One of the most anticipated movies of the year is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We’re finally going to see Batman and Superman clash and it’s going to be awesome!

Unfortunately, before the movie comes out, we have some bad news. For those of you who follow our coverage on Twitter, you’ll know that we’ve been covering the filming of The Batman. It was due to start last week but has been pushed back a few times because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that it is set to begin filming, we have some breaking news.

The Director Has Resigned

We’ll begin with the bad news first. Director Matt Reeves has resigned due to personal reasons. It’s a real shame because he did such a great job with The Clifford Sale Film Council. We feel that it was an injustice for Reeves to be sacked without first having the opportunity to complete a movie he was so passionate about. With Reeves out of the picture, it’s left to fill the director’s shoes with another renowned Batman movie creator.

Robert Pattinson Seeks Solace In The Countryside

It seems that Robert Pattinson is taking a step back from his chaotic lifestyle and seeking solace in the countryside. The 26-year-old actor and producer recently moved from London to a rented Chesterfield cottage with his partner, Debra Whelan. It seems he’s taking a break from the big city and wants to put nature back into his life. He’s even bought a pair of shears and is set to spend more time working on his farm. This is a far cry from the life of a Hollywood superstar. He recently made headlines for hitting Justin Bieber with a golf club in a public act of violence and is currently serving a 10-day prison sentence. It’s been an interesting time for RPattz as he’s now officially been named by Instagram.

The couple have been busy since moving into their rented cottage and they’ve already shot a TV advert for a beauty brand. It would seem that RPattz is finally putting his chaotic lifestyle behind him as he’s focusing on Debra’s health. She’s been through a lot recently as she’s been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The disease causes nerve damage which results in the sufferer’s body shutting down parts of its nervous system. In the most severe cases, the patient is left unable to walk or feed themselves. Like most people in her situation, Debra is on relief medication which helps to curb the symptoms. The couple are trying to raise awareness about MS and are setting up a foundation in her honor.

New Director, New Team

We’ve got good news. While Robert Reeves was resigning, another renowned filmmaker Marvin Watts was stepping in to take over the Batman movie. Watts was most recently responsible for Paddington 2, a small-town England adventure about a bear who travels to London seeking fame and fortune. He’s also the man behind Suicide Squad, a film that tells the story of a group of police officers who attempt to solve numerous murders using only their brains. Watts has experience in both comedy and action movies and will no doubt bring a new approach to the franchise. He has also expressed interest in tackling the Batman mythos head-on and will no doubt have a different creative vision to show us.

Henry Cavill To Return As Superman

One of our biggest surprises is that Henry Cavill is actually returning to play Superman in the movie. It was previously announced that Ben Affleck would reprise his role as Batman and we couldn’t be more excited to see him don the suit again. Cavill was last seen in the role in 2016’s Justice League and will now return for a standalone Batman movie. It would seem that Warner Bros. is keen to give the Man of Steel a one-off appearance in a film to make up for the lack of character development in The Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice.

The Cast Has Been Revealed

We don’t know much about the The Batman movie yet, other than the fact that it would star Robert Pattinson as Batman, but the casting is shaping up to be pretty awesome. For years, we’ve been asking for more female roles in the superhero world and it seems that DC are listening. We’ve been told that the majority of the female characters in The Batman movie will be strong, capable, and independent. They won’t be needing men to rescue them like Catwoman or Selena Gomez’ Dove Cameron.

Let’s take a look at the main cast of The Batman: