With the new year already begun, it’s the perfect time to start reflecting on the past year and making resolutions for the future. For many, the new year is a time for reflection and renewal, which also means a chance to set some new resolutions to achieve more success in the coming year. For actors, musicians, and sports stars, it can be an opportunity to share some of their best Instagram posts and statuses from the past year to inspire and motivate their fans. Here are some of the best Instagram posts and statuses from Robert Pattinson in 2019.

The Making of ‘Cosmo’

Last year, Robert Pattinson released his third album, Cosmo, and it was everything fans wanted and more. The album debuted at number two on the UK albums chart and spawned five singles, ranging from “I’m Waiting” (which he performed at the Grammys) to “My Own Worst Enemy” (which he featured on the soundtrack of the film, Knives Out). The album also marked a new, more mature direction for the singer, who turned thirty in 2019.

The making of Cosmo was documented on Instagram, where Robert Pattinson shares the behind-the-scenes stories that fans didn’t get to see on stage. In one of the videos, he walks us through the process of making the album, revealing that it was a real struggle to get it done. He wrote half of the album on his own, with the other half co-written by and featuring Bono and the Edge.

Behind The Scenes Of ‘Water For Water’

Speaking of struggle, Robert Pattinson also had to deal with delays and setbacks on his latest album. Water For Water was originally meant to be released in November 2018 but had to be pushed back a few times. Finally, it was released last month and reached number three on the UK albums chart, helping to boost its already existing buzz.

The album was preceded by the singles “Waves” and “Drowning,” both of which were released in October 2018. “Waves” was the first taste of what Water For Water had to offer, with its dreamy guitar and soft drums, and it was enough to make fans want more. However, “Drowning” was released a few weeks later and was met with a mixed response from fans and critics alike. While the Edge’s guitar work on the track is incredible, many felt that Robert Pattinson’s vocals weren’t strong enough on the track and that it didn’t live up to the hype.

For a while, it seemed like Water For Water would be the last album Robert Pattinson would make. However, in April 2019, he revealed that he was working on new material and would likely release it in the coming year. Hopefully, this new music is as good as everyone hopes it will be. It’s been a long wait for Water For Water but it was definitely worth it.

A New Manicure

When we think about success in the music industry, it’s often associated with music sales. However, just as important as album sales are the “like” and “share” counts that come with each music video. For decades, music videographers have been capturing and crafting songs into beautifully shot scenes, but it’s only in the past few years that musicians have started taking a keen interest in their videos’ aesthetics.

In 2019, musicians made a comeback in the form of TikTok, with many high-profile musicians embracing the app and using it to connect with their audience.

One of the most notable musicians to embrace TikTok was Robert Pattinson. The English actor and singer has released a string of iconic status updates on TikTok, using the platform to showcase his fashion style and to share behind-the-scenes stories about his latest film projects. He even dropped some hints about his musical future, posting a blurred picture of himself with scented candles evocative of famous movie soundtracks.

In one of his first videos on TikTok, Robert Pattinson shared a video of himself getting ready for a night out. He started by removing his makeup and relaxing with some aromatherapy before hitting the streets in a gorgeous suit. While the video was initially met with mixed reviews, many people came back for more and praised the actor’s personal style and effortless charm.

Robert Pattinson is certainly embracing the fashion side of TikTok and his Instagram feed is filled with stylings from the platform. From bold, bright colors to eclectic mixes of masculine and feminine attire, the English actor has something to offer for everyone.

New Lips

One of the best things about Peter Sobczynski, the photographer who has taken the most iconic celebrity photos throughout the years, is how he always finds new ways to captivate his audience. In 2019, he collaborated with cosmetics brand Moroso to create a lipstick collection, filled with vibrant hues that pop against the skin. The result is a lip collection that will turn heads and spark conversations.

Since launching the collection, Moroso has seen a 400% increase in the number of people coming back for more. What’s more is that many of the shades from the collection have become instant classics, proving that even the most unexpected colors can become mainstream if they’re formulated properly.

One of the standouts from the collection is “cosmo,” a bright orange shade that’s supposed to represent the sun rising over Stone Henge, a megalithic monument in Cambridgeshire. The combination of orange and blue is a unique look that will undoubtedly be remembered as the “cosmo” lip sync contest begins to climb the trending chart. Whether you love or hate orange lipsticks, this summer is going to be filled with classic colors that you’ll want to wear again and again.

A Diamond In The Rough

The Rough was one of the most anticipated films of the year and it wasn’t hard to see why. Directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Francis Daley, the film brought together a diverse group of talented people from across the UK to share their stories about growing up in the ‘90s. Unfortunately, The Rough had problems from the start. The shoot was plagued by poor weather conditions and some of the participants had to be replaced. However, despite all of this, the end result was worth it.

Actors, musicians, and sports stars from the UK gathered together for a decade-long project, created to highlight the ‘90s as a unique time in British history. While there were some hiccups along the way, the passion, talent, and effort shown by these individuals is something to be truly proud of.

One of the most notable participants is George MacKay, who plays the father in The Rough. When asked about his experience on the set of the film, he said: “It was a real honor to be asked to do this job, and I’m really proud that I was able to share some of my memories with the viewers. In some ways, it feels like it was meant to be…” Although the film was released a few months ago, there’s already plenty of buzz surrounding it and it’s likely to become a classic of its kind. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out.

A Bittersweet Christmas

While we were distracted by the big stories of the year – the World Cup, the Olympics, and the general election – a quieter story was unfolding behind the scenes. The annual German film festival, Festspiel Zur Berlinale, is one of the world’s greatest film festivals, held every year in Berlin. In 2019, the festival honored the late great Alfred Hitchcock, who died in 2019, with a film retrospective that focused on his work with leading lady Ingrid Bergman. The films showcased there are some of Hitchcock’s most famous, including Notorious, which was later turned into a play, and The Man Who Knew Too Much, one of Hitchcock’s most famous mystery films. The festival also premiered two brand new films by the master director, which will have their world premiere at the festival in the future. Ingrid Bergman, the legendary Swedish actress, died late last year and will be dearly missed but her work and unique presence will always be remembered in Germany. The tribute to Ingrid Bergman was a fitting way to celebrate her life and work in the country that she called home for so many years.