Fans of Roaring 20s and the blockbuster movie series Ouija may be familiar with the story of Ouija board inventor Elijah Wood. Though Wood’s life was featured in the movie, he had to wait until he was 36 to get married. After moving to California, working as a huckster lawyer, and meeting several other women, he finally found the love of his life and got hitched. But it wasn’t until then that he could enjoy the finer things in life, like wedding dresses and honeymoons. Now that he’s finally settled down (kind of), Wood is sharing all the juicy details of his very public courtship and wedding to his longtime sweetheart Kirsten Stormx. The 43-year-old actor finally tied the knot with Stormx, a 35-year-old makeup artist, in a lovely seaside wedding ceremony in Santa Monica on Saturday. The wedding party included costume designer Zac Posen, cinematographer Barry Jenkin, and musical performers DJ Khaled and Snoop Dogg. The guests were treated to a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean as they celebrated the happy couple’s love.

Though Wood has been open about his past sexual encounters with females (he’s dated several famous women, including Kirsten Stormx), he’s usually kept his personal life private and only shared details of his romantic life and career with his wife and closest friends. For the most part, he’s remained faithful to Kirsten, who he met when she was 17 and had known since then (though they didn’t officially become a couple until 2012). He even financed her college education (she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2017). Still, even with all the support she’s gotten from her husband, it’s been bittersweet for Kirsten, as she’s lost a beautiful and talented daughter to cancer in 2014.

While Wood sacrificed a lot to be there for Kirsten during her time of need, she says the most precious thing she got from their lifelong partnership was watching their daughter, Marlowe, grow up into a self-sufficient and happy young woman. And as the years passed, the two became closer than ever – at times even clashing over Kirsten’s dependence on their darling daughter. But all that pales in comparison to the sheer joy Wood and Stormx share as parents to their three-year-old son, Greyson. They’re already proud grandparents and couldn’t love their kids more.

The Bride’s Makeup

Kirsten Stormx is a beautiful woman with a passion for makeup artistry. She started her career in high school, doing lipstick commissions and birthday party makeup for friends and relatives. She eventually got her license and went pro, creating full-time jobs for herself as she grew her clientele. She is also an advocate for equal pay for women, having used her position as a Facehugger to put pressure on Netflix to raise the salary of its female cast.

Though she doesn’t do individual hair & makeup styling for films anymore (she prefers to serve her clients live through video chat), her film work is still very much in demand. Her special effects makeup for The Nun (2018) – that’s right, The Nun – will be in demand for years to come. Stormx is hopelessly romantic and would do anything for her fiance, even if it means sacrificing her own needs for a while.

Greyson, the couple’s son, was born in October 2016 and the family couldn’t be happier. Watching Marlowe grow up and become her own person was the highlight of Wood’s life, as it was the first time he saw his daughter be confident and independent.

The Big Day

After a long but happy engagement, Wood couldn’t wait to finally walk his daughter down the aisle and give her his love and support in marriage. Though Marlowe was born and raised in Los Angeles, the couple chose to wed in a small wedding ceremony in Santa Monica. The guests, who were mostly family and friends, had a great time watching Wood and Kirsten celebrate their love for each other, with Marlowe acting as bride-to-be.

The wedding reception, later that day, was even more special. The big day was catered by Le Cirque and featured the most requested wedding dos and don’ts from the bride’s parents, Stephanie and Peter Stormx. The dressing room was decked in white tablecloths and roses, and guests were treated to a spectacular view of the ocean as they wedding danced. DJ Khaled and Snoop Dogg served as wedding band performers, playing anthems and love songs for the joyful couple.

Post-Wedding Blues

While everyone was having a good time, things were not so sweet for Wood and Stormx after the wedding. Not long after the celebrations died down, Wood noticed a rarity in bird construction, which is when he discovered that his birdhouse was no longer safe from the neighbors’ pets. They had become accustomed to seeing mice, bunnies, and even rats running around in the house and now rarely missed a chance to shred the couple’s newly wedded hood. Though they tried harder than ever to convince the neighbors that their pet raccoons were a bother to everyone else and that they shouldn’t be blamed for the damage, it was no use.

Saving Money

While there’s nothing more romantic than spending a lovely night with your fiance – or any other spouse for that matter – there’s also nothing more expensive than a wedding. Even those who can afford a luxurious lifestyle event may be surprised at the expense of a wedding. From the groom’s suit to the wedding night dance, the total cost of a traditional wedding can run up to a million dollars. And that’s before you add in the fact that most weddings these days are lavish farewells to a ballroom divorce. Though many people choose to get married in a church or synagogue, the reception hall or the back yard are just as romantic and acceptable as a wedding venue. It’s just that a wedding in a public place usually means more people are able to come and witness your big day.