Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson broke up less than three weeks after celebrating their engagement. The couple, who tied the knot in a private ceremony in Venice on December 2, have decided to go their separate ways. The split is rumored to be amicable, but there have been no official statements from either side.

While the news was first reported by E! News, Robert Pattinson’s management team released a brief statement refuting the story. “There is no truth to the rumor or story that Robert and Katy have broken up,” the statement read. “They are both enjoying their time together and considering it a romantic vacation. They have been spotted out and about spending time together as a couple recently, and there is no indication that their vacation romance will end anytime soon.”

But that was then and this is now. The couple’s decision to call it quits comes as a complete surprise to fans who have closely followed their romance since 2014. The news was first reported by E! News, and came amid a time of intense speculation that the couple had called it quits after almost two years of dating. According to E! News, the breakup is completely amicable, and Perry is excited about her new relationship. “They definitely want to remain friends,” an insider explained. “They both respect and appreciate each other’s individuality. It’s just a matter of time before they’re back on the beach with their families.”

While an insider confirmed that the two were still together and enjoyed spending time together as a couple, it seems they may no longer call California their home. After 22 years in the state, Katy has purchased a home in Nashville, Tennessee, with her new boyfriend, Morgan Evans. The couple has also been spotted jetting off to London together for the holiday. (Evidently, they decided to wait until after the New Year to enjoy their romantic getaway.)

Why Now?

As noted above, the breakup comes as a complete surprise. Not only did the two seem to have found the perfect match in each other, but their time together was apparently quite romantic. The news was first reported by E! News, and comes amid a time of intense speculation that the couple had called it quits after almost two years of dating. While the exact cause of the split remains unclear, it seems that events that took place leading up to the break might have had something to do with it. On December 20, just three days before the wedding, Katy tweeted that she was experiencing ‘bizarre dreams’, adding the hashtag #bizarredreams.’ She also posted a photo to Twitter on December 23 which seems to suggest she is feeling a little blue. And on December 24, she shared a few more cryptic messages, tweeting: “The question is, are my #bizarredreams real or are they just a figment of my imagination? Either way, interesting to experience something so surreal. Thanks for listening. Xo.”

But while the dream-themed tweets may have had something to do with the split, they were seemingly just a prelude to the event. After months of speculation, on December 26, E! News broke the news that Robert and Katy had secretly tied the knot at City Hall in Venice on December 2. According to E! News, the pair had chosen to keep the ceremony a secret as they didn’t want to ruin the surprise for their loved ones. The two had also been dating for two years before going public as a couple in October 2014.

Was It Just A Phase?

Whether or not the public was completely fooled by Robert and Katy’s perfect public display remains to be seen. The two certainly didn’t hurt their chances of winning over fans with their seemingly genuine relationship. After all, who wouldn’t want to be romanced by a person they deem to be timeless and cool? But aside from all that, it seems that, deep down, the star-crossed lovers may not have been entirely pleased with their decision to tie the knot. According to TMZ, Robert and Katy had to delay the marriage for almost a year after her PR team advised her to do some ‘damage control’ following the couple’s engagement. The advice they gave her was apparently sound, as the announcement landed the young couple in the middle of a media frenzy. (Apparently, they didn’t want to risk another ‘Bafta’s Choice’ situation.)

Despite all that, it seems that Robert and Katy may have decided to go through with the marriage after all. According to E! News, the celebrity couple had to postpone the ceremony multiple times so they could work out the kinks in their plans. But now that they are finally married, the future looks pretty promising for the newlyweds. Not only did they manage to keep the wedding a secret, but they also made it a very private affair. (For what it’s worth, the wedding was attended by just a select group of family and friends. The pair didn’t want to disappoint or upset anyone by spilling the beans about their big day.)

So while it seems that Katy did end up being ‘Bafta’s choice’ after all, at least it wasn’t for nothing. The actress had found love and true companionship with her husband-to-be, and appears to be truly happy together. The two are currently spending their time apart working on their marriage and enjoying life as a newlywed couple. And perhaps most importantly, they are continuing to be private about the fact that they wed. It’s not every day that you get to spend your wedding night hiding in a cupboard, but at least they made it a memorable one for their guests. (The newlyweds had a solo honeymoon to Scotland before inviting their parents along for a much-needed vacation.)

Is This A Pro-Katy Split?

With all that in mind, it’s probably not a huge surprise that many are speculating that this is a pro-Katy split. After all, her career was undoubtedly thriving before she met Robert. But while it’s true that she did appear to be finding her feet as an actor before she met the English actor, it’s also fair to say that she never fully shook the ‘sweetheart’ image. Many still see Katy as the archetypal ‘girl next door’, and it seems that even now that she’s married, she still enjoys playing that part. (For what it’s worth, if ‘Bafta’s choice’ was indeed a mark of success, then Katy certainly achieved it. The actress has gone on to appear in a string of big-budgeted movies, earning both critical and commercial success.)

Since their separation, Robert and Katy have remained apart, with very little in the way of public appearances. While he has been spotted out and about with other women, especially as he began to adjust to married life, it seems that he has been trying to keep his personal life as private as possible. Of course, with so much attention drawn to them as a couple, it’s not hard for them to remain in the spotlight. But for whatever reason, the duo seems to have decided to walk the less-trodden path. At least for now.