If you’re wondering what’s going on with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, then this article is for you. We’re going to tell you all about their love story and whether or not they’re still an item. Keep reading to know everything.

The Beginning Of Their Relationship

If you’re reading this, then you probably already know who Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are. They’re the gorgeous English actors who are arguably the most famous couple in the world right now. HollywoodLife.com has an excellent article about how their romance started, which you can read here. If not, then here’s the short version: Robert and Kristen met on the set of The Twilight Saga in 2010 and instantly became friends. They were both struggling with the paparazzi and found solace in each other’s company. After filming wrapped on The Twilight Saga, they both decided to take a step back from acting and focused on their relationship. In early 2012, they started a romantic relationship and haven’t looked back since.

The Chemistry Is Still There

Before we jump into their love story, let’s discuss something important: their chemistry. Even if you’ve never liked either of them that much, it’s hard to deny that their on-screen chemistry is still electric. They’re both charming, intelligent, and natural leaders, and their on-screen chemistry is the best example of that. This isn’t a couple whose on-screen chemistry just happened by accident — it was clearly planned and they worked hard at bringing it to life on-screen.

The Mainstream Appeal

One of the things that makes Robert and Kristen’s romance so special is that it’s one of the most mainstream attractions in Hollywood right now. Theirs is the story that Hollywood wants to tell, and they want to show how easily it can be for two people from different walks of life to find Love and Acceptance in today’s world. While their off-screen relationship is very private, they’ve both embraced their celebrity and used it to help others. Robert launched the “Love Letters” project, which encourages fans to write their own letters to loved ones (preferably not sent via snail mail). He even encourages fans to write their own love letters to him, which he then personally reads and replies to. Similarly, Kristen has become somewhat of a style icon for a generation of women since her first appearance in The Twilight Saga. She often posts about fashion on her Instagram account and has even created capsule collections with fashion brands, such as Burberry and Marc Jacobs. She’s used her popularity to advocate for women’s rights and to speak about body positivity.

They Want To Stay Together

The way that Robert and Kristen communicate with each other in public is another indicator of how serious they are about their relationship. They have a strong connection that’s rare to find in a romantic partnership. The way that they interact with fans and the general public is also a sign of how much they want to continue making their relationship public. The fact that they want to continue being together as a couple speaks volumes. It’s clear that this is a “lucky” couple who found each other and don’t want to lose each other. They both have children from previous relationships and want to be with each other for the sake of their kids.

The Pressure Is On The Paps

One of the worst things that ever happened to Robert and Kristen is the constant attention that comes with being in the public eye. The HollywoodLife.com article linked above chronicles the couple’s struggle with the paparazzi, which has intensified since they started dating. The most dangerous thing for them right now is that the paparazzi have become so good at what they do that it’s beyond their control. They can’t go anywhere without being photographed, and that means they have to constantly be on guard and avoid situations that could potentially put them in the public eye. It’s stressful.

If you want to help Robert and Kristen stay private, then the best thing you can do is nothing. Don’t follow them around Paris seeking autographs or hoping to catch a glimpse of them on a date. They aren’t looking for fame; they just want to be left alone. If you see them, then that’s a coincidence, but it’s not something you were looking for, so don’t worry about it.

Will This Be The Last We’ll See Of Robert And Kristen?

It’s hard to say if this is the last we’ll see of Robert and Kristen. We’ll never know what might have happened if things had gone differently with The Twilight Saga, but as it is, these are undoubtedly two of the most influential people in the world of entertainment. Theirs is the “it” couple that keeps popping up in tabloids and magazines, and it seems that their story is as interesting as ever.

Whether or not you approve of their off-screen antics, it’s hard to deny that they’ve had an amazing run. They’ve been together for five years now and it shows. They’ve been through so much together and continue to push each other to be better people. If nothing else, their romance has served as inspiration for many couples looking to make their relationship “viral” on social media. If you’re in a loveless, grey marriage, then maybe one day you’ll find joy in the same way Robert and Kristen did. For now, it’s nice to remember a time when everything was new and exciting.