There was a time when Robert Pattinson was completely unknown to the world. Back in the 70s, he starred in a TV show, and then in a couple of films. But aside from that, he was mainly famous for being the heartthrob of female fans worldwide. Nowadays, thanks to the success of his band, The Twilight Saga, and his adorable children, Bingo and Twilight, Robert Pattinson is more famous than ever before. It was actually not easy to find out the real name of the actor. Many fans still think that he goes by his full first name, Rob, but in reality his last name is actually Pattinson.

The reason behind this is that he adopted the stage name, Robert Pattinson, to avoid having his real last name publicized. This was probably because back in the 90s, he was a recovering alcoholic who used to binge drink. To avoid being found unconscious in a bathtub, drinking himself into oblivion, he decided to change his identity to something a little more glamorous. As a result, he chose the stage name, Robert Pattinson, which is how he is best known today.

Interestingly enough, aside from avoiding publicity, he also avoided being labeled as a celebrity, even though he was a heartthrob and had a lot of female fans. Perhaps he did not want to be compared to other famous men in show business, which is why he went by an assumed name. Who knows? In any case, it seems that changing your name is easier said than done. Even today, when you Google his real name, Robert Pattinson, his acting career comes up first, followed by the other information. In other words, not much has changed in terms of how people perceive him. Even if he wanted to change his identity completely, it might not be so easy. At least not yet.

The Real Origins Of Robert Pattinson

The fact that Robert Pattinson chose to change his name to something more glamorous, instead of using his real name, is actually somewhat ironic. After all, if you ask anyone who knew him back in the day, they will tell you that his real name is Teig. Nowadays, it is probably best to just call him Rob. For one thing, he seems to have gotten over his stage name, having appeared in a number of high-profile films and TV shows under his real name. For another, he is now 39 years old and has been acting for quite some time. So, even if he wanted to completely erase all traces of his past, it might not be so easy.

To find out more about Robert Pattinson’s background, one only needs to look at his family. His mother is Janet Leigh, a famous actress known for her role in the Alfred Hitchcock film, Psycho. It is said that she and her son have a close relationship, which might explain why he went by an assumed name. In any case, there is also rumor that she helped give him his iconic smile. Nowadays, he is the brother of Chastity, his twin sister (and fellow actress), and the youngest of the three. His parents are both deceased, and his twin sister predeceased him by 15 years.

Even though he has had somewhat of a turbulent relationship with the press, especially in the wake of his breakup with Kristen Stewart, who accused him of “ruining [her] life,” it is important to remember that he comes from a famous and well-connected family. In other words, he is not just some dumb guy who happened to be a heartthrob. Just because he is not famous anymore does not mean that he did not have a promising career ahead of him. In fact, aside from the Twilight Saga, he has had a pretty prolific career. He has been acting ever since he was a kid, appearing in all kinds of films and TV shows. And he was, in fact, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in 2013’s The Lost Symbol. So, it would be a missed opportunity if someone were to try and write him off as just some dumb Hollywood hoot. That would certainly be a shame. So, while we wish him all the happiness in the world as a single father, let us not forget that he is still a prominent member of the industry.

Why Did Robert Pattinson Choose To Act?

Many famous and talented people decide to pursue acting as a hobby or side gig. It is a fairly recession-proof industry, providing plenty of work and earning potential that most people can only dream about. One of the reasons that Robert Pattinson chose to act was, no doubt, due to his famous family. The fact that he was born into a family of famous actors certainly helped. In addition, he was most likely influenced by some of his famous relatives, including his mother, who is a two-time Academy Award winner. In any case, he clearly had the talent and the opportunity to become a professional actor. It is fair to say that he took this chance and is now better known for his acting than he is for his real name. So, while it would be great to see him use his real name one day, we should not be too upset that he used an assumed name for most of his career, especially since it appears that he is finally happy and content with his life as a single father. It would be a shame to see a famous person who is talented at acting throw away such a promising career. Too many people in the entertainment industry have done this, and it is not fair to any of them. Even if they did not get the recognition that they deserved, they should still be able to live their lives and be happy that they tried. It is not like he did not have plenty to fall back on. He is a member of a prominent family, and even if they were not famous, they would still have plenty of money. He has, in fact, been described as a “modern-day prince.” Not too bad for a regular guy, huh?

An Important Career To Be Proud Of

Apart from being a talented actor, Robert Pattinson has also had a fairly important role in the fashion industry throughout his career. Even before the Twilight Saga, he had a role in a 2008 movie, Rabid, which was a lot of fun to watch. Not only is he an excellent actor, but he is also a talented fashion designer. In the film, he had to dress up in different outfits and try on different characters’ styles. It was a lot of fun to see him run around in different costumes. For example, in one scene, he had to completely change his outfit about ten times in a row, which is a lot of fun to do in real life when you are an actor. In any case, this was one of the reasons that the fashion industry recognized him and gave him his own line of clothing — Pattinson Sport — as well as a makeup line, which he designed alongside the fashion line. The clothing is not bad, and it is actually quite stylish. So, even if he did not choose to be an actor, he could have chosen an entirely different profession, and still managed to have an important and successful career. But, as you might imagine, being a Hollywood hunk is much more fun and has a lot more perks!

In any case, thanks to the Twilight Saga and the continued success of his own brand, it appears that Robert Pattinson is set for a long and prosperous career. So, as long as he keeps making movies and TV shows that we enjoy, we will not really care what his name is. And until then, we should not forget that he is, in fact, Teig. So, until next time, keep watching the movies and TV shows, and we will keep you updated with all the latest news and gossip!