Ever wondered why Hollywood star Robert Pattinson seems to have a thing for Priyanka Chopra’s fellow Indian actress Shilpa Shetty? We spoke to a source who has insight into the relationships of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and get the 411 on what makes these celebrity couples tick.

Why Is Robert Pattinson Into Shilpa Shetty?

According to our source, the British actor has been a fan of Shetty’s for a long time and even dated her briefly back in 2015. Apparently, the pair hit it off despite the fact that they are both into very different things. Shetty is a super-fan of Bollywood and even visited the country a couple of years back to see a Shakira concert. So, it’s no surprise that she would fancy someone from back home.

However, what is surprising is that Shetty is the complete opposite of Pattinson when it comes to fashion. The English actor is quite the fashion icon, known for his expensive taste and elegant style. Shetty wasn’t very fond of expensive fashion and even went on a spending diet to save up money so that she could move to Bollywood. But according to the insider, it didn’t take long for the actress to realize that Hollywood is a whole different ballgame when it comes to glamour.

Because of this, the pair’s love story has been nothing short of unique. In fact, their romance has all the elements of a fairytale – apart from the fact that it’s taken place in the real world.

What Are They Like As Individuals?

Even before they started dating, Shetty and Pattinson were known to be very different characters. Shetty is famous for being direct and upfront, while the English actor enjoys keeping his private life private. Because of their opposing personalities, it’s no wonder that they seem to complement each other perfectly. It seems like they were made for each other.

The insider added that both are equally as charming and intelligent as you’d expect from a celebrity couple. This is very evident in their interactions via social media. For example, shortly after their engagement was announced, they both posted photos of themselves sporting gorgeous engagement rings. And, when she returned from her honeymoon with a new fiancé, she dedicated a special video to her fans, sharing her excitement and happiness.