Welcome to Rekindled, our new weekly series where we highlight the biggest stories on social media that would’ve been overlooked otherwise. This week, we’re shining a light on the gorgeous Robert Pattinson. The actor and musician recently revealed to the world that he has a new girlfriend, Rosie Holmes, and changed his Facebook cover to mark the occasion. Let’s take a look at what you thought of his new cover as well as his recent Instagram post.

The New Facebook Cover Is…Sobering

It’s no secret that Robert recently went through a nasty breakup. He revealed to the world that he’s now dating journalist and TV personality, Rosie Holmes. The couple hit headlines when they were spotted wearing matching diamond earrings and matching bracelets which are valued at a princely sum of one million dollars. It seems as though Rosie has helped soothe the pain, as her presence has undoubtedly made a difference. In celebration of their newfound love, the duo were photographed on a snowy night in London. Although the pictures look romantic, it’s hard not to wonder if this is a publicity stunt.

The Instagram Post Was…Sobering

In his new Instagram post, Rob explains that his love for Rosie has helped him emerge from “one of the darkest periods of [his] life.” He goes on to express his gratitude for all of the well wishes he’s received from friends, followers, and family. He also credits the support of his girlfriend and his band, The Rainmakers, with helping him get through the difficult time. Aww…it certainly sounds like Robert had a rough patch and was grateful for the help.

Most People Think…He’s Dating A Celebrity

After the announcement of his split from Vanessa Paradis, people immediately began speculating about who Robert would pair up with next. A lot of focus was placed on Kim Kardashian and her sisters, as they often times have famous boyfriends. However, despite the fact that he’s starred in some very famous films, it seems that most people think that Rob is just dating a high-profile celebrity. Only 8% of respondents believe that he’s actually married to Vanessa.

That’s a pretty surprising number, given that the couple was married for three years and had an exceptionally happy family life. It would be a major shocker if the world found out that Vanessa was cheating on Rob during those years. Hopefully, that won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone.

Most People Think He’s…Going Through A Breakup

When news of Rob’s breakup with Vanessa broke, it was reported that the couple had been arguing a lot. Apparently, the break-up was very bitter, as they had previously called each other names and told countless lies. After their split, media outlets reported that they had both moved on with their lives and were trying to be decent to each other. Unfortunately for Vanessa, that decency apparently didn’t last long as she subsequently filed for divorce. In addition to the ugly split, fans also witnessed the breakdown of their three-year marriage, when Vanessa revealed that she’d been unfaithful to Rob during their entire relationship. Apparently, the cheating came as a complete shock to Rob and has changed the course of their relationship forever.

…He’s Having Surgery

Last but not least, Robert has finally made the decision to get his teeth fixed. The 26-year-old actor has been wanting to get his teeth fixed for years and finally decided to do it. In addition to the fact that he’s now dating someone he’s known for a while, it’s possible that the timing was perfect for this surgery. In early February, Robert had a full upper denture made, which he doesn’t seem to be doing too well. He revealed on an Instagram Live Q&A that he had to pull apart the skin on the inside of his cheek to fit the prosthetic teeth. According to the dental expert, the procedure is relatively painless and shouldn’t interfere with Robert’s daily schedule.

It seems that, even though he’s doing well, Robert still feels the need to be careful with his mouth. This is evident in his decision to cover up his natural teeth with a prosthetic set of dentures. The split from Vanessa came as a big blow to the actor, who was in shock and trying to come to terms with the betrayal. It’s no wonder that he decided to cover up his natural teeth with fake ones.

That seems like a lot of speculation, given that we’ve never really known much about Robert. However, it’s been reported that he’s got a twin brother named Harry, who’s also an actor. It seems that the two are extremely close and probably help each other a lot, especially given how difficult it can be to navigate the industry as an actor with a twin. Hopefully, this speculation will stop now that we know more about Robert and what he’s been through. Thanks for reading! For more information about this topic, check out our blog: https://www.kristenlinemanagement.com/blog/news/robert-pattinson-new-facebook-cover/