There are many reasons why you might not want to marry Edward Cullen. For example, he might be a little too controlling, or maybe he doesn’t make you laugh as much as you would like. Or, it could be that he just doesn’t understand you as well as you would like. Whatever the reason may be, at some point in your relationship you will realize that it’s not working out, and one of you will have to make the break up. If you’re lucky, you will grow to love each other even more after the break up, though it might take some time.

What if, instead of breaking up with Edward Cullen, you decided to leave The Twilight Saga? Would you be able to live your best life? Would you be able to focus on your studies or your career? These questions might seem irrelevant, but they are very relevant to the millions of fans of Stephenie Meyer’s epic books. Because what if, instead of breaking up with Edward Cullen, you decided to stay with him and try to make the relationship work? What if you decided that one of you needed to change and that it was not going to be easy? Would you be willing to do that for the sake of the “love”?

When you become an adult you start to realize that love is not always enough. Sometimes you have to put your own needs and desires first in order to be happy. And while you might still want to be with the person you love, you also understand that they might not be the best match for you. This is why you, as a grown up, might want to leave The Twilight Saga. Because while you still love Edward, you no longer believe that he can provide for your needs and wants.

You want to be with a partner who compliments your needs and wants, who makes you feel like you can be yourself, and who respects and cares for you. Someone who can be your best friend and your partner at the same time. Someone who will support you and stand by you, even when you don’t deserve it. Someone who will make you feel beautiful even when you’re feeling low. Because being with Edward doesn’t feel right anymore. It doesn’t feel like the right thing to do.

Is Edward Cullen The Only Possible Choice For You?

Edward Cullen is just one of many options you have when it comes to men. You are not obligated to marry him even if you do still love him. You have a chance to find the man of your dreams, and he might just be waiting for you to decide to give him a chance. But, as we’ve established, love is not always enough. You have to consider your own needs and wants, as well as those of the man you’re dating. Otherwise, you will be setting yourself up for heartache in the long run. If you don’t, then that’s your own damn fault, because he didn’t do anything to deserve your hate or your love. He didn’t ask for it, and he certainly didn’t want it. So why is it your responsibility to love him? For that matter, why is it your responsibility to like or to dislike any of the Twilight characters? You don’t have to love them, but you should not be forced to ignore them either.

Is Your Family The Most Important To You?

Another important factor to consider when deciding to end your relationship with Edward Cullen is your family. Your parents, your siblings, and especially your partner’s parents might have some strong opinions about the relationship, and it’s probably not the type of relationship they would approve of. If you do decide to stay with him, then it’s probably not the best idea to tell your parents or any other family members. They do not have to know your business, but they should not be kept in the dark about your decision. It might upset them, and it could even cause friction between you and your partner. It is best to keep your family out of this part of your life, at least until you’re more independent and can make your own decisions. As an adult, you have the right to be with whoever you want, whether or not your parents approve. That is what makes you a grown-up. So, while it might be sweet to be with someone who your parents approve of, it might be best not to. Everyone has their own priorities, and while it’s not always easy to understand, it’s important to respect them.

Does Edward Make You Feel Safe?

How does he make you feel? Does he make you feel protected, or is he more likely to hurt you? There are many dangerous characters out there, and it’s important to be wary of men who claim to be your friend but who might secretly want to harm you. For example, take the case of Billie Lourdes. She was very much in love with Edward, and he deeply cared for her. They planned to marry, but she decided to leave him because he was possessive and she felt unsafe. Even after she left him, he wasn’t able to help himself, and he continued to pursue her. Eventually she decided that she had to marry Freddy, who she thought possessed the quality of a good father, and she moved on with her life. It was only later, when she was older and had children of her own, that she realized how much harm had been done by Edward. It turns out he had married her just to get her to leave Buffy, and he never really loved her. While she felt sorry for having given in to his demands, she understood that she had done the right thing by leaving him. Because her decision to marry Freddy had saved her life and the lives of her children.

What About Your Career?

Do you see yourself as someone who’ll settle for less than your best? Someone who’s afraid to fail? Do you see yourself as a doctor, lawyer, or businessperson, someone who needs to succeed in life, or do you see yourself more as a passion-driven artist or activist? Having the ability to choose your own career is an important part of being an adult. It gives you a sense of freedom and independence. It might be hard to find fulfilling work that you love, but you should not be discouraged from pursuing your passions. Remember, you’re an adult. You’re no longer a kid following orders, you’re in charge of your life. Be selfish for a little while and do what makes you happy. You’ll soon find that you’re making the right decisions for the right reasons.

Does Edward Have Good Character?

While we’re on the subject of character, it’s important to discuss Edward’s character. Does he have good or bad character? As a writer, you might be tempted to go with evil, and that might be the simplest answer. But that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? After all, isn’t that what we want out of a romantic partner, someone we can be proud of, someone we can respect? Remember, we’re not just talking about his character here, but about yours as well. If you see your relationship with Edward as an adversarial one, then it’s only natural that you’ll question his character. But that is not what you should do. Instead, look at the good qualities he has, and be proud to call him your friend. You might not see him as perfect, but who among us is? Not many. He has good qualities you can point to, and you should be grateful to have found them in such a person.

All of this might seem rather academic, as you’re not actually planning on ending your relationship with Edward. You’re just asking yourself these questions to understand why he might not be the best choice, or to decide if you want to stay with him or not. But even if you do decide to stay with him, it’s still not too late to change your mind. There are options out there, good quality options, and you don’t have to settle for second best. So, while it’s natural to want to be with someone who makes you feel happy and safe, it’s also important to know if that’s what you want. Is it worth risking your heart and your happiness for a man who might not be able to provide for you in the manner you envision? If this is the case, then maybe it’s time for a change. But if not, then you should still give him a chance, and be proud to call him your husband.