For those of you who are still in the “boo”, as they say, of Robert Pattinson’s new movie Velvet, you might be wondering what’s up with his new movie-star looks. Well, here are the answers. 

Healthy Living

While he was in Australia promoting the film, Pattinson revealed that he’s been following a regime of healthy eating and exercise to get his body back in shape. The Twilight actor has been known to be somewhat of a hermit, staying indoors most of the time, so this change in lifestyle is no surprise. Pattinson has also been incorporating more vegetables and fruit in his diet, which has helped improve his skin tone. So not only has he been getting in better shape for the roles he’s been taking on, but he’s also been looking after his health.

Dress Code

Another thing you might be wondering about is Pattinson’s frequent dress code switching. After months of barely ever seeing him out of blue jeans, the 33-year-old has been on a spree of wearing more feminine clothing. He’s been spotted wearing beautiful gowns and even a wedding dress before Justin Bieber’s big day. As Vanity Fair writer Andrew Denton put it, “There’s something about being on a film set that makes you want to try on new fashion styles. You get attached to the dresses you wear in the movies, and it’s sad when they end up getting destroyed.”

The reason for these sudden fashion shifts is still unknown, but one theory is that they’re an attempt to combat his extreme shyness. “He’s been wearing these daring outfits to attract more attention. He doesn’t seem to want to be with just one person for the whole duration of the movie. Maybe he feels more comfortable in outfits that challenge our conception of masculinity,” said director Matt Wolfert. But whatever the reason, Pattinson is clearly pleased with how he looks and is making the most of his time on set to promote health and wellness.

Velvet Effect

Apart from his physical appearance, Pattinson has also been making a concerted effort to promote the virtues of good health and wellness through his social media channels. He’s been posting videos of himself doing yoga and running on Instagram.

While these videos don’t specifically show off his famous looks, they do show off the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. And with more than 6 million followers on Instagram, it’s clear that people are taking note. As well as posting regular updates, he also has been sharing health-related articles and inspiring quotes.

Focus On The Negative

It’s also worth remembering that not all of Pattinson’s style changes have been for the better. Some of his more recent outfits have almost single-handedly destroyed his movie star image. If you check out his Instagram feed, you’ll be inundated with images of him in uncomfortable-looking clothes. So it’s likely that, to some extent, this trend towards healthier living is a result of him trying to shed his “bad boy” image. But it’s also clear that he still struggles with anxiety and depression, which he has talked about in the past.

While promoting his new movie Bel Ami, Pattinson opened up about his own experiences with self-harm and depression. He said, “I remember being in eighth grade and seeing this old man collapse on the street, and I thought that it would be a good idea to jump on top of him and punch him in the face. I felt bad that he was suffering and I wanted him to feel better.” He continued, “It was just a way of dealing with my own insecurities and neurosis. When I felt bad, I would hit myself or cut myself. It was just a way of saying, ‘I’m feeling bad, so I’ll feel better by making myself feel worse.’”

It’s clear that, at the end of the day, Pattinson still feels insecure about his body image and will do anything he can to feel better. Whether it’s losing a few pounds or switching clothes styles, he’s clearly trying to combat his anxiety and depression, as well as improve his appearance. And for that, we can all be thankful.