We’ll never know just how many haters Robert Pattinson had to endure while growing up as the son of movie legends and famous faces Robert and Elizabeth Taylor. The one-time Disney darling had to grow up in front of the cameras alongside the beautiful people of Hollywood. He had to get along with the A-list without ever once being described as a ‘little prince.’

So it’s no surprise that over the years, the actor has kept himself busy trying to appease his demanding fans by starring in a string of films that either starred or featured thematic nods to his famous parents. Most notably, he played the part of Jack Sparrow in the 2013 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and its 2017 sequel, in which he appeared alongside his father in a rare on-screen moment together. The films also featured an interwoven story line between father and son, with the elder Pattinson serving as his own surrogate grandpa.

Since then, the actor has largely kept himself out of the limelight, pursuing a discreet lifestyle marked by seemingly quiet social engagements and frequent private flights to far-flung destinations. While he’s kept himself busy, it seems that his feet haven’t been quite as active as his heart, with the Twilight actor linked to a string of serious relationships that lasted for years and even included marriage proposals. It was eventually reported that he’d been dating British artiste Lorena Roberts for several months before proposing.

Nowadays, it seems that Pattinson is taking a more mature approach to love, with the 41-year-old actor finally opening up about his private life in a new interview with Paper magazine. The British tabloid published excerpts from the interview on Thursday, in which Pattinson discussed his “very, very serious” relationship with actress Vanessa Hudgens that lasted for two years before the two broke up in 2018. He also talked about his previous relationships, including saying that he’d been in love with actress Kristen Stewart for a “very long time.”

Here are some of the most interesting quotes from the interview:

On Having A Serious Relationship With Vanessa Hudgens

While most people would agree that dating an actress is a glamorous profession, it can also be hugely demanding. Not only do you have to find the time to spend with her, but her films and work commitments might also keep you apart for large chunks of the year. This is why it’s not entirely surprising that the Twilight actor chose to avoid that kind of relationship competition by focusing on his work.

Pattinson told Paper that when he decided to take on a role in the upcoming Baz Luhrmann movie, The Beach Bum, he had to put on his “game face” and put in the work. While it was initially hard to find the time to make the trip to Australia, where the film was being shot, he eventually managed to fit it in his schedule. It was then that he realized how much he missed having a serious relationship. The actor has been dating American singer-songwriter Hailey Baldwin now for a few months.

“I was so glad to be able to spend some time with her. I had missed having a serious relationship,” Pattinson said. He described their time apart as “awkward” and said that they’d had to “adjust our schedules” to fit their relationship. “We’ve both been through serious breakups and been really hurt. So, for us, it’s taken a lot of time to figure out how to be mature and responsible and to take care of each other.”

On His Ex-Wife, Sophie Stewart

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Robert Pattinson is his ex-wife, Sophie Stewart. The English actress, singer, art historian, and author was married to the actor for over a decade before their 2010 divorce. Rumor has it that she was physically and mentally abusive throughout their marriage, and had even attacked one of their dogs. While Stewart did not confirm or deny any of these accusations, she did admit to having “hit [her] head” against a wall during a drunken episode in which she blacked out. Since then, she has kept a relatively low profile, rarely granting interviews or appearing at social events, though she has been photographed from time to time.

Pattinson has been very protective of Stewart, going so far as to defend her against rumors that she was a “gold digger” who married the actor for his money. Sophie Stewart became a grandmother in 2015 when her son Jasper, then 3, welcomed his first child with musician Joe Jackson. Since then, she’s become an often-stern presence in Jasper’s life, regularly accompanying him on school trips and acting as a formative influence. According to reports, Sophie and Jasper have a “fierce bond,” which perhaps has its roots in the contentious relationship that both had with their father.

It’s been five years since Robert Pattinson’s divorce from Sophie Stewart, and he has yet to rekindle the romance that propelled them to fame. While he isn’t married, the British actor has kept busy, appearing in a number of film and TV projects in between his globe-trotting travels. He has also released a number of solo albums, most notably the aptly titled, Bad Day, which he described as “a collection of some of the hardest songs I’ve ever written.”

The one constant in his life has been his dog, Bogart, who he’s taken on the road with him frequently. The 41-year-old actor described the bond he shares with his best friend as “unconditional.” He’s also frequently touted as one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, with numerous women throwing their caps at the star, both on and offscreen. Though, as we’ve learned, he can be a bit of a ladies’ man. In 2018, he was linked to former Victoria’s Secret model and current WWE superstar Stephanie McMahon, but the two never publicly confirmed their romantic relationship.

On His Romantic Interests

It’s been a while since Robert Pattinson last graced the cover of a magazine, but he’s recently started appearing on the cover of GQ, Vogue, and other popular publications. The Hollywood darling has even started to venture into the world of fashion, modeling for Marc Jacobs and other big names in the industry. For someone who’s generally been very private about his personal life, these magazine covers must be a great way to showcase his perfect smile and athletic build.

Pattinson has also been photographed in the past wearing a beautiful diamond necklace that was a gift from a woman he’s been dating. It seems that the actor has finally found the right woman to settle down with and opened up about his romantic interests. Over the past few years, he’s fallen in love with a number of beautiful women, most notably Hailey Baldwin, who he first met at a party in 2018 and started dating a few months later.

It might seem strange, then, that one of the most interesting facets of the interview with Paper magazine was Robert Pattinson’s revelations about his romantic interests. The actor discussed what it’s been like to find love after years of dating and attracting women, saying, “I haven’t really looked at it like that because I’ve never been in that position. I’ve always sort of been with women that I work with or that I meet in the social sphere. So, to have that sort of connection with somebody, it’s always been something that’s sort of been a bonus, really.”

Romantic feelings aren’t something that the famously private actor has always been comfortable talking about, but with his perfect smile, Hollywood good looks, and charming accent, it seems that he’s found the perfect match in Hailey Baldwin. Since their first meeting, the two have been photographed together on countless occasions and seemingly have a “fierce bond” that lasts beyond the cameras. It’s been wonderful to see the two finally acknowledge their emotions toward one another, with Baldwin gushing that she feels “so lucky” to have found such a “wonderful, wonderful man.”