It’s been an incredible year for celebrity baby bumps. From the Kate Winslets to the Angelinas, the reality of modern-day pregnancy has been exposed. But one celebrity pregnancy is arguably more fascinating than the rest. It’s been a year since Robert Pattinson became a father for the first time and his daughter, Apple, was born in October 2017. Since then, he’s shared countless photos of his precious cargo on social media. From adorable baby showers to family gatherings and strolls through the park, the doting daddy-to-be has taken to Instagram to share his joy and pride, documenting the first year of his daughter’s life. And it’s been an emotional year for fans of the 26-year-old British actor as he’s shown his love and adoration for his baby girl in every selfie and Instagram post. Here, we take a look at how the star has spent his time as a father and the subtle changes he’s made to his personality as a result of fatherhood.

Emotional Tweets

It’s no secret that parenting has changed Robert Pattinson. In the year since his daughter was born, the actor has taken to Twitter to share his joy at being a father and the profound effect she’s had on his life. Perhaps the most touching of these tweets came at the end of last year when Apple’s first birthday approached. On New Year’s Eve 2017, Robert shared a series of heartfelt messages with his followers as he celebrated the arrival of his baby girl. “When you have a baby, there are so many ways your life changes. I feel so blessed to have this incredible, beautiful girl in my life. She makes everything else feel insignificant. I hope she knows how much she is loved,” he said in one of the year’s most emotional tweets. Since then, the proud father-to-be has continued to post regularly about his daughter on Twitter, sharing snaps of her sleeping, eating, and even in the bath. Many of these posts have been accompanied by touching captions from the 26-year-old actor, proving that even in the midst of his fame, he maintains a genuine connection with his followers.

Style Shifts

If there’s one area where Robert Pattinson has changed dramatically since the birth of Apple, it’s in his style. The actor previously sported stubble and scruffy facial hair, as befitting the cool guy image he cultivated prior to his family life. But since giving birth to his daughter, he’s taken to growing a full beard. While his current scruffy style may not be for the faint-hearted, it’s unquestionably trendy and handsome. And it suits him perfectly.

Throughout this year, the celebrity dad-to-be has been spotted sporting a full and luxurious beard, which he’s grown since the birth of his daughter. As a result, his once-scruffy appearance now has a sharp and clean cut appeal. His Instagram account is full of beard selfies, as is his Twitter feed, where he’s posted several times since the beginning of this year with a full face of facial hair. Even his dating app profiles show a full-on display of his trademark scruff. It now seems that being a father has made this handsome hombre into a new and improved version of himself.

Matching Outfits

It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson is a style icon. Since dating Kate Winslet in 2012, the couple have been photographed on numerous occasions dressed in stylish ensembles, matching sunglasses, and matching purses. Their impeccable fashion sense has made them a style inspiration for many fans. And now that he’s a father, it seems that the stylish British actor is determined to maintain this style legacy for his daughter. Whether it’s matching outfits with his spouse or a stylish dad-daughter duet, it seems that the celebrity couple are here to inspire future generations.

Sleeping Habits

It’s not only his style that has changed recently. Robert Pattinson’s sleeping habits have also changed as a result of his newfound fatherhood. According to a report by parenting blog How to be a Better Grandparent, the actor’s sleep patterns have become increasingly erratic since the birth of his daughter. Before he became a father, the actor was reportedly a solid and consistent sleeper, getting up at the same time each morning and regularly napping through the day. But since then, things have changed dramatically and he now gets up and goes to bed at unpredictable times, often skipping naps and making the most of his time in bed. This has had a knock-on effect on his daughter’s schedule too, with her preschool waking her up at strange and unexpected times in the morning, disrupting her routine and making her anxious. This is reportedly causing tension between the two, with the actress feeling frustrated that her schedule is being disrupted and the toddler feeling insecure that her parent is often not around during the day. It’s a messy situation that could benefit from some tweaking, considering both children are growing up in the spotlight.


There’s one area of parenting where Robert Pattinson has kept quite busy this year and that’s grooming. In addition to growing out his full and luxurious beard, the actor has also been seen regularly sprucing up his look with neat hair grooming and stylish outfits. According to a report in the London Evening Standard, the stylish British actor has taken to getting his nails done and using makeup products to further enhance his appearance. He’s even been photographed with wet hair looking slick and stylish and a makeup artist before a recent screening of the much-awaited Death of Poe in London. And it seems that the fashion-forward dad is not content with one mode of self-improvement either, as he’s also been spotted trying on numerous clothing styles, trying on make-up and skincare products, and even trying on different accents for English speakers. Ultimately, it’s part of the father-child bonding process and a reflection of what is important to him as a father. As he told Vanity Fair, “I want to be able to feel like a parent who is giving their kid the best childhood that they can, and that means creating memories and lots of laughter.”

Familiar Face

It’s not just about improving his personal style and grooming. Since the beginning of this year, Robert Pattinson has also been seen frequently in public with his daughter, traveling to and from family gatherings, baby showers, and other events. The photo below, recently tweeted by the actor, shows him with his arm around his daughter, looking relaxed and happy. It’s a familiar and a friendly face, making it easy for his followers to connect with him on a personal level, regardless of whether they’ve followed him for years or have just begun to pay attention to his exploits.

Carrying Baby Cakes

It’s not only family and friends that Robert Pattinson has been seen with in public recently. It’s also the little cakes and treats that he’s been carrying in public. Since the beginning of this year, the father of one has been spotted carrying cakes and other foodstuffs for his daughter’s benefit. In April, he was photographed carrying a baby cake, a hot dog, and a bag of popcorn through London’s Oxford Circus on his way to the movies. And while he’s been spotted with all manner of foodstuffs, it seems that the star is particularly fond of carrying baby cakes in public. In April and October, he was photographed carrying cakes and other foodstuffs through London’s Oxford Circus and Park Lane. The photos below, tweeted by @rosalie_park, show the paparazzi favorite carrying various baby cakes, hot dogs, and sandwiches.

Happy Fatherhood

It’s been a rocky road for Robert Pattinson in 2018 so far, with several high-profile breakups and some serious struggles resulting in a lot of media scrutiny. But as the saying goes, life goes on and it seems that the talented actor is adjusting well to fatherhood. He and Kate Winslet have settled into a calm and relaxed existence in their native England, enjoying the benefits of a more stable environment and a change of pace after the pressures of Hollywood. His lifestyle blog,, updates fans with daily gossip and celebrity news, as well as details on his daughter’s everyday life. While there have been reports of some strained relationships with Kate’s family over the past year, Robert has spoken of their closeness and the importance of maintaining a united front against the media. “Things are good with [Kate’s parents],” he said. “It’s very nice that they and my family are getting along. We want to keep it that way.” Ultimately, happy and healthy baby bumps for everyone this year!