Most people who have enjoyed the success of the “Twilight” movies are now wondering if Robert Pattinson has changed. After all, the former child actor-turned-musician played a central role in the blockbuster hit series, which chronicled the romance between teen vampire Bella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen. Since then, the 26-year-old has mostly kept a low profile; the exception being a few red-carpet appearances where he’s flashed his charismatic smile and displayed his trademark dimple.

But is this just a flase persona crafted by an expert publicist? And if so, why? Because according to a new report from Radar Online, Pattinson may have been hiding a dark secret. According to the gossip site, the actor was allegedly involved in a bar fight back in March 2019. And although he claimed to have been injured in the brawl, Radar Online reports that it was actually his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart who was attacked.

Radar Online also claims that after the fight, Pattinson was “completely drained” and had to cancel a handful of promotional events for his band Future Islands. Furthermore, the publication alleges that Stewart was too traumatized to return to the public eye for two months afterward.

The report continues, claiming that Pattinson and Stewart are currently in “an open custody battle” over their six-year-old daughter Greta. In court documents obtained by Radar Online, Stewart’s lawyers claim that the actor is “unable to care for his child or provide her with a stable home environment due to his busy schedule”. They also claim that the children “are at risk of being left without adequate care” if they remain in the custody of their mother. Finally, Stewart’s lawyers request that the court award her sole legal and physical custody of the children. In response, Pattinson’s legal team insists that both parents should have shared legal custody of their daughter. In court documents, they also claim that “there has not been any domestic violence in [Stewart’s] household” and that “any allegations made against her are solely for the purposes of attempting to gain leverage in the upcoming custody trial”.

Why Is This Secret Being Leaked Now?

While it’s unusual for a celebrity who has had several blockbuster movies and a multi-million-selling album to go “under the radar”, it is not out of the ordinary for a celebrity to keep their personal life private. In fact, most celebrities are very protective of their personal life and take pride in keeping their “dossier” of secrets close to the vest. But as more celebrities follow the “open book” policy that popularized itself when Mark Zuckerberg decided to release all his private messages, scandals that were once considered “private” are being forced into the open.

In the case of Robert Pattinson, the reported fight with Stewart and the subsequent hiding of his daughter’s Instagram account might explain why he would want to keep this particular detail of his life private. After all, the “twilight” star has yet to share details about his personal life, and he has a history of keeping his private life out of the public eye. Just last year, he reportedly refused to answer any questions about his former fiancee Suki Waterhouse, and he has also kept details about his controversial mother, Olivia, under wraps. That said, we can’t help but wonder what would happen if Radar Online revealed the details of this particular spat.

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What Do We Know About The Fight?

According to the Radar Online report, some details about the incident that supposedly led to the fight between Pattinson and Stewart are emerging. The brawl reportedly took place at a Los Angeles bar. It began when people in the crowd began heckling Stewart and taking shots at her, even though she was not involved in the feud. In response, Stewart allegedly threw a drink at one of her attackers, prompting the fight. She reportedly suffered minor injuries during the fight, but she did not go to the hospital, as she was “too distracted” by her attorneys’ request that she not talk about the incident publicly.

Stewart and Pattinson have had a tumultuous on-off relationship, and they’ve been in court several times before due to their custody battle over Greta. In 2018, while promoting her movie “Green Book”, Stewart was asked about the potential for a “Twilight” reunion; she reportedly laughed the question off, calling it “ridiculous”. The following year, Stewart was again questioned about a possible “Twilight” reunion during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon. This time she was more open to the idea, adding that she was “very touched” by the fans’ enthusiasm. Most recently, the “twilight” stars were spotted together at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. Although they did not interact with each other during the red-carpet moment, fans still managed to capture some adorable Instagram-worthy snaps.

Who Is Suki Waterhouse, And Why Is She Worth $16 Million?

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What Does This Mean For The “Twilight” Stars?

When it comes to the “Twilight” franchise, we know that it’s always been about Bella and Edward. But with all the other characters living such lavish lifestyles courtesy of their moneymaker, it would be fair to say that the real-estate market has taken over. In 2019 alone, Forbes reported that there were 2,600 new listings of luxury homes for sale. The publication notes that property is becoming a much more appealing investment, thanks in part to the growing number of people who can’t resist the allure of high-net-worth individuals’ inner circles.

Based on all the speculation surrounding the “twilight” stars, it would be safe to assume that they’ve seen the error of their ways and are now choosing to play it safe. Maybe, as is the case with many other high-profile celebrities, the fight with Kristen Stewart was just that: a fight. In that fight, they might have yelled a few words and threatened to ruin each other’s public profiles. However, as good neighbors, they eventually made up and decided that the best thing for everyone involved was to simply ignore each other. If that’s the case, then it’s all good. No harm, no foul.

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