Sometimes, a haircut is just a haircut. But, for actors, musicians, and other famous people, a hairstyle can be a crucial element to their look. In the case of actor Robert Pattinson, it’s more than just a haircut – it’s an entire updated look. Here, we’ll explore the secrets to his style.

The Evolution Of A Classic Look

It was back in 2006 when Robert Pattinson underwent a major haircut. Back then, he sported a slightly below the ear and slightly above the shoulder length hairstyle that he still wears today. While his hair was always a major point of interest for fans and style enthusiasts, it was in his 2015 haircut that Twitter went crazy. Fans tweeted about the new look, calling it a “game changer.” It was a common theme, wondering if this was the new “it” haircut for guys. The haircut had a similar effect on style-conscious women. Even now, after a few years, Instagrammers and other social media users are still enamored with the new look.

The Role Of Good Genes

While some may still wonder if this was a style-conscious choice or if he grew out his hair to accommodate the cut, the reality is that Robert Pattinson has always had good genes – both his mother and father sported gorgeous hair, and he was blessed with good looks. According to the actor, he’s always had the “perfect” genes to work with, and he’s always taken advantage of it. The truth is that he may have had help, but he’s never let anyone stand in the way of his fashion choices.

Why Short Hair?

If there’s one thing that’s clear about Robert Pattinson, it’s that he’s never been the most traditional of Hollywood stars. When it comes to his hair, he’s always gone against the grain, whether it was by shaving his head in the 2010 movie The Necessary Death Of Bunny Colosteau, or by chopping it off completely for the role of Dorian Gray in the 2015 movie, The House Of Gucci. He’s also been known to sport a soul patch, which some would argue is now part of the British culture.

With each new role, he tries on new styles, often inspired by his character. For example, in the novel The Devil Is My Coach, by A. R. White, the main character John Rivers is described as having “long black hair that flowed like a waterfall down his back.” Inspired by the description, Pattinson decided to portray Rivers with long hair, which he actually wore in the movie (he had to cut it short for the editing process, though). The result was that Pattinson’s hair, which was already in great conditions before filming began, looked even better. This is the power of genetics – good looks are always going to come naturally to you.

Dressing To Impress

It’s one thing to sport a haircut that’s trending – it’s another thing to wear it because you feel that’s the style of the moment. When it comes to fashion choices, Robert Pattinson always tries to go for something different. Even back in the ’60s, when he first arrived in Hollywood, he was known for his unique sense of style. He even wore a floral print swimsuit, not out of Paris but because he thought it would make him look more like James Bond.

He’s continued on this path ever since, rarely following the trends but always going for something unique and classic – much like his haircut. In fact, the way that he dresses is often compared to that of James Bond. When he wears a tuxedo, for example, it’s because he wants to look formal and smart, but it’s not because he thinks that’s the style of the moment. It’s because he wants to channel James Bond.

As you can see, there are several reasons why Robert Pattinson’s hair is so iconic. First, he’s always gone for something different, which has resulted in a look that has evolved with the times but has never really gone out of style. Second, he’s always wanted to look his best, which is why he’s taken the time to learn about haircuts and fashion, and why he always makes sure that his hairdo and other aspects of his wardrobe are always of the best quality. Finally, being a traditionalist himself, he’s always preferred to keep things simple and classic – not because he doesn’t like trends, but because he feels that they can sometimes go overboard, and he doesn’t want to be associated with anything too crazy or extravagant.

Even now, Robert Pattinson continues to evolve his look, changing up his hairstyle, experimenting with colors and cuts, and adding or shaving off more facial hair, as needed. While there are some similarities between his current look and his 2006 haircut, as you’ll soon see, there are key differences too. It’s not just about the haircut; it’s about the entire look that he’s going for today, and it’s a look that he’s not ashamed to show off. So, we’d say it’s fair to call this a style that’s truly evolved with the times. And, as we’ve established, it’s never really gone out of style.