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With over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, Pattinson has graced our screens in films such as Twilight, Water for Elephants, and Mad Max: Fury Road. The actor is arguably best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, but he’s since expanded his acting repertoire, starring in critically acclaimed films such as Saving Mr. Banks, Cosmopolis, The Lost City, and Goodbye Christopher Robin. In 2019, Pattinson will star in the dark comedy Private Life, which details his real-life experiences in a marriage that lasted only 64 days.


Pattinson was born in London on May 5th, 1986. He started acting professionally at the age of three and appeared in television adverts and dramas before graduating from high school. After a brief hitch in the British Army, he began pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles.

The pale actor has been romantically linked to several famous faces, including Felicity Huffman, Daisy Ridley, and Taylor Swift. He’s previously dated actresses Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth, models Victoria and Stefania, and music producer Tame Impala. However, he has never officially married or engaged to any of these women. Instead, he’s kept his heart on the (steep) shelves, waiting for the right woman to come along. Or perhaps he just needed a holiday romance?

Recent News

Pattinson hasn’t been idle since the premiere of Saving Mr. Banks, continuing to post prolifically on social media. The actor recently celebrated the release of Gods Of Egypt with a series of candid posts on Instagram, showing off his behind-the-scenes escapades in the filming of the epic Biblical drama. Another highlight was his Instagram Stories series, chronicling the production of Goodbye Christopher Robin, in which he shares his experience working with renowned British director Ken Loach. In the director’s own words, the series is “a love letter to children.”

On February 25th 2020, the actor was a guest on the Howard Stern Show, where he opened up about his passions, his work ethic, and his approach to acting. He also briefly discussed his romances, including his longstanding relationship with Daisy Ridley.

Stern then asked if he had ever considered being a father, to which Pattinson initially replied in the affirmative, adding that he would like “to have a kid or two.” But the actor soon pivoted, saying that he had become “more settled” in his career, and wouldn’t have time to settle down with a family. He also said that he believes being a parent would “change [his] work ethic.”

When Will We See More Of Robert Pattinson?

The latest installment of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, is poised to return cinemas across the globe on April 3rd. The final instalment of the groundbreaking series will inevitably spawn numerous articles and news stories speculating on its cultural and commercial impact. With so much media attention potentially focused on this one film, it would be a shame to miss a golden opportunity to catch up with the fascinating life and mind of Robert Pattinson.