Since the premiere of the new film The Rover, fans have been wondering about Robert Pattinson’s family. The actor’s new film is set in the 1960s. In the movie, Pattinson plays an English professor who travels to Peru to research the origins of the sacred hymn The Rover which he teaches to his students. A scene in the film shows a dinner party where he introduces his family to his students and some of his colleagues. It’s a sweet moment that makes the viewer nostalgic. Even more impressive is that the 53-year-old actor is already the father of a little girl.

The question is, what is Pattinson’s family life like? Do his kids have any interesting stories? How is he navigating parenthood? While we can’t be sure about the future, we can look to the past to see how he managed to be so hands-on with his kids’ lives, even before he became a famous movie star.

A Grandfather Who Wasn’t Always Around

Pattinson was born to actors Vanessa Howard and David William Frederick in London on November 4, 1968. His father’s profession enabled the family to live a comfortable life and have many luxuries. As a child, Pattinson had to share his house with siblings Kate, James, and Louisa. While he was technically a grandchild, his familiarity with the limelight made him seem more like an uncle.

As an adult, Pattinson became very close to his grandfather, who inspired his characters in film and now resides with him in London. The actor often visits Scotland, his home country, to be with his family. When he’s not working, Pattinson loves to read, write, and paint. He also enjoys spending time with his dogs, Marley and Oreo. On social media, fans often comment about the beautiful and very close relationship that Pattinson shares with his dogs.

Aunts And Uncles Who Were More Like Mom And Dad

The children of David and Vanessa, Pattinson had one younger sister, Rose, and two older brothers, Angus and Alec. He wasn’t legally adopted until he was 14 years old. The role of an uncle wasn’t all that uncommon for the actor, who had around 20 aunts and uncles. The extended family, which included cousins and grandparents, was always welcoming to the newcomer. Especially since much of it lived in Southern Spain. (No shade, fam.)

While it would have been great to have a bigger family, the lifestyle did mean a lot of traveling for holiday gatherings and weddings. Pattinson had his bachelor party in Turkey and his high school graduation party in Morocco. It would have been hard to have a more glamorous entrance to either one.

Pattinson started his acting career in 1992 and appeared in various stage productions before landing the role of Scott in the film adaptation of The Twilight Saga. Since then, he’s starred in blockbusters like Snow White and the Huntsman, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. He’s currently filming the next installment of The Twilight Saga, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which premieres this month.

A House Full Of Dads

Like many famous actors, Pattinson is very engaged with his family in the social media sphere. As an uncle, he’s updated fans on Kate’s, Louisa’s, and his own daughter’s progress throughout her childhood. He’s also shared plenty of sweet snapshots of his daughter, Lily, with her pet chicken and various toys and games she’s enjoyed as a child.

Pattinson is also very hands-on with his kids’ education. He’s been part of the selection process for some of their university courses and even taught a university-level course on screenwriting. He’s written several books on the subject, which his daughter has referenced in interviews. It would seem that being a grandad is enough parenting for the actor. He doesn’t even need to be there to put his daughter to bed at night. His house in London is more like a nursery than a man’s place.

A Dad Who Is More Like A Big Brother

Perhaps the most endearing quality about Pattinson is how much he cares for his students. He’s regularly updated fans on the projects his students have worked on and even offered to be an extra in a student film. He’s also taken on mentor roles and regularly shares advice and words of encouragement via his social media channels.

Even before he became famous, Pattinson was very active in the London theater scene. He starred in several stage productions, including Macbeth, which earned him a nomination for the Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. In 2012, he performed the title role in the musical adaptation of The Hobbit, which he co-wrote with Tom Hiddleston. That same year, he also starred in the West End production of Les Misérables. As a kid, Pattinson was very close to his parents. In fact, a scene in The Rover depicts him trying on a pair of glasses with the inscription “David and Vanessa,” which is a reference to his mother’s and father’s first names. Even though he’s had a very successful career, he still keeps in touch with his roots and appreciates the simple pleasures in life. He regularly posts about his family on Instagram and loves to share photos of his dogs.