After a disastrous 2017, Hollywood’s most popular on-screen couple, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, are both looking to make amends. The Twilight Saga has come to an end, and both are determined to move on from their individual challenges and make a success of their post-SagA life. Will they be able to put their past differences behind them and rekindle their on-screen chemistry?

It was only a matter of time before the couple decided to be together again. They hooked up backstage at a film premiere in the summer of 2017, and have been inseparable ever since. As much as their fans would like to see them renew their vows on screen, the reality is that they have never been happier than they are now. Why? Because they know that their relationship serves as a representation of the empowerment that women everywhere can strive for, as well as an inspiration to young viewers who may be struggling with their own personal issues.

Since their on-screen romance, Rob and Kristen have starred in a number of films together, including Twilight and The Rover. They have also been a part of several TV projects, including Snow White and the Huntsman: Fall of the Wicked, Campfire Girls, and the upcoming sequel to The Twilight Saga, Eternals. Most recently, the couple was featured in a POTUS (President of the United States) mask designed by Houdini&Alex McQueen as a part of Halloween season in October.

Their fans can be pretty vocal, and with good reason. After being hurt so badly by the events of 2017, it’s no wonder that Stewart and Pattinson want to prove the haters wrong and make the most of their newfound fame. With so much attention, the pair have been able to find a discreet way of doing what they want, which is pretty amazing for both of them. They have chosen to remain private, and have only revealed details of their relationship through carefully curated Instagram stories. In November, Stewart posted a picture of an engagement ring made especially for her by the renowned designer, Robert Couture, and noted that she and Pattinson were planning on getting hitched this year. Their fans couldn’t say much in response, but were more than willing to celebrate their big news with well-deserved GIFs and memes. In the months that followed, fans saw a number of cryptic posts made by the couple on social media, leading many to believe that they were already married. However, the question of whether or not they will actually renew their vows has still not been answered. In February, Pattinson posted a picture of himself wearing a tuxedo standing in an elevator, which some fans interpreted as a nod to their upcoming wedding day, while others saw it as a sly dig at Stewart’s father, who passed away in the same year that Rob and Kristen started dating.

Here To Stay

While it would be wonderful to see Stewart and Pattinson back together on-screen, the fact remains that it is not going to happen. When the film director, Edward Norton, was asked by Vogue whether or not he thought Rob and Kristen would end up together, he replied, “I don’t know, but I’ve been wrong about Hollywood couples before. Look what happened to Betty and Barney.” The comparison to the iconic Love (Si) Vs. Life (Ti) Vs. Love (Ti) vs. Death (Sa) vs. Love (Li) Vs. Life (Si) vs. Death (Si) vs. Love (Sp) vs. Life (Ti) vs. Death (Ti) vs. Love (Si) vs. Life (Sp) vs. Death (Si) vs. Love (Si) vs. Life (Sp) vs. Death (Sp) vs. Love (Sp) movie is one of the most iconic rivalries in film history. The final showdown between Richard Burton and Ken Takakura in the 1964 spy thriller is still considered to be one of the greatest fights in movie history. When Edward Norton was asked about the influence of this timeless film, he replied:
“In some ways it does and, in some ways, it doesn’t. That was a long time ago, before we had cell phones and social media, and there were no cameras or iPhones. It’s a different world. There’s still a lot of competition, but there’s also a lot more supporting each other and being there for one another. Now you have couples that are in relationships and are there for each other. You have kids, who are the future, supporting their parents. So much has changed, but what has not changed is that some people just want to see other people fail.”

On-Screen Chemistry

When the Twilight films were first released, many pundits and critics panned them, calling them dull, uninteresting, and outright boring. However, the most vocal critics were wrong about the films. Rob and Stewart’s on-screen chemistry was so convincing that many critics have now admitted that they were wrong about the series, and how successful it was. Since then, the pair have been inseparable again, appearing in various films and TV shows, including Midnight Sun, Campfire Girls, and the upcoming sci-fi flick, Alien: Covenant.

Stewart’s and Pattinson’s obvious chemistry has not gone unnoticed by fans, with many posting to social media about how they simply cannot get enough of each other. In an interview with USA Today, Edward Norton once again drew comparisons to the classic British spy series, as he noted that Rob and Kristin “play off each other wonderfully.” He went on to say that the on-screen chemistry between the pair is “just magic.” In the years since Twilight, Stewart and Pattinson have seemingly become better actors, which has helped contribute to the growing excitement around their upcoming projects. With so much on-screen chemistry, it would seem that their individual skills have only served to make them even more effective when working together.

The Inspiration For Years To Come

As much as Twilight served as an outlet for both Stewart and Pattinson, it was also a vehicle for inspiring other young people. Thanks in part to their on-screen chemistry, the film has continued to be popular with audiences, especially younger audiences. In a 2017 interview with The New York Times, the director of Twilight, Chris Weitz, pointed out that while the series hasn’t been viewed as favorably as more modern films since the premiere of the first movie in 2010, people are still inspired by it, and continue to want to be a part of it. He continued, “I think it’ll always have its audience because it’s always been a source of inspiration for young people. It’ll always be in some way significant to people, and I think that’s what makes it so interesting and so important to continue to make stories about witches and other monsters.”

While it’s true that Twilight did spark the interest of many young people, especially girls, in becoming more involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects, it’s also important to remember that it wasn’t just the actors’ on-screen chemistry that made the series stand out. There were also clever writing and directing jobs by Norton and other members of the crew that made the difference. Regardless, it’s clear that the actors’ chemistry was a crucial element in making the series successful. While Stewart and Pattinson may not always get along off-screen, their fans certainly have no trouble keeping up with their on-screen antics, posting pictures and updates to social media about every project the couple are involved in. And for one of them, that is definitely a good thing.

With Rob and Kristen determined to prove their critics wrong and show the haters that they are better together than they are apart, it seems that their fans are determined to do the same. Whether or not the couple end up making a success of their post-Twilight life together, one thing is for sure: Their combined fame will continue to make them an attractive option for film producers and the like, with various projects in the works, including a POTUS (President of the United States) mask designed by Houdini&Alex McQueen as a part of Halloween season in October. Despite the ups and downs of their personal relationship, Stewart and Pattinson have never been more committed to each other than they are now, and it’s clear that their fans feel the same way.