Wondering what your next big film will be? Might want to consider Robert Pattinson. The English actor, director, and former frontman of the band The Rolling Stones previously turned down a role in the new James Bond film in order to focus on more substantial projects. He’s had a busy year, starring in critically acclaimed films, wrapping up a book tour, and now set to start filming a new project in April. So, it seems he’s found his niche in Hollywood and won’t be coming back to Britain any time soon.

What Is ‘Good Time’?

The title of the new Robert Pattinson film is ‘Good Time’. The movie will tell the story of two men hunting down drug dealers in New York City. One of the men, Richie DiAngelo (played by Pattinson), is a recovering drug addict who is trying to rebuild his life as a hit man for hire. His best friend Ray Murphy (played by Jason Statham) convinces him to take on the role of a lifetime – that of a contract killer. With the authorities looking for them, the men team up to take on the evil Deacons underworld network. The film will mark the English actor’s return to the big-city genre he is most famous for – New York City. It is said to be inspired by the Elmore Leonard story ‘Pronto’.

When Is It Set?

According to sources, ‘Good Time’ will be shot over the next six months in New York City. Producers are currently looking for locations across the five boroughs. Locations in Midtown and the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn have recently been closed to film crews. However, locations in Queens and the Bronx are now open for business. Location scouts have also been scouring California for similar options. Production will begin in mid-April.

Who Is Behind ‘Good Time’?

The project is being co-produced by Graham Beale and Basil Iwanyk through their newly launched production company, Great Water Bay. The duo were behind the popular British teen drama series ‘Oddie Goes Swimming’ and are best known for bringing the Krays to life on TV. They have a history of producing gritty crime narratives, so perhaps this is where we can expect to see Pattinson’s talents shine through once again.

According to sources, ‘Good Time’ was originally set to be made under the direction of William Wheeler. However, due to creative conflicts, he had to step aside and Stephen Chbosky took over. The dramedy will follow a similar format to that of ‘The Krays’, with Chbosky also serving as screenwriter for the project.

Cast Of ‘Good Time’

The project is shaping up to be a major comeback for Pattinson. In fact, it will mark his first starring role in a feature film since 2012’s ‘The King’s Speech’. Since then, he has appeared in a number of short films and guest roles on TV series. The most high-profile of these was his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the hit series ‘The Great Game’. Since then, he has mostly stayed away from Hollywood, content to promote his band and enjoy a good book. Hopefully, ‘Good Time’ will serve as the start of a prolific career in film. So, who else will be joining Pattinson on the big screen?

Who Is Going To Play The Main Role?

According to reports, the male lead role of Richie DiAngelo is being offered to Tom Hardy. The actor, who is best known for his roles in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Bridesmaids’, and the upcoming ‘Venom’, was considered for the role of Quentin Tarantulinu in the new ‘Django Unchained’ film. However, it seems that Hardy’s schedule might be keeping him away from the big screen at this time, so ‘Good Time’ could be the next big blockbuster that he headlines.

Is This The Start Of A New Hollywood Renaissance?

With ‘Good Time’ set to premiere in September, it seems that Hollywood might finally be waking up to the fact that not all Hollywood A-listers need to be famous for being famous. While many in the industry would love to see more high-profile acting gigs and award shows, the world doesn’t need to be kept up-to-date with every celebrity wrangle or tabloid scandal. Thanks to platforms like Netflix and Amazon, we are able to see the best sides of our favorite celebs – not the crazy parties or bad behaviors that the tabloids love to report on. It seems that Hollywood is starting to realize that they can do more than one thing, and that there are many roles other than the glamorous one.

With upcoming films such as ‘The Irishman’ and ‘Once Upon a Time In Hollywood’ set to premiere in the coming months, we might see a new wave of cinematic greatness washing over Hollywood. It’s about time. Sometimes it’s nice to step back and see the big picture.