Just like the rest of the world, we’ve been riveted by the amazing news that Robert Pattinson has gotten married. While we await the next exciting installment in the saga of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, for now we can still celebrate the happy couple’s desire to wed within the Catholic Church and the resulting trip they took to Mexico to make this possible.

The location of their destination wedding in Oaxaca was chosen because it’s right on Mexico’s southern border and the local government there was very accommodating to the couple’s needs. As a result, when the time came for the wedding, there were a number of official events the attendees could partake in, including a religious procession, cultural dance performances, and a wedding cake-cutting ceremony.

While the wedding trip was entirely luxurious and ensured that the guests had an unforgettable experience, it also had its costs. For one, the venue was not cheap. The reception hall itself was around US$400 per day and transportation to and from the venue was another US$150 per person. Then there were the gifts. The guests were expected to buy the couple’s gifts and the range included expensive bottles of booze, leather goods, and even an ornamental katana sword. All this added up to a very grand total of US$750 per person. This doesn’t include the wedding cake which was about US$400 or the photographer’s charges which came to over US$1000.

Getting There

As you might expect, the most affordable method of reaching Oaxaca is by air. There are a number of direct connections from major North American cities, and even from Europe, so getting there is relatively easy. What’s more is, since the wedding took place in the town’s central square, the only way in and out is by foot. This should make it easier for travelers to get into town for the event and get back to their cars afterward. All this adds up to one very convenient little package.

The Wedding

So, on to the good stuff now… the wedding itself was beautiful. As befitting a church wedding in a Catholic country, the celebration was both traditional and spectacular. The bride walked down the aisle in a white wedding dress with gold accents and a veil, while her father and other male relatives walked her mother down the aisle. The ceremony was followed by a reception in a nearby hotel with more than 100 guests in attendance. Following the ceremony, the happy couple enjoyed a private honeymoon in Oaxaca before returning to London.

While the wedding was a gorgeous event, there are some things everyone would like to have done differently. First off, it would have been great to have had a longer vacation before the wedding. There was a lot of pressure on the couple to make the most of what was essentially a glorified business trip and have the wedding photos taken as soon as possible. A longer break would have helped prevent a lot of stress and allowed for more luxurious accommodations. Sadly, the couple could not have this luxury now and will have to make do with a more traditional honeymoon in Paris which they will share with their guests.

Another thing that could have been improved upon is the cake. It was tasteless and a complete nightmare to make. Most of us would agree that a wedding cake should be a special occasion, something to look forward to and enjoy. The cake was dry and crumbly and took way too long to eat. Hopefully, the next bride will choose a much better cake-maker.


That’s it. We’ve covered the important stuff. Now it’s time for the less important stuff… what did the groom wear? Let’s take a look.

Wedding Clothes

The groom’s attire was an interesting choice. He wore a black suit with a floral print shirt and a tie with an anchor pattern on it. He opted for a plain white shirt for the bride’s attire instead of the usual lace or printed ones. Perhaps he was trying to make a statement not to be married in a big city but to want to keep the rural simplicity of a small town wedding. We can’t decide if this was a good choice or not; it’s surely worth exploring further.

Groom’s Attire

Now for the groom… he looked dashing as always. He wore a navy blue suit with a white pattern on it and a patterned shirt. A subtle pattern on the shirt adds a little extra dimension to the look. While we’re certain he would have looked fabulous in any suit, we think it’s safe to say that he looked better in something a little more formal.

Wedding Rings

Of course, it wouldn’t be a wedding without some form of jewelry. The groom wore a beautiful gold watch and a matching bracelet. The bride wore a diamond tennis bracelet.


We hope we were able to give you an idea of what the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, will be like. Hopefully, this will help those planning similar events to avoid some of the mishaps we’ve discussed. As you might imagine, weddings can be very expensive events. This one cost the couple a total of $30,000. It’s certainly an extravagance the rest of us can’t afford.