Do you recognize this man? If so, you probably recognize him as the lead in the upcoming movie, The Batman, or as King George in the highly anticipated royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William. However, you might not know that he is actually one of the best actors of his generation. In fact, the British actor has done something no other actor has managed to do…he has successfully transitioned from Hollywood fantasy to real life. While most actors try and fail, Pattinson has proven that it is possible to blend fame and fortune with a successful acting career. So, let’s take a look at how he did it and why he continues to amaze audiences with his incredibly realistic performances.

He Did An Unseen Number On High-profile Projects

There are several reasons why Robert Pattinson isn’t a good actor, and one of the biggest is simply because he hasn’t had a lot of opportunities. Even though he started his career appearing in bit parts and supporting roles, he did something no other actor has managed to do…he scored a starring role on a major motion picture. That’s not something that just happens; it takes a lot of hard work, preparation, and luck. And, in order to prove that he was worthy of a starring role, he had to stake his claim in a different way. Instead of just showing up and hoping for the best, he worked hard to make sure that everyone knew exactly who he was. That way, he would be given a better chance at becoming part of the main cast.

After getting his foot in the door with his starring role, he started landing supporting roles on a variety of TV shows and movies. It wasn’t long before he worked his way up to the top and became one of the world’s most recognizable faces. Now, don’t get me wrong, he still has that same goofy grin and innocent charm that made him so attractive in the first place. But, he has also proven to be extremely talented, and his work on the big screen hasn’t been bad either. He even managed to score a role in what many consider to be the best movie of all time, The Dark Knight, which is why he isn’t a total loss as an actor. However, it just wasn’t enough to satisfy his fans. As great as he has been in the past, they still want more. And, if you’re reading this, you probably do too.

He Continues To Amaze Audiences With His Realism

For as long as he has been acting, Robert Pattinson has continued to amaze audiences with his acting. If you’ve seen any of his movies or TV shows, you know exactly what I mean. While most actors fall way short of what audiences expect from Hollywood fantasy, Pattinson has somehow managed to keep up with the trends. And, I’m not just talking about the acting style either. He has continued to astound audiences with his ability to perfectly portray the fashion and styling of the 80s. In fact, some have even suggested that he is the reincarnation of Rick James.

Pattinson actually credits a lot of this success to social media. While many celebrities are careful about what they put out there, he feels that he has benefited from the fact that audiences can now critique his work. This is something that wouldn’t have been possible back in the day, when people needed to rely on word of mouth to find out what was new in Hollywood. Today, he takes advantage of the fact that his fans can now watch and review his work, which has allowed him to improve as an actor and grow as a person. Without all of this extra attention, he might not have felt the need to prove himself on a bigger scale. He has certainly achieved that goal, but he is now taking advantage of the fact that he had to go out there and prove himself. While most actors would be happy to stay in their comfort zone, Pattinson has continued to push himself and show the world that he is more than deserving of his success.

He Successfully Transformed Himself Into A More Modern Actor

Since the start of his acting career, Robert Pattinson has never really been about following the rules. While most actors will tell you that they have to follow the script and do what they are told, he has always chosen his own path and done things his way. And, it was that independent streak that led to him getting the starring role on a major motion picture. Not many actors can claim to have done that, especially since it required a bit of luck, a good agent, and a willing studio. After that, he continued to buck trends and did whatever the role required, which often meant that he would show up to work early, stay late, and even sleep in the office. It was clear that he was doing all of this because he loved what he was doing, and that passion rubbed off on the viewer.

What’s interesting about Pattinson is that he started out completely unrecognizable. While most actors follow a tried and true method of finding roles, he did something different. He started seeing himself as Batman, and he prepared to play the part by taking classes in martial arts, getting in shape, and changing his hair and eye color. Once he hit the big time, he decided to keep things modern by hiring a publicist and using social media to build up a following. While he might not have completely changed his personality, he has certainly transformed himself into a more modern actor and avoided many of the pitfalls that other actors fall into. And, the results speak for themselves. While he might not always pull off what some fans want, he continues to amaze audiences with his work and continue to prove that he is, in fact, a good actor.

Why Does He Keep Getting Hired For These High-profile Roles?

Do you remember the name Charlie Hunnam? If so, you might also remember that he was one of the stars of the popular series, Sons of Anarchy. Since then, he has gone on to appearing in other high-profile projects like The Martian, The Water Diviner, and Jackie. If that isn’t enough, he also has a leading role in the new James Bond movie, No Time To Die. So, how did this happen? How did Charlie Hunnam go from being one of the most recognizable faces on Sons of Anarchy to landing a leading role in one of Hollywood’s biggest franchises? Well, it’s quite simple…he just kept working hard.

Hunnam was actually a client of Pattinson’s back when they were both aspiring actors. After he got his break, Hunnam reached out to Pattinson, thanking him for helping him get his foot in the door. Since then, they have maintained a friendship, and whenever Hunnam needs a project, he calls up Pattinson, who is more than willing to help out a good friend. Because of this, we might see a lot more of Hunnam in the future, as he continues to prove that he is more than capable of taking on big roles and bringing them to life with his incredible talent.

While some might argue that the reason why they haven’t seen much of Pattinson in a while is because he is busy working, he has actually been quite the opposite. Since landing that role in The Dark Knight, he hasn’t taken on any major roles. However, this doesn’t mean that he has been sitting around doing nothing. He has actually been hard at work preparing for the role of Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which is why he hasn’t been seen in public much. Because of this, many fans have gone online, convinced that he has either died or retired. To put it bluntly, he couldn’t get any A-list roles if he didn’t have them already, and now that he does, he isn’t about to let his career stagnate.

Pattinson might not have had a lot of opportunities, but that hasn’t stopped him from constantly trying to improve. Instead of just showing up and hoping for the best, he has prepared himself for these high-profile roles, and because of that, he has continued to amaze audiences with his realism and commitment to his craft.