Robert Pattinson’s love life seems to be an endless string of break-ups and make-ups. Since their fairytale romance, the “Twilight” star and his long-term partner, American actress Kristen Stewart, have been in and out of headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Just weeks after celebrating their one-year anniversary, Stewart unexpectedly called off their engagement. Their public falling out was so fierce that Kristen even filed for divorce. However, the actress has since denied the rumors and committed to making their union work. Despite their best efforts, it’s still not clear if the famous couple will manage to pull off an improbable recovery.

A Wild Summer

While we were distracted by the drama swirling around Stewart and Pattinson, the pair actually spent a lot of romantic time together. The “Twilight” movie star was photographed all over the world with his adorable co-star and it clearly showed how much they cared for one another. Even the most dedicated fans will admit that the summer of 2017 was one of the hottest on record, which made it a perfect opportunity for a summer wedding.

Pattinson and Stewart got hitched on August 31, 2017 in a gorgeous destination wedding in Italy. The luxurious event was attended by close family and friends as well as celebrity guests such as Elton John and Rita Ora. The newlyweds honeymooned in France and returned to Instagram to share their beautiful wedding day and exciting travels with their fans.

The photos from their wedding stunned followers and the fact that they were so laid back and happy made the day even more special. It was as if they were saying, “It’s okay to be happy; we’re finally able to be together.”

A Struggle For Global Superslim Gold Throne

What was once a fairy tale wedding turned into a royal headache when it was revealed that Prince Harry had orchestrated the whole thing. The prince, who is set to marry America’s sweetheart, Meghan Markle, had no idea that his sister was getting hitched until the ceremony was over. He wasn’t the only person caught off guard either; Stewart and Pattinson’s closest friends and family members had no idea that their celebration was going to turn into a media spectacle. The fact that neither of them had invited the media was a major faux pas, as there had been no engagement announcement in advance.

The couple’s dramatic wedding ceremony was followed by another break-up. This time it was Stewart who ended their ten-year relationship, claiming that “the truth is, we don’t belong together.” Once again, the actress filed for divorce and the media went into overdrive, speculating about her reasons for leaving Pattinson. However, again, she denied the rumors and in August 2018, she and the “Twilight” actor were photographed kissing and laughing together at a comedy show in LA. It was a public display of affection and fans cheered them on, welcoming the couple back into the fold.

The last couple of years have not been kind to Robert Pattinson. From spending a romantic summer with his adorable co-star to undergoing some painful drama, it’s been one emotional rollercoaster. Will the 26-year-old finally put a stop to his turbulent love life and find peace with Markle? Only time will tell.