He may not be able to walk down the red carpet these days, but Robert Pattinson certainly hasn’t lost his flair for dramatic entrances. The actor made waves when he showed up at the Venice Film Festival in a handmade shirt and tie crafted from the fur of animals he hunted down himself. Nowadays, the actor is known for his high-style lifestyle and elegant dress sense, so it was only a matter of time before someone on the internet began an “encyclopedia” dedicated to documenting every single outfit he wore throughout the years.

The result is a mesmerizing visual blog that offers a glimpse into Pattinson’s personal style and lifestyle, complete with close-up shots of his elaborate creations and meticulous tailoring. The actor’s unique sense of style and knack for crafting beautiful outfits have even earned him a spot on our list of the most stylish men of all time. Let’s take a closer look at how the “Duke of Darkness” became such a notorious style icon.

Early Life

The son of a professional violinist and a school teacher, Pattinson was born in London in 1978. He grew up in the United Kingdom and spent his early childhood years training to be an actor. After completing his education at Drama School, Pattinson landed a part in a musical episode of the hit TV show, Sex and the City, which led to further roles in films like Sex and the City 2 and 3. He then went on to star in the 2012 romantic comedy, Love Story, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.

Style-wise, Early Days

While it might not seem obvious at first, Pattinson’s style evolved throughout his early acting career. He started out in classic British drama attire and slowly drifted towards more modern looks. He sported band T-shirts, leather jackets, and hoodies, not to mention his trademark handmade shirts and ties. The switch was most likely a product of his increased time on set, where he’d be required to shoot multiple scenes per day and would change outfits several times.

One of the most interesting chapters in the How Did Robert Pattinson Become an ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’ chronicle is the one that covers his pre-fame days. It wasn’t until his early 20s that he began to receive wide recognition for his acting talent, landing a role as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter film franchise. The part marked the beginning of an association with blockbuster franchises that would bring him international fame. Today, the actor is known for playing enigma characters that often require more mystery than skin-tight leggings and cozy coats.

From Harry to Edward

Since then, Pattinson has mostly kept an enigmatic public persona, appearing in films and hosting events with friends and family. He does, however, allow select people, like friends and collaborators, to see his more relaxed and casual side. The actor has also become an accomplished hunter, bringing down animals like caracals, stags, and even a leopard with a bow and arrow. This past February, he even released a single entitled “Pride.”

Sober Suits and Big Hair

The one constant in his life is his passion for fashion, and it’s this passion that shines through in his detailed blog posts. Each one is an ode to style and elegance, with meticulous tailoring and carefully chosen materials. It was initially an offshoot of his Instagram, where he’d share photos of himself in beautiful outfits, that turned into a blog. Interspersed between the fashion posts are lifestyle pieces, like an interview with W magazine or an exploration of British beauty trendsetter Anna Wintour. It’s an eclectic mix that draws both fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts alike.

The Final Chapter

It’s impossible to say where Pattinson’s style journey will go next. He’s clearly made a career out of being enigmas and a mystery man, keeping his cards close to his chest while the world wonders what kind of fashion sense lurks beneath that hat and scarf.

One thing is for sure: his style is as eclectic as ever, embracing many different styles and eras. While he’s frequently spotted in designer suits or stylish dress, he’s also been known to sport oversized jumpers and shorts, as well as tattered and torn clothes, evoking a more rustic side that hints at his English heritage. No matter what, we’re certain that whether onscreen or off, Robert Pattinson will continue to amaze with his unique and refined style.