Wondering which famous actor is Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend? You might be surprised to learn it’s neither of the Hollywood A-listers you would expect. It’s a woman named Suki Waterhouse who you’ve probably never heard of. Waterhouse is a famous English model and actress who’s graced the covers of British and American Vogue, and has walked the runways of London and New York City for some of the biggest fashion houses.

The couple has been dating for several years but kept their relationship hidden from the public. At the end of last year, they celebrated with a lavish wedding that drew media attention from around the world. Since then, they’ve been spotted almost constantly in Paris, where Waterhouse currently divides her time between Paris and London. In December 2018, she gave birth to their first child, a baby boy named Otis. This past summer, they were vacationing with family in Italy when they were photographed holding hands at an outdoor cafe. It appears they’re determined to keep their private life as quiet as possible, which is becoming more difficult as their newborn son has created a media frenzy. There are already rumors that they’re preparing to wed again, this time making it legally binding. But whatever their future holds, it’s clear that Robert Pattinson is happy and settled with his girlfriend. He hasn’t hidden his affection for Suki and has even gone so far as to propose in a beautiful storybook wedding ceremony that drew many celebrity friends and family members. The wedding took place at London’s Kew Gardens in front of a 150-person guest list including Emma Roberts, Joe Jonas and Priyanka Chatterjee among others. For the occasion, Robert wore a bespoke suit by Hardy Amies and a shirt crafted from scratch by Cartier. During the reception, he gave an emotional speech in which he revealed the love and commitment he felt for Suki.

Their latest project, a drama called Dandelion, will premiere in theaters across the country on April 9th. Check out the official trailer for the film below.

The Making of Dandelion

The couple began working on Dandelion while on vacation in Tulum, Mexico, in February 2019. This past summer, they filmed the majority of it there. Production on the film wrapped in late August and the film is now set for an April 9th theatrical and VOD release.

Although the cinematography is beautiful, the production is not without its challenges. Filming in a place where temperatures regularly reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit proved to be a struggle for the cast and crew, and it was only at the last minute that they were able to secure enough air-conditioning to complete filming. As a result, some of the scenes had to be shot under very, very hot conditions and in some cases, the actors had to keep their makeup on for almost the entire day to prevent their skin from blistering.

Since the majority of the filming took place in such extreme conditions, the production had to go through a rigorous post-production process to make sure everything translated correctly on screen. In some cases, they had to replace some of the greens with blues and violets because of the dramatic changes in lighting and the fact that some of the plants looked very similar to those in Scotland. In others, they had to completely redo the scene because of the changes in the weather and sea conditions that affected the footage. These sorts of challenges are what made the production so interesting to watch, and it’s clear that Robert and Suki took immense pride in the end result. It’s also evident that they are determined to continue working together even after the movie comes out.

Suki’s Career

If you’re curious about Suki Waterhouse’s acting career, she has starred in British and American films such as The Mummy Returns, Alpha and Omega, and the upcoming Anna Karenina. Most recently, she starred in the TV series The Handmaid’s Tale, for which she received an Emmy nomination. In addition to acting, she is a magazine cover girl and has modeled for many high-profile fashion houses including Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Ralph Lauren. She’s also graced the covers of British and American Vogue.

Like many successful models and actresses, Suki began her career very, very young. At just 16 years old, she was discovered by a scout from NEXT and signed with the agency. She soon began walking the runways of London for some of the biggest designers including Burberry and Stella McCartney.

Since then, she has appeared in numerous high profile movies and TV shows, with her current projects including a role in the soon-to-be-released Tomb Raider which will serve as the sequel to 1996’s cult classic movie. In addition to appearing in Tomb Raider, Suki is also set to star in the upcoming film adaptation of Lady Bird, the 2018 Academy Award-winning dramedy about a woman trying to lead a normal life while facing the changes that come with age. This past summer, she appeared in the Netflix series Dirt, which chronicles the production of an album by Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeff Lang.

Robert’s Career

If you’re not familiar, Robert Pattinson is a British actor, singer and songwriter best known for his role as the poet John Keats in the 2014 film adaptation of the cult classic John Wick. This year he will appear in High-Rise, a horror movie about a group of teens who discover a strange virus that turns adults into horrific monsters, and the comedy Game Night, which he also wrote and starred in. Most recently, he appeared in the Mummy trilogy, which includes the upcoming Bride of the Mummy due out in September and the two already-released movies in the series, Tombs of the Spider Queen and The Mummy. Most of Robert’s projects feature a mix of comedy and horror, and much like with Suki’s, his own personal interests and quirks seem to inform his roles. In 2019, he will appear in the upcoming Mötley Crüe movie The Dirt, which is expected to be released in October.

Prior to working with Suki and continuing the adventures of John Wick, Robert appeared in numerous films including the horror movie Black Swan and comedy films The Rum Diary and The Dive Collective. Most recently, he appeared in the 2018 film The Batman, which is due out in theaters in late 2021.

As for the future of the relationship, one thing is for sure. Just like Keats and his bride in the film adaptation of John Wick, Robert and Suki aren’t playing with toys.