Rob Pattinson has been in the news a lot recently and for some good reason too! The singer has been in the spotlight for a number of reasons, including his ex-wife FKA Twigs publicly documenting their fights and split, his relationship with singer-songwriter and musician Taylor Swift and much more.

While several of these stories have been covered in depth by the mainstream media, there are still plenty of people who may not know all about the British singer’s life outside of the spotlight. This article will tell you about several Rob Pattinson fan sites that you might not have heard of and how to access them so you can follow the singer’s latest news and updates in one place.

Though it might not seem like it at first glance,, or TNR as it’s commonly referred to, is one of the biggest Rob Pattinson fan websites out there. Launched in 2015, the site is essentially a mega-blog that focuses on the singer and his romantic relationships. The site currently houses over a million words of original content written by over 30 authors, all of whom have a distinct focus on Rob’s love life. The authors of TNR specialize in writing long-form articles about Rob’s romantic escapades and engaging with their audience through stories and mini-guides on everything from dating to marriage to parenthood. The site is currently ranked 20th in the world by traffic and Google Search.

While most sources of news these days are focused on politics and the like, it’s important to remember that there is still plenty of room for entertainment news. And what’s more, plenty of people still enjoy reading about celebrity scandals and watching reality television shows about famous families and wealthy individuals. is a site that focuses on entertainment news and provides daily news updates on a variety of breaking stories. Launched in 2016, the site is currently based in London and was founded by Michael Aragon and Ryan Scott. They describe their mission as reporting “stories that entertain, engage, and inspire our audience whilst upholding the highest journalistic standards.”

For those who love a good story, is a must-read for fans of Rob Pattinson. The site was launched in 2017 and bills itself as a place for women to “gaze upon the stunning wives of men we all know and love. What are they eating, how are they spending their time, and what are they wearing?” The site allows fans to engage with the featured women through live chats, polls and much more. The site’s format is similar to that of other traditional celebrity news websites, with focused sections on the latest news, relationships, fitness and family. Visitors to the site can also access exclusive interviews with the singer’s famous friends, like Kate Winslet and Gemma Arterton. Since its launch, has gained a lot of traction and currently has over 45,000 registered members.

If you think that Taylor Swift is the only successful pop artist in the world, think again! As well as being a popular singer-songwriter and record-breaking music video-breaking artist, Taylor’s also a successful entrepreneur who owns one of the most popular fashion lines in the world. And, as with most other famous people, her hobbies and interests are often the subject of media speculation and rampant gossip. This is especially the case when it comes to her romantic relationships, which she keeps very private. As with most other celebrity websites, focuses heavily on Taylor’s personal life, chronicling every rumored affair and dating story. The site also features a merchandise section with items like hoodies, tees, and mugs that feature the singer’s face. There’s also a dedicated blog on the site that covers all things Swift, including her music and fashion trends. In 2018, Taylor sued a California-based website for $150 million, accusing them of hacking her account and posting private texts and photos of her without her permission. The suit was later dropped and settled out of court for an undisclosed six-figure sum.

These are just some of the biggest and most famous Rob Pattinson fan websites. There are several others that you might not have heard of but which are still popular and essential for fans. And for those seeking more information on the British singer, he has several other online homes, including YouTube Channels and Instagram accounts that he regularly updates. His websites, social media accounts and magazine covers are also available to be scanned for media articles and photos at