There is currently a lot of buzz surrounding Robert Pattinson’s new hair color. The British actor, model, and singer has been hiding out in Los Angeles, CA. While there, he has dyed his hair a multitude of colors that have become fashionable in the US. Rumors have it that the dashing hunk has even gone a little darker with each new hair color. Is he trying to emulate Hollywood’s it-girls or is he on a lifelong mission to try every popular hair color in succession? Read on to find out the truth about Robert Pattinson’s new hair color.

The Truth About Robert Pattinson’s New Hair Color

While we have been awaiting the arrival of his new album, Lost Songs, we have been inundated with news concerning his next big hair color change. Lost Songs will be released on April 26, 2017 and serves as the follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2015 album, Maps. The album is currently available for pre-order and comes with a variety of special packages that include album-related items as well as signed memorabilia.

As the title of the album suggests, the collection of songs finds the British-born singer-songwriter searching for his lost songs. The album’s lead single, “Lost Something,” details the heartache sparked by the separation of a lover from a lover’s arms. “If somebody was to ask me what’s the biggest change I’ve made this year, I’d say it’s my hair,” Robert Pattinson recently confessed to Wonderland magazine. “I’ve been experimenting with different looks, trying out different hair-dos and I think it’s turned out pretty cool.”

The hunk has indeed turned out pretty cool. Over the past year, he has sported some jaw-dropping hairstyles that would make any female fan weak in the knees. It seems like the actor has been trying to emulate Hollywood’s it-girls and has been experimenting with different looks, trying out different hair-dos and messing with his makeup. Is he trying to prove to the world that he is indeed a versatile actor, or is he just trying to be different?

Regardless, his fans seem to be on board with his latest transformation. The hashtag #RobertPattinsonHairchallenge, or #RPHAirchallenge as it is also known, has been repeatedly used on Twitter to celebrate the actor’s bold choices. In fact, Robert Pattinson’s stylings have become so popular that there are entire blogs and websites dedicated to tracking his every fashion move. Here’s a small selection of what we recommend.

Robert Pattinson’s Bold Fashion Choices In 2016

If there’s one hairstyle that Robert Pattinson has been sporting more than any other this year, it’s the messy pixie cut. We can remember seeing the actor sporting a shaggy haircut back in 2014, but over the past year, he has taken the fashion statement to a whole new level. During 2016, the star has sported everything from an intricate bird’s nest to an explosion of curls in rapid succession. Here’s a closer look at eight of his boldest fashion choices in 2016.

1. Messy, Shaggy Haircut

We begin with what is perhaps the most iconic of all Robert Pattinson’s hair trends in 2016. The star has been sporting wildly varying haircuts over the past year, but the one constant has been a totally unkempt hair-style. From a short, choppy haircut to a messy pixie cut and everything in between, he has been going at it hard.

The messy shaggy haircut has been around for ages and is essentially an excuse for a guy to show off his hair’s wild side. It started out as a rebellious statement in the late 2000s, with many young men sportively experimenting with full-on shaggy haircuts. While it might seem like over-the-top style to some, plenty of men have fallen in love with this flamboyant hair-do. He has certainly not been hiding his love for this fashion choice, as he has been sporting it frequently throughout this year.

2. The Choppy Bob

Next on our list is another timeless classic that has been around since the beginning of time. The choppy bob is perhaps the most basic form of a haircut there is, consisting of a large, rounded shape with a short, choppy hair-style. There’s a reason why this haircut has been around for years and it’s because it’s simple, yet chic.

As the name implies, the choppy bob was initially developed for working men who wanted to leave the office quickly in order to get back to work. It was first introduced to American audiences in the 1960s and remained popular throughout the 20th century. The style has certainly not dated in the slightest, which can be attributed to its complexity and variations, proving that even in today’s world, you can still sport this classic style.

3. Short & Shaggy

The short and shaggy hair-do is the offspring of the messy shaggy haircut. Instead of going long and shaggy, the style’s short counterpart is a look that has been popularized by Hollywood celebrities and fashion influencers, mainly because it’s easy to maintain. After all, you brush it and spray it to keep the shape, which is why this hairstyle is sometimes also referred to as the ‘hairdryer sport’.

The short and shaggy hairstyle emerged as a revolt against the long hair that had been the standard for decades. As the saying goes, ‘less is more’, and this is certainly reflected in the way Hollywood stars and top fashion influencers wear their hair. These influencers want a quick and easy hairstyle that still remains unique and individual. As a result, we have seen many variations on the short and shaggy base, all of which have been incredibly easy to maintain. In fact, many celebrities have turned to the easy route, as it’s tiring to lead a full-on hairdo world. Fewer products mean less damage, which is always a plus when you’re aiming for a flawless look.

4. The Beachy Waves

Wavy hair has been around for centuries, with many old Hollywood movies taking place in a sunny climate, suggesting that the perfect beachy waves have always been fashionable. It seems like Robert Pattinson has been catching on, as he has sported this trendy hair style more than any other this year. It might not be a new style, but it has certainly been gaining popularity, as evidenced by the many beachy waves haircuts that have been catching on.

The waves are a great way to add some life to your hair, as the wavy hair-do tends to make you look more youthful. This year has seen many variations on the waves, with the most recent trend consisting of a thick, messy wave and smaller, individual waves, jagged edges and all. The beachy waves are not just limited to haircuts, as you can actually use any shampoo and conditioner to create this trendy look. The only requirement is that you must use a heat protecting serum or spray before applying any heat-based product.

5. The Quiff

The quiff is a trendy haircut that was initially inspired by the French Foreign Legion. The term initially referred to the troops’ unusual headwear, which was a sort of turban made from an Afghan hat. However, these days it is used to describe any haircut that creates this ‘beret-like’ shape. The quiff has been around for centuries and was famously worn by famous Frenchmen, such as the poet and playwright, Jean-Baptiste Racine in 1697. The style saw something of a revival in the early 1900s when people turned to it as a way of expressing their nationalist pride. It was originally designed as a defense mechanism against extreme heat and cold, as well as a fashionable alternative to the stiff-standing long hair that was in fashion at the time. Therefore, this style is ideal if you want to keep your hair fresh for the entire duration.

6. The Messy Bobtail

The messy bobtail is essentially a blend of the short and shaggy hair-dos. Instead of being short and shaggy, the style’s signature is an unruly, messy haircut that will leave you looking like a genius. Just add some hair spray and you’re good to go.

The messy bobtail is easy to maintain and is therefore suitable for those who want to quickly throw on a trendy look without having to worry about the hairstyle’s durability. It will give you a fresh, messy look that is perfect for a night out on the town.