-to-be and said, “Now we can finally start our lives together.” The newlywed couple spent their wedding night at a five-star resort in Jamaica surrounded by their closest friends and family.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are usually small gifts for the bride and groom to remember their guests by. On Elle and Robert’s special day, the lucky attendees got to indulge in a little luxury and indulgence by being gifted with branded skin care products.

The couple’s friends and family lined up to give them their gifts, but Emily was quick to stop them. “I told them that since it was Elle’s big day, she would love to try out the products first,” she recalls.

And try out she did. According to Emily, Elle “raved” about the moisturizer and sunscreen that she used during the ceremony. She also loved the perfume that Emily had chosen for her. Elle wore the perfume until the end of the reception when she decided to don a new scent for the honeymoon. As for her friends and family, well, they’re still using the products, and many, many years later!

Emily’s boss, Robert, had chosen a beautiful bouquet of white flowers for the bride’s entrance. She decorated the entranceway with the blooms, and it was enough to make anyone stop in their tracks. Even the most cynical of guests were impressed by the simple yet elegant floral display.

The Cake

The groom’s cake was another feature that made a lasting impression on guests. The cake was simple yet perfectly crafted, and it didn’t stay plain vanilla either. According to Emily, Robert had requested that she decorate the cake with a monogrammed “R” to represent their initials and a heart-shaped hole for the guests to write a love letter to the newlyweds.

There are many reasons why this cake was unique, but the most important one is that it was made entirely from scratch. Emily tells us that she loves to bake, and the pleasure of creating something unique and edible made it all the more satisfying.

The cake was a massive hit, and many guests told Emily that it was one of the highlights of the wedding. The simple but elegant design drew praise from everyone, and the heart-shaped hole was a touching detail that brought a whole other level of intimacy to the Wedding Cake.

Robert and Elle were married for 13 years before tying the knot in a private ceremony in Los Angeles in October 2016.

Guest List

Another memorable moment from Elle’s wedding came when Robert’s A-list friends and family were announced. “I had never really counted the likes of George Clooneys and Richard Bransons amongst our friends, let alone considered them family, but they totally were,” Emily recalls. “It was such an honor to have them at our wedding.”

And they weren’t the only famous faces on the guest list either. According to Emily, the guest list included Hollywood icons, musicians, and fashion designers. Robert and Elle’s friends and family were proud to be able to celebrate this milestone with them.

Bridesmaids’ Fashion

On the topic of the bride’s fancy attire, we couldn’t leave out a mention of Emily’s bridesmaids. The photographer had chosen a classic, yet chic look for her attendants, and the result was a dream team!

Emily selected a long, elegant dress for her maids, followed by a short, sweet and simple option for her best friend. The designer dresses were by Marchesi and the shoes were by Miu Miu. All of the bridesmaids looked glamorous and effortlessly stylish.

Reception Venue

As mentioned above, Emily’s wedding day was held at the Beverly Hilton. It was a gorgeous wedding venue, and Emily and her husband danced the night away. They even had jazz band Swing by Westheimer just to delight their guests.

This year’s wedding season was full of memorable events, and here’s a small selection of some of the stories that stood out to us. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this quick tour around some of the weddings that made headlines this year.