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The Big News

That elephant in the room – you know, the one everyone is afraid to talk about – the fact that Robert Pattinson is gay…and has been in a committed relationship with a man named Adam for the past five years.

The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind for everyone. Especially for those of us who have longed for a glimpse of the elusive “Bobby”.

On one hand, we had the sudden release of “Become”, the highly anticipated film that was preceded by a massive marketing campaign and gave us multiple looks at the singer/songwriter and activist in disguise. On the other, we had the sad news that Adam’s three-year-old daughter, Willow, had been diagnosed with leukemia.

The timing couldn’t have been any worse, but it turned out to be the best thing that ever could have happened. Because of the overwhelming support that Adam and Bobby’s family received, doctors were able to track down a form of leukemia that is extremely rare in children.

With treatments that seemed to work miraculously, Adam’s daughter was able to overcome the disease and is now a healthy, happy child. But all that pain and suffering was, in a way, a blessing. It made them stronger. It made them more compassionate individuals. And it made them realize that they needed to come out of the shadows and share their story with the world.

The result is this beautiful testimonial to love and acceptance. And to those of us who have been waiting for Bobby to come out of the shadows, it was exactly what we wanted to see.

The Biker Jimmie

Speaking of shadows, let’s not forget about the biker portrayed in the trailer to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, you may have missed that something strange is going on in Gotham. For starters, everyone seems to be sporting some sort of martial arts prowess. And the bikers themselves are intimidating, strong men – quite a contrast to the stereotypical image that we usually get in media.

The one that got away…

Rumors spread like wildfire about an outlaw biker gang called the “Jokers”, who kidnapped and tortured Robert Pattinson for several days. They even made him ride a biker during his captivity. Poor guy. It’s safe to say that he had the worst weekend of his entire life. But, as horrible as it was, it was also a wake-up call for the actor. A wake-up call to stop being afraid to show the world his true colors. So he did. And we’re glad he did.

What would your reaction be if I told you that, a few months later, Robert Pattinson went on a tirade against the haters and gave a passionate speech in defense of his newfound identity? Well, it would probably be “Who the hell is Robert Pattinson?” But, before we answer that question, let’s take a step back.

The Long and Winding Road

If you’ve been following the news at all over the past few months, you’ll know that Robert Pattinson has had a long and winding road to the point where he can stand in front of an audience of thousands and give a passionate speech about who he is and what he believes in.

He’s been through a lot in his life. Hell, he’s even been through more than a lot. It’s safe to say that he’s learned a lot from all of this, and he’s definitely grown as a person. A lot. And I think that we can all be proud of him for that.

What’s more, he has finally found a home with the Justice League, proving that he belongs there as much as anyone else. And what does that mean for the future of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Well, it means that the ultimate showdown between Batman and Superman may not end in tragedy as we know it. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll end in a draw. Or, maybe, the bad guys will win. Who knows? But one thing’s for sure: it’ll be an exciting ride.

The Ultimate Test

What does all of this have to do with becoming a lawyer? Well, let’s take a step back and revisit some of the basics. What is a lawyer’s job? To defend the weak and disenfranchised. To put the “screws” in the hands of the few so that they can’t hurt the many. To protect individual rights and freedoms. To ensure that the wealthy and powerful aren’t above the law. To ensure that everyone, regardless of status or wealth, is treated fairly by the judicial system.

All of this comes from a place of idealism. From a place of wanting to help. And that’s part of what makes Bobby so special. He has found his calling in life. He sees himself as a champion of the oppressed. And he wants to make sure that everyone, including himself, is treated with the same level of compassion and respect.

So, when he came out, it wasn’t only about himself. It was about everyone else. Just as much as it was about Adam and Willow. About showing the world that he is, in fact, a nice person. That he doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. That he doesn’t want to be treated this way. He wants to make sure that everyone, especially himself, is treated with love and understanding. And if that’s not what you want for yourself, for your friends, for your family, then all the more reason to support him.

Ultimately, we want to send our love and well-deserved congratulations to Adam and Willow. To Bobby and his family for coming out and sharing their story. And, most importantly, to Robert Pattinson for becoming the person he was born to be. For taking the time to find his true self. For finding the strength to come out and tell the world who he is. And for shining a light on a problem that many, if not most, people are afraid to speak about.

So, to those of you who have found solace in the fact that Bobby has finally come out of the shadows and to those of you who have been waiting for him to do so for years, we want to thank you for being there for him during this time. For believing in him. For being proud of him. For loving him. But, most importantly, for showing that it’s okay to be who you want to be. It’s okay to be happy. Most importantly, it’s okay to be you.