Two of Hollywood’s most desirable and popular couples, Robert Pattinson and Ellen Degeneres, have been enjoying a high degree of media coverage ever since their wedding in Italy in April 2018. While the celebrity-studded nuptials were certainly the subject of much media interest, it was the newlyweds’ seemingly effortless adjustment to life as a married couple that caught the public’s imagination.

Pattinson, 33, revealed to Vanity Fair in October 2018 that life as a married man is “amazing” and that he and his wife have been enjoying the rewards of parenthood. “Falling in love with someone and getting married is one thing,” he said. “But the subsequent part of your life is completely different and a lot more interesting. It’s really nice when it all comes together.”

While the Twilight actor didn’t disclose how many children he and Degeneres, 42, have together, he did say that they’re “both parents now” and that being a parent is “the most amazing feeling.”

“It feels like you’ve finally found something that you were meant to do,” he said. “And you get to do it with someone you love. It’s the most amazing feeling.”

The media hit that was Pattinson and Degeneres continues to yield interesting tidbits about the newlyweds. In April 2019, they made headlines for visiting the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, where they were greeted by dozens of fans and photographers as they made their way to their seats. During the ceremony, the theatre’s lights were dimmed and its audience hushed as Pattinson and Degeneres exchanged vows.

Over the past year, the couple has been spotted dining out in Hollywood and enjoying long romantic walks on the beach. While they’ve kept a relatively low profile since their wedding day, Pattinson has been seen out with his family, often accompanied by his black labrador Retriever, Bosworth. Degeneres, meanwhile, has been spotted with her kids, Stella and Emmett, and has even hosted a barbecue at her home.

A Quiet Reunion

The reunion of Pattinson and Degeneres presents an interesting case study for media analysis. Though they’ve been married for less than a year, the celebrity couple’s courtship and subsequent nuptials have been covered in detail by the media. In October 2018, Vanity Fair reported that the couple had been dating for “almost a year,” and that their engagement and wedding “broke the internet.”

In April 2018, a year before their wedding day, Degeneres posted a video to Twitter in which she discussed the nature of her and Pattinson’s relationship. Echoing sentiments uttered by the couple’s respective parents, she said in the clip that she knew from the moment that she met him that she would marry him. And, indeed, the media wedding gave birth to a baby boom (at least among the Twitterati). As Buzzfeed News reported at the time, the hashtag #Degenereswedding was the top hashtag on Twitter on April 24, 2018, with over 40 million views.

The attention that the couple’s relationship received is noteworthy. Degeneres is one of the most well-known and popular women in Hollywood, and she’s built a significant following on social media. In 2018 alone, her Twitter account @edenegres received 7.5 million daily average views and she has nearly 19 million followers on the platform. With much of her celebrity firmly planted in videos and GIFs, it’s no surprise that she resonates with audiences on social media.

Pattinson, meanwhile, is one of the leading actors of his generation, and he’s emerged as one of Hollywood’s most fashionable men. He regularly appears in stylish outfits on the red carpet and his playful yet polished nature has made him the go-to guy for meme generation. He recently starred in the video for Drake’s song “In My Feelings,” in which the rapper battles it out with fellow Canadian Billboard Chart topper Camila Cabello in a rap battle. The clip has received over 13 million views on TikTok.

While much of the media coverage surrounding Pattinson and Degeneres has focused on their personal relationship, it’s fascinating to track the broad range of topics that the press has covered since their wedding day. From celebrity sightings to fashion to family, here’s a look at some of the most notable stories surrounding the celebrity couple.

Awards Season And The Golden Globes

The red-carpet magic of awards season continued to shower awards on Hollywood’s most fashionable men and women as 2017 drew to a close and 2018 began. In December 2017, just a month after their wedding, Pattinson and Degeneres were seen enjoying a romantic stroll in Paris together and holding hands as they made their way to a party honoring the French fashion house Louis Vuitton. Two weeks later, they were pictured arriving at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in a limousine.

That same month, Vanity Fair reported that Pattinson and Degeneres were among the attendees at the Golden Globes. The actor was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actor – Television Series Drama for his performance in the acclaimed series, The Lost Honour of Katharina Blunt, and he dedicated the award to his wife. Degeneres, meanwhile, won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for her performance in the Netflix series, Sex Education. She dedicated the award to their daughter, Apple.

The news that two of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars would be receiving accolades for their performances was enough to make headlines around the world. As in previous years, the Golden Globes brought with it a host of interesting trends and fashion moments that continue to speak to viewers months later.

Family-Friendly Reunions And Holidays

Pattinson and Degeneres didn’t restrict their celebration to one wedding; the couple also hosted a barbecue for family and friends in their backyard. A few weeks after the event, they were seen enjoying a quiet afternoon at a vineyard in northern Italy with some of their guests. The pic was shared to social media by the couple’s close friend, Henry Cavill, and it marked the beginning of a string of intimate family-friendly get-togethers that the media have covered.

In September 2018, the media took note of another family-friendly event that Pattinson and Degeneres hosted. That month, the couple threw a Halloween party at their home that was “family-friendly” in more ways than one. As Entertainment Tonight reported, the couple invited “a number of their closest friends and family” for the event and “decided to forgo any scary themes and go big on the comical side.”

The dinner was filled with jokes and laughter as celebrities including Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Camila Cabello joined the party. Guests dressed in superhero costumes and masks jumped out of cake at the end to reveal special guest Cecil the Lion, who’d been missing for over thirty years, as the “real” superheroes. While there was no skulking around in shadows, the theme and vibe of the evening were certainly family friendly.

In October 2018, Pattinson and Degeneres were seen dining together at Le Bernardin in New York City. Just a few months later, they were celebrating their one-year anniversary with a romantic trip to Venice, Italy. During the trip, the couple checked into the Palazzo Morosini Barbaro, a four-star hotel in the Giudecca neighborhood, opposite the Grand Canal. They dined at their hotel and held hands as they walked in the sunset along the city’s waterfront. Their honeymoon trip was chronicled by hundreds of news outlets around the world, with the couple spending almost a week in exclusive locations around Venice.

Apple And Child Product Recalls

Back in February 2018, the tech world was abuzz over a series of child product recalls that stemmed from a defective iPhone skin. Affected products included the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. The defect rendered some of the devices’ screen skin transparent, which in turn allowed viewers to see through the phone’s display at certain angles. According to The Verge, the recall was prompted by “a design flaw in the materials used to line the phone’s display,” which could cause skin irritation in some users.