If you follow the celebrity gossip news websites, you may have heard that Robert Pattinson is finally going to marry his longtime girlfriend, French actress Félicité (“Cécilia”) Wittstock. The engagement ring was reportedly given to Cécilia by her new beau as part of their romantic celebration and was an all-white-diamond ring worth a whopping $500,000.

The Engagement Is Beautiful But Barely Legal

The pair’s engagement was first announced in November 2017 and has been talked about ever since. The two have been together since 2014 and had been living in France until recently, when they decided to settle down in London, England, where Cécilia is based. The happy couple met while filming the fifth Twilight movie, Apocalypse Now, in Budapest, Hungary. It was there that Robert’s film crew introduced him to the enchanting Cécilia, who plays the role of a hypnotist in the movie.

Their love story is beautiful and it’s great that they want to share their celebration with the world. Although their engagement is a joyous occasion, it’s not exactly legal since Félicité is already 30 years old and, therefore, legally barred from marrying anyone under age 23. Cécilia is actually 28 years old, so this won’t be their first elopement.

No Past Involvements For The Romantic Lead

Although Robert has been linked to a number of gorgeous, twentysomething actresses (and even a few mature-looking women) over the years, he’s never actually married or had children. He did, however, enjoy a pretty long-lasting relationship with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, with whom he had a daughter, Rose, back in 2008. They were married for three years before splitting in 2011. In 2018, he also dated model and businesswoman Megan Malinowski for a while.

But it’s unclear whether or not any of these relationships constitute a “real” commitment that would make him consider fatherhood. When it comes to love and marriage, the handsome English actor seems to be motivated more by romance and self-expression than by family obligations. This could explain why he’s not been afraid to explore his sexuality, even as he’s gotten older and hopefully wiser.

Why Does He Even Want To Be Part Of A Family?

Aside from the usual male desire to procreate, Robert has spoken about wanting to be a father just so he can teach his kid about life and love. The actor has been quoted as saying, “I’d love to be a father just to teach my kid about life and love. If you love something then you should be willing to sacrifice for it. I think that’s what being a father is all about.”

He’s also said that having a family of his own is a major motivating factor in his dating decisions. When he became a father-to-be in 2015, speculation immediately arose as to whom the baby might belong to. Rumors swirled that he’d impregnated Suki Waterhouse, his longtime collaborator and costar, or even actress Kate Bosworth. Even though he vehemently denied the allegations (and Waterhouse and Bosworth both said they were completely unaware of his plans to become a father), the incident certainly made headlines.

It’s clear that becoming a father is both a thrilling and an anxious experience for any man. For Robert, who has always been so discreet about his personal life, the uncertainty about the baby’s paternity must have been doubly nerve-wracking. After all, if he did father the child, what would his public’s perception of him be? Would he still be considered attractive?, Would his partner view him as a father?, And what about his own parents? How would they feel about him engaging in a committed, long-term relationship? Despite the rumors and speculation, Robert eventually came out and admitted that he is, indeed, the father of the baby. The proud papa has since been unapologetic about his decision to be a parent and is even reported to have said that he is “glowing with happiness”.

So it seems that, for Robert, parenthood is more than just a biological urge. It’s about giving life to something that is entirely unique and combining the two people he loves most in the world: Cécilia and their infant daughter.