How is Robert Pattinson doing since his split from Taylor last year?

Well, the English actor and singer is currently single and focusing on his acting career. The 32-year-old split from his Twilight co-star after cheating on her with her then-fiancé, Tom Hardy. (It was later revealed that Hardy was completely unaware of the cheating incident and married Taylor in 2018.)

Pattinson’s spokesperson assured Life & Style that the actor is “doing really well” and is focusing on his upcoming projects. “He’s very happy that [Watson] is doing so well and that they can be a real support system for each other. He loves her very much and is looking forward to the day when she becomes a grandmother.”

Meanwhile, Watson took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of her and Robert. In the photo, her face is framed by a ‘W’ and she’s giving him a cheeky kiss. “Happy to see youuuu <3," she commented. (Robert has also shared a few photos with his father, Bruce, on his Instagram account since the split.)

What about the couple’s romance? Did they meet on the set of the Harry Potter movies, where Watson was playing Ravenclaw and Robert was playing Draco Malfoy? Did they become friends first and then grow closer as they worked together on the Fantastic Beasts franchise? Or did they fall passionately in love right on set and decide to make it official despite the pressures of working professionally together?

The truth is that we may never know exactly what happened between these two lovebirds. What we do know is that they are both doing fine. Just as they promised each other back in June 2019, they seem to be working through their differences and moving on with their lives. We wish them all the best!