In this day and age, people are obsessed with winning. Whether it’s a game or a contest, they all want to come out on top. When it comes to the big prize, however, there’s only one person who usually gets that honor: Elvis. The King may not be with us anymore, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t leave his mark behind. Not only did he leave an indelible mark on music and culture as we know it, but he had the uncanny ability to touch people’s hearts. Whether you loved him or you hated him, there’s no denying that Elvis left his mark on everyone. It seems that his most famous and recognizable face, Robert Pattinson, couldn’t escape the musical legend’s uncanny ability to show up in his dreams. In fact, in his dreams, they may even have danced together…

So, what will it be? Will Hollywood give the coveted best picture nomination to a modern day King? Or will they choose a more contemporary and recognizable face? This year’s Oscar nominations are out, and the results were publicized this past Sunday, February 10. In the year 2022, four out of the five leading contenders are either Elvis or Robert Pattinson related. Two of the films are biopics, and the other three are about famous musicians. The question is: which of these related flicks will earn the coveted best picture nomination? Let’s find out together.

Elvis And Marilyn Monroe

The first related movie is Elvis And Marilyn Monroe, a biopic about the legendary Elvis and the iconic Marilyn Monroe. The film stars Robert Pattinson as Elvis and Joanna Lumley as Monroe. For those who haven’t heard of them, let me give you a little background. Marilyn was arguably the most stunning woman of the 20th century, and she was known for her extraordinary beauty and unique lifestyle. While Elvis was a musical genius who revolutionized music and its perception by the mainstream, his life and death were the focus of one of the most iconic films of all time, Blue Moon. Unfortunately, during filming, Monroe became gravely ill and died a few months later. The film was completed posthumously, and it was released a few months before her 56th birthday. The film was adapted from the bestselling book Elvis And Marilyn: Their Love Story by Peter Kurth. The book details how the king and the iconic screen star met and fell in love.

Let’s watch the trailer for Elvis And Marilyn Monroe to get a feel for the movie. The verdict? It’s okay. Not great, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

Two More For The Money: Musicians Mick Jagger And Keith Richards

The next two flicks on our list are Two More For The Money: Musicians Mick Jagger And Keith Richards and Musicians Mick Jagger And Keith Richards. These are biopics about iconic English rock music legends Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. They are directed by Alexandr Basset and Riley Moore, and they star Robert Pattinson as Jagger, Emma Stone as Mick’s wife Marianne (formerly Mick’s lover), and Lily Collins as Collins. The plot centers on Jagger and Richards’ rivalry as musicians and their personal and professional struggles. As the film’s tagline suggests, “They’re not your average couple.”

Musicians Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are undoubtedly two of the most recognizable and recognizable musicians in the world. They’ve been around for more than six decades, and their influence can be felt throughout music and culture. The trailer for Two More For The Money is pretty cool, showing us snippets of the story. We also get to see some of the iconic clothing and accessories worn by the English rock legends. If you’re into rock history, this is one movie you should check out. It’s an interesting take on the subject, and you’ll learn loads about the music industry along the way.

Rocket Man: Elton John

Now, we arrive at the most interesting part of our list: Rocket Man: Elton John. This biopic is about English singer Elton John. It is not a story of Elvis, but for those of you who are wondering, it’s not entirely accurate, either. Rocket Man does star Elton John’s real-life son, Alexandra “A. C.” John, as well as Robert Pattinson, who plays Elvis. The plot surrounds Alexandra John’s quest to find her father’s personal letters. The story focuses on John’s relationship with his father, Don Jagger, and how that influenced his music and his life. Rocket Man is directed by Paul McGuigan and Riley Moore and was released in theaters on January 30, 2022. The movie is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Let’s take a closer look at Rocket Man using the IMDb screener. As the name would suggest, this is a movie about music. The main character, Alexandra “A. C.” John, is a budding musician who struggles with finding her place in the world. She meets Robert Pattinson’s Elvis and they begin an on-and-off again romance. The movie also stars Jeremy Irons as A. C.’s father, Don. His role is mostly background, but he does make a brief appearance at the end of the film.

Rocket Man could be considered an articulation of masculinity in musical form. It’s not unusual for male-dominated industries to struggle with finding a balance between the sexes, but Rocket Man definitely takes the cake when it comes to showcasing how men and women can work together. There are several scenes in the film where A. C. dances with Pattinson’s Elvis, or vice versa, and they’re shown to be comfortable in each other’s company. It’s evident that A. C. John has learned a lot from her father and that she’s comfortable enough in her own company to not be intimidated by men. It’s a nice display of strength and confidence, which is something we can all respect.

Dark Waters: A Star Is Reborn

Our last but not least related movie is Dark Waters. It is also one of the most interesting movies we’ve seen in a while. The story follows Catherine (“Dark Waters” to those in the know), a young British activist who sets out to expose the toxic legacy of British petroleum companies in the Niger Delta. She becomes involved in the struggle of the native inhabitants, whose drinking water is contaminated by the oil that the companies extract from beneath the ground. She enlists the aid of an experienced hunter, played by Robert Pattinson, to help her bring down dangerous animal smugglers. As the saying goes, “dark waters run deep.” Let’s take a look at the trailer for Dark Waters to have an idea of what the movie is about. The verdict? It’s different and interesting, as usual. You won’t be disappointed if you watch it.

Dark Waters stars Robert Pattinson as Ramsay, an experienced hunter who travels to Africa to hunt for animals. In this film, he’s not just hunting for food or sport, but he’s searching for a woman named Catherine (“Dark Waters” to those in the know) who he meets online and convinces to join him in Africa on a hunting trip. When she does, though, she doesn’t exactly fit the bill of the typical bikini-clad female tourist, as she’s dressed in leather pants and a crop top, looking far from glamorous. This is one of Ramsay’s* regular hunting outfits, and he wears it throughout the course of the film. It’s actually a metaphor for his regular days as a hunter, when he often goes into the wilderness clad in leather and wearing little to no makeup. It’s a far cry from the bikini-clad tourism board images we’re often fed by the media. The outfits are actually meant to look like leather pants and a crop top, or even panties and a t-shirt, to evoke an 18th century hunting outfit known as british hunter green.