While we await the long-awaited release of the latest Twilight installment, let us take a look back at some of the most memorable scenes from the saga.

The Werewolf Chase

Anyone who has seen the 2012 horror film The Wolfman will never forget the moment when the terrifying werewolf transformation scene comes to its dramatic peak. After surviving a near-fatal car accident that left him traumatized, British actor Robert Pattinson decided to channel all his energies into playing the role of a werewolf. The 26-year-old’s intense training sessions—including chin-ups, sit-ups, and squats with the help of a personal trainer—paid off as he delivered one of the most memorable sequences in the history of cinema.

The moment the trainer announces that the role of a lifetime has arrived and that the wolf is inside his client, the entire cinema audience rises as one and holds their breath, eager to see what the wild animal will do next. What makes this scene so special is that it manages to combine two seemingly unrelated elements into one unforgettable whole: the werewolf transformation and the act of a firefighter. In the film, Pattinson plays David, a werewolf on the run who hides out in a hotel and gets drafted into working as a firefighter after he saves a small town from a burning skyscraper.

The Battle For Bella’s Hand In Marriage

While we’ve been patiently awaiting the finale of this year’s Twilight series, we had the opportunity to relive some of its most spectacular (and most anticipated) battles in the form of a superbly produced YouTube series called Bella & Romeo. The series follows the romance between teenager Bella, played by Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson’s real-life wife, Kristen Stewart, and the handsome, yet reticent, Romeo, portrayed by actor James McAvoy. As Bella navigates the ups and downs of dating and finally decides to commit to Romeo, we see a masterclass in the art of love and relationships. Director Stephenie Meyer has created a visual feast, expertly executing the most beautiful and dramatic scenes from Bella’s point of view. Even those who have yet to see the movie can feel the magic as the camera slowly pans over the breathtaking scenery of San Francisco and the city’s distinctive skyline at night. When Romeo finally proposes and Bella accepts, the entire audience is on the edge of their seat, eager to see how this legendary love story will end.

The Grand Finale: Breaking Dawn

It’s safe to say that Twilight fans have been waiting a long time for the final installment in the saga. Finally, years of intense devotion will be rewarded as Summit Entertainment gives its audience a fitting finale that lives up to the hype. Director Bill Condon skillfully weaves together the various plots and sub-plots that form the Twilight saga into one grand finale. It is an incredible bonus when Condon opts to show us a wedding rather than a funeral in what is possibly the final shot of the entire series. This way, we are given hope that the couple will live happily ever after, even if it is just for a brief moment. With hundreds of millions of fans worldwide, it is safe to say that the twilight saga will be remembered for a long time. And so it should be.